“Do I look okay?” I asked Sunhwa for some reassurance. We were patiently waiting in line at Exo M’s fansigning. Some girl’s were screaming (others crying), while Sunhwa and I simply bit our lips nervously.
“You’re fine! Now just hope Kris forgets to bring your camera.”
“What? Why would you want him to forget? I like that camera you know!” I snapped back at her.
“But if he forgets, that gives you two another excuse to meet again! After this meeting it’s pretty much over...” Sunhwa mumbled.
“Ya! Why are you thinking so negatively?” Or maybe she’s right. They are idols anyway...
“Sorry. Oppa is upset that I’m ditching him to come to this fansign with you.”
“Oh.” I rolled my eyes.

“OHMYGOD we’re next! GO GO GO!” Sunhwa pushed me to the table.
“Hi...” I shyly greeted Luhan. He was even cuter in person! And the closer I got to Kris the faster my heart started to beat.

“Hello!” Kris said cheerfully. “And your name is...?”
“You’re kidding right?” I said to him in english.
Kris just smirked and scribbled something on my Mama album.
“Here’s um.. a drawing I did of you..” I felt my cheeks get hot.
“Oh really?” As Kris reached for the picture he discreetly placed my camera on the table. “Hey, this actually doesn’t look bad.” He looked at the picture and back at me. “Thank you.” He said with a cheesy smile.

I glanced at Sunhwa beside me who gave me a quick thumbs up before giving Kris her album. So.. I guess that was it. My adventures with Kris were over. I’m back to being just another fan....

“Annyeonghaseyo...” I said to Lay.
“Hello! And what is your name....? Oh!” Lay looked surprised. “I didn’t recognize you for a second.” He softly said with a smile.
Oh right. Lay must still think I’m Kris’s girlfriend....
“Kris sure likes to keep you hidden from us.” Lay said while scribbling on my album. “I’m still waiting for an official double date.”
“Oh... right.” I giggled. I didn’t even have time to explain how I’m not really dating Kris. But, if there was time, would I even bother to tell the truth anyway?

“Ohh. Yixing! Is it true you have a girl-” I punched Sunhwa in the arm before she dare finish asking that question.
“Well, I’ll be going now.”
“Yes, hope to see you later.” Lay waved before I moved on to Chen.

While leaving the tables I took a last glance at Kris. Maybe he will somehow catch me leaving and wave or mouth to me a “goodbye”?

Of course not. He’s just laughing with another fan.

“Omo. Did you see the way Chen looked at me? Ah. Forget it, forget it. Oppa will kill Chen if I bother to talk to about it.” Sunhwa dragged me away of the fansigning area.

As we were in the taxi on the way home we both looked through our album booklets for the member’s signatures.

“What did Kris put in yours? Did he confess in your album booklet?? That would be so adorable!” Sunhwa started to squeal.

“Uhh...” I started to read what he wrote. “It just says ‘thank you’.”
“Thank you? That’s it?”
“Hey..” I said as Sunhwa snatched the booklet from my hands.
“Thank you.” Sunhwa re-read the page. “Well, he didn’t write that on mine! So that’s something.”
“Yeah, I guess...” I turned to face the window.
“Omo. What is this paper on Yixing’s page?” I turned back to see Sunhwa pull out a small strip of paper from my booklet.
“Woah, what is that?”
“Are those numbers? Is that a phone number?” Sunhwa moved the paper closer to her eyes.
“Ya, let me see.” I snatched the paper out of her hand. “I can’t believe it... is that even real?”
“Who’s number is that? Kris’s?”
“I think it’s Lay’s...” Was he really serious about that double date thing?
“Well what are we doing? CALL IT!”
“Not now!” I cover Sunhwa’s phone with my hand. “Let’s just wait until we get home or something...”
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