I am not in a good mood so...don't expect anything funny or interesting :)

It was around midnight, I was sitting outside covered with a blanket. I still had homeworks and books to read and I didn't want to bother Jia who was really tired after four hours of dancing class. Time to time I sleepy stared up to the starry sky and sighed deeply.

Suddenly my phone rang so I picked it up quickly. It was Sooyeon.

- Eonni?
- Suzy-ah! 
- What happened? - I asked quickly when I heard the worry in her voice.
- Yerin has high fever and she is shaking! - she said and I felt she would cry in any minute.
- Calm down and call a taxi or wake up the driver. You should take her to the hospital as soon as possible! Just go and i'll pack her stuffs and follow you, okay? - I tried to sound as calm as possible but it was really hard.
- Okay, I'll do that. I'll call you again!

I didn't bother to change my clothes just picked up my wallet and keys. I ran to the main street to find a taxi, I didn't have patient waiting for a bus or something. When I arrived at the "Nam" villa I quickly ran through the rooms and packed everything I thought the little girl and Sooyeon would need. About what Sooyeon said I was sure they will stay in the hospital for at least one or two days.

Just when I caught a taxi again my phone rang and it was Sooyeon to tell me which hospital they are in. I told it to the driver and waited nervously until we reached the building. Fortunately I knew which room i have to look for so I got in the elevator and went to the third floor. Sooyeon was on the corridor, spacing back and forth, bitting her nails. I jogged to her and pulled her in an embrace.

- Its okay - I tried to calm her down. - What did the doctor say?
- I don't know they sent me out - she cried.
- She will be okay - I stroked Sooyeon's back.

Few minutes later finally the doctor came out and said that Yerin only caught a cold but because her immune system is kind of weak it became more serious. But she will be okay after a few days. I was relived.

We went in the room and while Sooyeon sat down beside Yerin's bed I just placed myself on the couch at the other side of the room. I felt suddenly so tired...

But my phone rang again so I walked out to pick it up. It was definitely a busy night!

- Hallo?
-'s me - Kris spoke. And he did it in English which meant something happened. In the past months we just rarely talked in English with each other so we could all practice Korean, so when he speaks English it means something...something bad.
- Please no... - I sighed and sat down on the corridor. - I don't want more bad news today.
- Why? What happened?
- I am at the hospital because of Yerin.
- Well its not that bad but...manager Hong had to bring Yixing for a shot because he fainted again.
- Did he practice all day?
- Yeah.
- Guys you should stop him! - I raised my voice. - You know that he overworks himself without noticing it!
- I know and I am sorry!
- Ah...never mind - I sighed. - Sorry for being bitchy.
- Its okay, I can totally understand you. But can you come here now? - he asked.
- I don't know - I mumbled. - I can't leave Sooyeon alone in this situation as much as I want to be with Yixing.
- Well, you can come in anytime and Jongdae moved downstairs so he will be alone whole night. 
- Okay, i'll try.

After we hung up I stayed outside. I leaned my head onto the wall and massaged my scalp. Everything was so wrong suddenly!

- Hey, are you okay? - Sooyeon came out after who knows how many minutes or even hours. - Did something happen?
- Its just - I wanted to tell her but I stopped. - Never mind - I forced a smile on my face.
- But I see that you are not okay! Something must happened beside this situation!
- Just my boyfriend doesn't feel too good so our friend called me to tell.
- You can leave if you want - she put her hands on mine and squeezed it ligthly. - I'll be okay alone and my mother will be here in the morning.
- Are you sure? I can stay.
- No! Just go now - Sooyeon smiled. - And thank you for your help! You are such a good friend - she hugged me tight.

Once again I caught a taxi and headed to the boys's dorm. Before I take off of the car I quickly put on my hoodie and lowered my head as I walked to the entrance. I quickly used the code and jogged in before the fans could sneak in behind me or something. (It wouldn't have been the first time...) 

Finally I was inside their place which was really quiet. No wonder, it was already 3AM and the boys had schedules later. I just carefully walked upstairs and entered into the room what Yixing and Jongdae shared. It was dark inside but the curtains didn't cover the window so I could still see thanks to the moonlight. I tip-toed to his bed and sat down beside it on the floor. I just stared his face which looked so paceful and beautiful. I know I shouldn't call his face beautiful but it was the truth!

- You are such an idiot! You always make me so worried! Why you can't take care of yourself? - I "scolded" him quietly but actually I just felt less stressed after I said them out loud. Sometimes I really hated the fact he was such a hardworking person because he just simply doesn't know his own limit! It was not the first time he ended up like this but still he continued. And I was kind of angry at the boys that they don't stop him. I know its not easy because Yixing is such a stubborn person when its about practicing but geez! They should drag him out of the practice room and push him into his bed!

I lifted my hand and brushed his hair away from his face. He shifted a bit and turned on his side so he faced me.

- Wu fan...I am okay - he mumbled in Chinese (I could understand it!) and I just chuckled.
- Do I have such a giant hand like him? - I said it more to myself but Yixing heard me.
- Zsuzsi? - he opened his eyes and stared me sleepy.
- Yeah, its me - I smiled and pecked his lips. - How are you?
- Bit dizzy but happy to see you - he wanted to sit up but I pushed him back.
- Don't dare to move! - I commanded with narrowed eyes.
- Yes, maam! - he giggled. - But maam!
- Hm?
- I feel so lonely - he pouted cutely. - This bed feels so huge!
- You kid, you need rest! - I tried to pull higher his blanket but he caught my wrist and pulled me on himself instead. - You are suppose to be sick! - I groaned.
- My love is stronger.
- cheesy - I grimaced then laughed as I rolled off of him and lay down beside him. He lifted the blanket and covered both of us.
- Let's sleep - he placed a soft kiss on my forehead.
- Good night - I shifted closer to him and it didn't take too much to fall asleep. It was indeed a crazy night!

no comment!

anyways please pray for me on Wednesday 8AM-4PM (UTC/GMT +2 hours lol xD)...I'll have 9(?) writing exam...not like I care actually but maybe I'll have luck and pass them... :)
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Wrote 4 years ago
love this set really nice inspired set:))

Wrote 4 years ago
soo cute and lovely ;))))

Wrote 4 years ago
Cute story! Although I hope Yixing is alright. :o
Also, good luck on your exams!

Wrote 4 years ago
So sad at the beginning but then it got cute at the end ^.^
Good Luck Unnie!!!!! :D



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Their debut single "MAMA" was released on April 8, 2012, followed by the release of their debut EP MAMA on April 9, 2012.
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