So, I started this RP. I hope to update as much as everyone else ^.^ Sorry, if the set and story are not that good :/ 


~Seoul-Mate~ {1}

Chapter 1: Code Red!

I pushed the small button on the white intercom outside the door and waited patiently. I heard the doorbell go off inside the dorm and the shuffling of feet when the door was swung open suddenly, scaring me. A cute, girly boy looked outside at me with a confused face. 

"You're not my pizza..." he complained, pouting. 

"Sungjong, is that our pizza?" Another voice called out. 

"Ani, hyung it's a girl!" 

"A girl!" I heard another yell. Another one came to the door and threw me a smile that my heart skip a beat. 

"Welcome to our dorm" he said pushing the door open, grinning widely. 

"Ya! Woohyun! " Another one with hamster eyes said, knocking "Woohyun" over the head. "You can't just let a random fan in" he scolded, looking me up and down. 

"Wait, you guys are..." and that's when their familiar faces suddenly hit me. Maybe it was the shock that made it so I couldn't recognize them at first glance. But how could I not when I had countless posters of them in my old room.

"Hey guys, our manager just called. He said we should be expecting a visitor..." but he trailed off as he saw I was already there. "...and to clean up"

"Everybody, this is a code red. I repeat Code Red!" Woohyun cried out. The door was shut in front of me nearly hitting my face, but luckily I was able to jump back in time before my nose got squashed. I heard yelling, and running as the boys tried to clean up the living room as quickly as they could. I couldn't help but laugh as I heard someone trip and apparently knock over a whole table. "DONGWOO!" everyone shouted, upset.

After another frantic minute the door swung open again slowly, and Sungjong peeked out giving me an innocent smile. "You can come in now" he said cutely. I smiled back and stepped inside with my suitcase to see all the boys standing around in the living room awkwardly. 

"Hello" I said bowing. "My name is Camila, but you guys can call me Millie" I said looking around. 

"Um, who are you?" Sungyeol asked bluntly. 

"Your manager didn't tell you?" I said surprised. I thought they knew of the arrangement. "I'm your new English tutor" 

"WHAT?!" all the boys yelled at once. 

"Guys...." I said trying to quiet them down as they all started talking at once. "Guys?" I tried again but they didn't listen to me. I jumped on their couch and that's when they finally stopped talking. "That's much better. As I said, I got hired by your company to teach some of their idols English, but I didn't know it was going to be Infinite" I responded back honestly.

"Are you moving in here noona?" Sungjong asked me, he extended his hand and helped me down from the couch. Awww....he is so sweet. I smiled and patted his head. 

"Well that's what they told me to do. Because of your busy schedules they want you guys to learn at a faster rate. So I'm here for whenever you guys have free time in your schedules to take lessons" I answered. 

"Oh, I guess we better find you a bed" Sunggyu said, going back to being the leader. "Boys, how are we going to fix this?"

"But hyung, there is not that much room to begin with" Woohyun complained. "We only have three rooms for the eight of us"

"I can sleep on the couch..." I said meekly. I didn't want to kick these boys out of there beds when I knew they were cramped in here to begin with. 

"No, that's not what I meant-" 

"It's okay, we can move around our stuff. Just give us a bit more time. By tonight everything should be figured out" Hoya said interrupting Woohyun. 

I started counting heads. "Wait, who is not here..." I said realizing we were missing someone. 

"Oh myungsoo went out a little while ago" Sungjong responded. "You can go take a nap in his room if you want" he offered when he noticed me yawning. 

"Oh thank you, that would be nice" I said grabbing my stuff. They showed me to Myungsoo's room that he shared with Sungjong and Sungjong told me I could sleep for a couple hours until dinner. After he closed the door behind him, I started spazzing out like crazy trying hard not to scream. 

When they told me I was going to be working with some idols to help them learn English, I thought I would be helping trainees. I never thought I would be working with one of my favorite K-pop groups! No, Millie, you have to keep it cannot look like a total fan girl in front of them. That would scare them away. 

But I couldn't help it and squealed again, laying back on the lower bunk bed, kicking my feet in the air at my good luck.


btw, I still have not decided which guy to end up with, so I'm going to be just as surprised as you girls when this ends
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funny story! Write more soon:)

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ye ah, like totally I need to read soooo hahahah


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