“Oh, hello. You must be Wu Fan’s girlfriend.” Suho greeted me.
“Um. Yeah...” I gave a simple smile after lying through my teeth.

It’s not like I meant to lie! People just kept saying I was his girlfriend! There was nothing I could do but follow along.

“I wonder why he’s never talked about you...”
“Yeah, that’s strange...” I bit my lip nervously.

After a short awkward silence JB and Woohyun came out of nowhere pulling Suho to the front of the room to entertain us. It was crazy seeing so many idols and foreigners in one place. I was having so much fun that I forgot all about that guilty conscious in the back of my mind. Soon I was partying like everyone else, forgetting every care in the world.

Later the party was slightly interrupted from loud banging noises coming from May’s bathroom door. As we gathered around to see what the problem was my phone suddenly started to ring.

“Yeobuseyo?” I said while watching May struggling to open the door.
“Um, yeah. Who is this?”
“It’s Kris.”
“Oh! Yeobo!” I said laughing.
“Yeobo?? Are you okay?”
“Yeah. Well no. Not right now. Someone’s locked in the bathroom.” I laughed again.
“What? Where are you?”
“Where are you? And how did you get my number anyway?”
“What did Yixing say to you at the fanmeet?” Kris ignored my question.
“Um. That we are going on a double date with him and Zsuzsi. Why?”
“Why didn’t you tell him the truth?”
“The truth? What truth?” I was feeling quite buzzed that I didn’t have proper time to think seriously...
“We are not dating.” Kris said in a serious tone. I could just imagine his cold expression when he said it.
“Yeah... I know.. why can’t you just tell him that then?”
“He won’t believe me! Every time I do he just takes it the wrong way!”
“Fine! I’ll tell him the next time I see him!” I felt bad for snapping at Kris. It was Kris! I shouldn’t want to feel upset at him but I was! Or maybe I was just hating this situation.
“Then tell him when we come back from America. On our double date.”
I stayed silent. I didn’t want to agree to it!
“And tell Suho the truth too! He just texted me about you. Is he with you??” Kris started sounding like a nosy mother.
“Maybe... Can I go pee now? This weird drink makes me want to go-”
“Ya! Promise me to tell them the truth!”
“Ugh. Okay! I got it! I’m going to go now. Bye~~” I hung up the phone.

“Who was that? Wu Fan?” Suho asked me.
“Yeah.” I rolled my eyes.
“Aigoo. Don’t worry! We will only be in America for the weekend. You will see him soon!” Suho tried cheering me up. But it wasn't helping....
“Suho, I have to tell you something...”
“What? What is it?” Suho looked concerned.
Ughh. I really didn’t want to do this. My heart was pounding like crazy. Once I spill the beans about my un-glamorous life of faking a relationship with an idol, my life would be pretty much over.

“I just needed to tell you, I REALLY have to use the bathroom.”
“Oh. May just left with some people that needed to go too. Hurry and follow me!” Suho grabbed my hand and led me to the group outside of someones apartment.

It was AJ’s apartment. I didn’t even bother to fangirl because I was too used to seeing so many idols. It soon became normal to me.

“Jameel also needs the toilet!” Suho pointed to me. I followed Hoya, G, and Woohyun down the hallway.
“Hyung my tummy hurts.” Woohyun whined to Hoya.
“He’s greasier when he’s drunk.” I joked, which helped lighten the mood as we waited for Camila. I tried my best to keep my mind off that phone call.

As we made our way back to May’s apartment, I continued to spend the rest of the night partying and having fun. I might as well spend my last days as Kris’s girlfriend to it’s fullest!
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