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Chapter 2: Wake Up Sleeping Beauties

L and Infinite's manger return a couple hours later. Apparently, the boys had been knocking on the door for quite a while, but I was fast asleep from the jet lag. Even though I was usually a light sleeper, at this moment it would have taken a whole herd of Elephants to wake me up. Or maybe two hyper idols jumping around in my bed. 

They took the second option.

I screamed as I rolled off my bed and hit the floor. Sunggyu offered his hand and helped me up while glaring at the two boys. "Ya! Dongwoo, Sungyeol, I told you guys to wake her not scare her half to death!" 

"But she wouldn't wake up..." Dongwoo muttered. 

"And that was fun" Sungyeol added with a grin. I suddenly noticed that I was in a huge t-shirt and shorts, and that I had my hair sticking out in different directions. I covered my face and tried to hide myself under the covers again but Sunggyu pulled me out again. 

"Come on," Woohyun said poking his head in through the door. "Manger hyung wants to talk with our guest" 

We all headed outside to the kitchen; Sungjong was cooking up something, Hoya was laying on the couch watching T.V with L, and the manager was by the door talking with someone on the phone. We waited for him to finish his conversation before he put his phone away and turned to me. 

"Millie, I see you made it here. And have you met all the boys" 

"Yes" I answered politely. I had met him when I first got hired by Wooliment Entertainment, but I hadn't recognize him as Infinite's manager. "Is it really alright for me to stay here?" I asked hesitantly. Honestly, I was a bit scared of what some overly passionate Inspirits would do to me if they found out I had just slept in their L oppa's bed. 

"The company is allowing it. But we don't want the public to know" he answered, pulling out a chair for me at the table. "We don't want to cause any scandals for the boys, especially since they are the peak of their idol careers" 

"Oh, okay" I said bowing. "I'll try to make sure I do not draw attention to myself. When do I start teaching the boys?" 

"As soon as you can, and when their schedule allows it" he answered, as the boys came with the huge ramyun pot. "Eat, I bet your hungry" Since the table was already small to begin with, only two other boys were able to sit with us, while the rest sat on the couch or on the floor of the living room. Woohyun was sitting across from me, slurping away at a difficult piece of noodle. I didn't realize I was staring until he looked up to meet my gaze and winked at me. I quickly turned away, and straightened my hair, since it was still a mess. 

"So noona," Sungjong asked next to me. "Where are you from?"

"The States" I answered. "And actually you are my oppa" I corrected.

"Your younger than us? Even me?" I nodded. "How do you know that?" he asked.

"Oh umm...well I have a friend that really loves you guys" I answered quickly. It was true that I had friends who loved Infinite, but I just didn't want them to know I was one of their biggest fans. Of course I wanted them to know how much I loved their music, but it would be strange for them to have to live with a fan...and also would look strange if I pointed out that I knew everything about them. 

"Hyung, where is she suppose to sleep?" Sunggyu asked from the couch. "We just let her sleep in Myungsoo's bed for now..."

"Oh, well boys," he said turning around to face all of them. "I was asked to help with some of the new trainees, so I'm moving out for awhile, and your new teacher here will just take my spot" 

"Wait, so we get a female manger now?" Woohyun asked excited. His manger hit him on the head with his chopsticks. 

"Don't abuse your teacher, she doesn't have to be helping you guys all the time" he grumbled. "How quickly you guys replace me.." he grumbles again. 

After dinner, I offered the clean the dishes since they had cooked for me and all the boys quickly agreed and left to go to their rooms. 

"Well, I'm going to be going now" the manger informed me, grabbing his coat. "The boys have a schedule early tomorrow, so would you be able to wake them up since I'm not here to yell at them?"

"Of course, what time?"

"3 am"



"Go away Noona" the little maknae complained, rolling away from me towards the wall. 

"Sungjongie, you need to wake up" I said nicely, shaking him slightly again. But instead he just stuffed his head under his pillow, drifting off to sleep again. I sighed and moved on to the next bed. " need to get up" I said softly. He groaned and opened his eyes, getting up slowly. Rubbing his eyes, he reached for his glasses and once he had them on, he got up and grumbled, walking towards the kitchen. "Okay, at least I got one up" I commented to myself. "Sungjongie...yah!" I screamed as he threw a pillow at me. 

I stomped out of the room, and went to the next once that had Woohyun, L and Sungyeol. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw that Woohyun was already awake, with the lights on and putting on his shirt. "Omo!" I said placing my hand on my heart. 

"Sorry" he said smiling. "Did I scare you?" he said walking past me. I sighed, shaking my head. That boy confused me...

Getting Sungyeol and L up wasn't that too bad, of course L got up once I awoke him but he moved so slowly that I thought he was going to fall asleep again. And Sungyeol thought I was L and kept muttering random Japanese to me until I finally started jumping on his bed (and trying not to hit myself on ceiling) to get him. "Ha! Take that karma" I smirked, as he finally got up.

Finally the last two; Woohyun was waking up Sunggyu so I went to Dongwoo and started to poke his head. "Dongwoo..." I called out. 

"Having fun trying to wake him up" Woohyun chuckled as Sunggyu walked past me to the main bathroom. 


"Just try" 

I poked him again but got no response. "Dongwoo, get up, it's time for you to get ready" I tried again. "Yah! Dongwoo oppa get up!" I said smacking the ground next to me, but he didn't even shift a bit. "What's wrong with him?" 

"He is a very heavy sleeper" Woohyun explained. "See?" he said picking up Dongwoo's arm and then letting it drop. Dongwoo's nose twitched, but that was all.

"Oh no, he is getting up" I proclaimed. He was sleeping on a bed mattress so I gathered the blanket that was wrapped around him at his feet and tried dragging him off the bed. Of course I was a bit small and lacked all upper body strength so Woohyun burst out laughing as Dongwoo barely moved a couple inches. "Are you going to help me or not?" I snapped at him. I was exhausted from having to get up at this early hour as well.

He came over and grabbed part of the blanket away from me and together we dragged him out into the living room. He moved a bit and mumbled but still laid there sleeping. I grew frustrated as I noticed all the boys I had waken up were all gathered in the living room asleep once again in odd places. 

"That's it" I said tiredly. I went to the kitchen and filled up a huge vase of water and went one by one, pouring water on the boys. The dorm was filled with high pitched shrieks and cussing as the boys all woke up out of shock. I poured the remaining water on Dongwoo who finally blinked open his eyes, confused as to where he was at. "Boys, get ready now...I'm going back to sleep" I said muttering that last part.


This is how the sleeping arrangement is (I don't think it's like in real life but for the purpose of the story...)

1st room-Hoya (bottom bunk) and Sungjong (top bunk) [medium size room but holds up a lot of storage]

2nd Room-Sungyeol (Top Bunk), L (bottom bunk), Woohyun (single bed) [They have the biggest room]

3rd Room-Sunggyu (single bed), Dongwoo (inflatable air matress) [smallest room so it couldn't fit two beds, Dongwoo lost in a coin tossing]

So I feel bad that I'm updating you guys with such a boring chapter, and that it can't be fluffy or cute as some of your guy's stories (Which I enjoy reading a lot ^^) 

But! I finally decided who my "seoul mate" is going to be :D

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Wrote 4 years ago
wow! so amazing set my dear!!

Wrote 4 years ago
@maybones : thank you. Why not Woohyun? 0.o

Wrote 4 years ago
amazing story!!! I hope you haven't chose Woohyun! lol! great story! write more soon!

Wrote 4 years ago
@jenny-ism ehehe... :D
i must admit, while i was going through pics/gifs of his butt, i remembered i saw it before. XD and i'm not even their/his/its fan. Dongwoo's butt ftw!! XD



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