- How do you know them and why you haven't talked about it earlier? Why are you like this, huh? Don't you like me? - Jia kept nagging with a pout on her face.
- Ssshhh..you are so loud! - I tried to shut her mouth because we were already in school and our teacher was already staring at us. And I also wanted to shut her mouth because she just couldn't stop talking about the boys since we quickly left - we were late from school! - and because I just couldn't say anything more that I've met once with them two years ago for like 15 minutes.

- Zsuzsi! Seriously! 
- What now? - I laughed as we finally left the university building and walked home.
- Tell me every detail about your first meeting! And tell my why Kris acted so cold toward to me - she gave me sad face and clung on my arm.
- But there are not details! Yixing accidentally split his coffee on me and lent his shirt to me. That's all! But you could have figured out this when we mentioned it!
- I could but I really thought something else happened... - Jia pouted disappointed.
- I am going crazy thanks to you - I smiled. - Anyways thank you for making me embarrassed!
- What did I do?
- You mentioned that I use that black shirt a lot when I am at home!
- Wait! - she stopped and looked at me confused. - I only asked you if that's shirt is THAT SHIRT and I did it English...so?
- Kris can speak fluent English - I sighed and totally forgot that I should continue pretend he can speak only Korean and Chinese. (Kris only spoke Korean in front of Jia and I am pretty sure he did because he heard what she said about him...and he might found it really funny...and I found it funny too that's why I played along with him!)

- What? - she screamed. 
- Sorry - I bit down on my lower lip, I really tried to not laugh. It was just too funny to hear as she said many times how handsome and tall and gorgeous and etc is Kris!
- I really hate you! Really! You are not my friend! - Jia pretend crying then started to run.
- Yah! Wait for me! - I tried to catch her but she was so much faster than me.

I just sighed and rolled my eyes. Jia and I were like cat and dog...but I knew she would accept my apology later. Or I would spend at least one night on the couch.


- I look so stupid with hat, sunglasses and mask! - I whined in front of the mirror.
- If you want to meet with your boyfriend don't whine like a 5 years old! - Jia laughed and tugged on the hem of the hat so it covered half of my face.
- Thanks! - I murmured angrily.
- Oh come on! You should be happy to see him alone finally.
- Yeah I am happy but its so bothering.
- Shut up! At least you have a boyfriend! Kris hasn't even noticed my feelings in the past months! He totally thinks about me as a friend. Or rather his friend's friend's friend who comes along.
- Jia! I am sorry that he is like this...maybe he is not your destiny.
- I know - she sighed. - But he is just too handsome and cute when he smiles to forget easily.
- Cheer up! We will find a boyfriend to you! But I have to go now.

As I walked out I quickly took off my sunglasses I just felt really stupid wearing it when it was already dark out side - 11PM - and just pulled the hat lower and the mask higher on my face. I really hated doing this things but there was no other way to meet with Yixing. At first it was rather easy because they were just trainees and even dating was prohibited as "friends" we could meet quiet often. But almost never alone! Most of the time somebody came with us - usually it was Kris, Jong In, Luhan and Jia - so it was easier to say to their manager that we are their friends and that's all.

The only times we could meet alone was when I sneaked in the SM building at night - when Yixing was supposed to practice - or sometimes he came to our apartment. But now that their teasers came out it became more difficult. The fans already recognized him so he couldn't come to me or I couldn't go in the SM building because there were always fans outside. 

"Where are you, noona? ^^" - I smiled at his messages. He just kept calling me noona even I was only a year older and none of us were Korean.

I looked up and noticed that I was almost at the little restaurant we usually visited. I just found out around a month ago that this restaurant is like a "dating place" for idols and quite safe until the fans don't see you going there. We already met with few idols there and some couple surprised me! 

- You are here! - Yixing stood up quickly and hugged me tight.
- I missed you - I whispered and buried my face into his neck.
- I missed you too!

We sat down on the floor and noticed that he already ordered drinks and food so we started to eat.

- And how are the preparations for the debut? - I asked him curiously.
- Exciting but kind of tiring - he smiled and I almost melted. I just really missed seeing his cute smile and those adorable dimples! - I can't wait to debut but on the other hand I am not too happy...
- Why? - I asked without thinking.
- You know that I'll be in China most of the time.
- Oh...you are right - I suddenly realized that he won't debut in Korea but in China. I always forget about it because it was just too painful to think about it.
- Will you visit me? - Yixing asked with a slight smile on his face.
- Will you miss noona that badly? - I asked playfully.
- I'll go crazy without noona - he stuck out his tongue and scooted closer to me.
- Have you ever thought about that the foreign girl from almost three years ago will be you girlfriend? - I asked as I put my head on his shoulder. He circled his arms around my waist and put a kiss on my hair.
- I secretly dreamed about to meet that girl again and marry her later.
- What? - I giggled. - You don't want to marry me! It would be your worst decision ever! - I joked.
- Maybe... - he pretend agreeing with me.
- Babo - I poked his side and he suddenly pushed me to the floor and hovered over me. 
- You will be on my side wearing a beautiful white dress in a few years. Just believe me! - he looked deep inside my eyes seriously.
- If you say so - I smiled brightly. - At first we have to survive a long distance relationship, the crazy fans who are already in love with you and with those who will later and your boss would be also a big problem.
- Don't worry I won't let anybody to split us - Yixing said than kissed me softly.


Sorry if it bored you I just wrote what was in my mind at this moment xD Probably in the next story I'll be back in the present! :D Now I am around...2012 January?

Girls if you have any question just write in the collection, that's why I made it! A group would be too much but we can comment now there so feel free to do it! :) 

Question: does anybody planning to use Kai (Jong In) later?

Oh and about the "restaurant": actually I do believe that there is something like that in Seoul! I mean how else the idols can date? Seriously! :D
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@maybones wait! :D Yixing knows Minho because he was substitute for Jonghyun on their concerts :) so we can use this either :)

Wrote 4 years ago
@chomiczynka I am trying to think about something...maybe as we girls meet with each other one by one we decided to make a "club" for us and meet often? xD aish...i don't know :D I don't even know how I know you in the story but I mentioned you from three years ago xD

Wrote 4 years ago
@maybones maybe you and Minho went to this restaurant before and we met there? and the two foreign girl were surprised so they started to talk? :D or something like this xD i have hard time to find out how I met with the other girls. i only mention Joanna in my story but i still don't know how we met xD i will let you girls to write about it xD



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This group is dedicated to B.A.P, EXO and VIXX!
B.A.P (비에이피; Best Absolute Perfect) is a six-member hip hop South Korean K-pop boy band formed by TS Entertainment in 2012. The group consists of Bang Yongguk (leader), Kim Himchan, Jung Daehyun, Yoo Youngjae, Moon Jongup and Choi Junhong (Zelo).
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The members: N (Hakyeon), Leo (Taekwoon), Ken (Jaehwan), Ravi (Woonshik), Hongbin and Hyuk (Sanghyuk).

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