- What are you watching? - Jia leaned closer as we were at school, supposed to focus on Korean history.
- Nothing! - I tried to hide the screen but she was quicker.
- Oh! You are watching the stream! 
- Yeah...not like it matters because I don't understand just only Minseok and Jongdae - I whispered.
- I've already said that you should learn Chinese - Jia poked me.
- Not like English and Korean were not enough - I murmured.
- You two at the back!

We lifted our head and saw that the whole class were staring at us. Including the teacher of course.

- Get out of the room now, please - he pointed at the door.

I just mumbled a "sorry" to both the teacher and Jia then we left the classroom.

- Hey don't feel bad - she put her arm around me. - It was quite boring! So you actually saved me!
- Yeah, but still...
- Oh come on! Let's go home and now gimme your phone. I'll translate the remain interview.

Next day I was sitting in the coffee shop. What a surprise: I had nothing to do! I only had classes in the morning and Jia had dance classes for kids. She was so lucky to get a job what she likes! I really should look for a job too...

- Hey, May! - I picked up my phone when it started to ring.
- Eonni! Are you busy?
- Me? Uhm...yeah...if you consider sitting in a coffee shop alone, crying over my boring life as being busy.
- So you are free - she laughed.
- Bingo!
- Wanna come to the U-kiss fansign event?
- I thought Jaeseop is annoying and you don't want to see him again - I teased her.
- Who is talking about him? And I am still a fan of them.
- Okay,okay. Let's go!

An hour later we meet not far from the mall where the fansign was held. There were already many Korean fans and they kept staring at us. 

- Sometimes I really hate being a foreign girl here...
- At least you are smaller than me - I murmured back to May.

We waited in the line, talking about the happenings in the past days - not like I had anything interesting to say - and finally we were next ones. 

The first person was Dongho who greeted me in English. I just giggled and replied in Korean. "Noona your Korean is awesome" he said.

With Eli we shared some word in English "Where are you from? That far? Wow!"

Jaeseop also talked in English - he definitely heard me with Eli but not with Dongho. After he signed my album I just smirked at him. I just couldn't wait to see his face when its May turn. 

Because of it I didn't pay too much attention to the next person, my eyes were glued to the two beside me. I just put my album on the desk, my name was on a post-it so I didn't bother to say anything else than "Annyeonghaseyo!"

- Zsuzsi-ssi - I heard as the person tried to read out my name. It was not the best but it caught my attention.
- Oh, I am sorry - I turned to him and realized it was Soohyun! Even I was with Yixing I still liked Soohyun.
- Uhm...Paris? "오빠 진짜 멋있어요"? - he smiled.
- Yeah! It was me - I laughed embarrassed. I had no idea that he would remember at my sign!
- Nice to see you! Do you live here?
- Yes, I've been here for like a year.
- That's great! Come to see us any time - Soohyun's smile didn't leave his face.
- Okay - I nodded.

- Please go to the next person - the woman beside them said to me and also May tried to push me forward.

When we left the event May couldn't stop talking about Jaeseop...of course not because she was fangirling over him! Oh no! She actually used only swearing words! 

- Yah! - I laughed. - You two look like a married couple.
- What? No!
- I am just kidding! Don't be mad at me - I stuck my tongue out.
- It was not funny - she murmured.

Later that day I went back home with bunch of snack and placed myself on the couch with my laptop. I tried looking for some new pictures of the boys - even I felt bad that fans are following them all the time -, I watched some cut from their latest interview than decided that listening music and being lazy is all I could do.

Around an hour later I heard the ringing tone from Skype so I flopped onto my stomach and received the call. I could see Yixing was sitting on the bed waving to me.

- Hey - I smiled and waved back. - How are you?
- I am quite tired but I am getting used to it. And you? How was your day?
- I met with May and we went to a fansign event.
- Who's?
- U-kiss. Are you jealous? - I asked because I saw a pout forming on his face.
- No - he shook his head quickly.
- He is! - I heard Luhan from the back. 
- Thanks gege! - Yixing threw a pillow through the room. - Sorry - he turned back to me.
- Its okay! But you don't have to be jealous! Even I like U-kiss longer than I know you - I kept teasing him.
- Hey! Its not funny! - he talked in Hungarian and I giggled. I really liked it when he tried to say anything in my mother language.
- Sorry dear but you are so cute! 

We kept talking, sometimes the boys joined to it so it became like a conference. A multi-language conference with English,Korean and Chinese!

Quick, random and not too long... :P
But I wanted to keep up with you, girls :P
oh and May I hope you don't mind I used you like this. And you already live in the same building as Jaeseop :D


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I really like this!

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Funny story;xx
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Haha. Soohyun remembers you! :D
Cute story. ^^

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ahahahahah i loved the story I need to update soon!

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adorable story!

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