When I was little, my parents rented a movie called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I couldn't sleep, so I walked out and I sat down. And my eyes were instantly glued to the screen. I watched as Harry, Ron and Hermione became best friends, and as they waved wands and did magic, and as Harry battled Voldemort and Quirrel, and saved the day. I remember going to bed and thinking of magic and wands and Potter and Granger and Weasley and Malfoy. {No offense to Ron, I love Ron/Hermione, but I used to like Harry/Hermione..but not anymore!}
Actually, that was the firts ever movie I actually managed to stay awake through {while it was late, not during the day.}
The next day, I took the movie to my grandmas. She might have been a bit horrified that her little granddaughter was watching something so scary, but I don't think it was that bad, otherwise I wouldn't have continued to watch it. Sometime after that, we bought the movie. Then came a second movie. We bought that too. I loved them. I watched them so many times {or hugged them, or something...} so much that they eventually had so many scratches on them that it was difficult to watch...
When I was seven, I was Hermione for Halloween, my brother was Harry, and my birthday was Harry Potter themed. I still have some of the Hedwig stickers stuck to my desk.
Then came a third movie. By this time, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley were common names in the house. I remember the day we went to go see the third movie very vividly. My brother got poked in the eye with a straw {poor brother :( } and me and mom stayed to watch it while dad and brother went outside. I don't remember being scared when I first saw it, but if you ask me today, I definitely think that if I had to pick one, the third would be the scariest.
By the time the fourth movie was out, I knew a boy named Adam who was a year older than me. He liked Harry Potter too, and he warned me that the fourth might be a bit scary... Well, I didn't want to leave the theater in the middle of the movie, so I decided to wait until it came out on DVD and then we would rent it and watch it. So when it came out, I made my parents take me to the movie store and we rented it. I remember my mom sitting on the couch, and I was laying on top of it, pretending that I was a cat... I remember crying when Cedric died... I remember mom saying "Are you crying?" and I remember me saying "*sniff* no!" and it was obvious that I was crying.
After that, I started reading the books. I read Order of the Phoenix and counted down the days to Half Blood Prince. When that came out, I read it. Then Deathly Hallows came out. I remember my mom running into the local Supermarket to go get it for me, and the store was PACKED with people.
I remember for the fifth movie, I went to go see it with my dad. I found my old journal the other day, and the entry said "I went to go see Harry Potter today!! Everyone will be so jealous when I tell them!" After the movie, we went to Wal-Mart and I got a Littlest Pet Shop butterfly, which I promptly named Luna Lovegood. I still have the butterfly down in the basement...
Sixth movie came. This year, I went all out and wore my wizard robes to the theater. I had my Hedwig stuffed owl, my wand, and my time turner. I was ready. We went on the day that it opened. I got strange looks from people, but it was worth it.
A month later, I went to go see it with my best friend, because I had gotten her into Harry Potter. Now? The two of us are completely obsessed. We planned to get a bunch of actors and remake Prisoner of Azkaban this summer. But, it didn't happen...
Now, movie number seven is coming out. As I grew up with Dan, Emma and Rupert, I feel sort of...connected to them. It feels like they were sort of part of the family...I grew up with them, and I always pretended like I was at Hogwarts with them. I wrote numerous fanfiction, joined fansites...
now here we are.
the day before the second-to-last movie comes out.
Here I am, typing this, and crying.
So this is how my fandom came to be.
IT doesn't seem like it's going to end.
It can't.
Not ever.
We won't let it.
This is for you, if you have stuck with Harry until the very end.
This is for all of us.
Whatever they call us,
Nerds. Geeks. Dorks.
We've stuck the the scrawny, eleven-year-old boy with the unusual scar until the very end, and we won't ever let it end.

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