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My apologies for this update being late-I got a bit sidetracked yesterday. Also I apologize for it's randomness...I have no idea how I ended it up with this when I was thinking of something completely different. 

At least it's long?.....not sure if that makes up for it's randomness or make the matter worse...

Oh well -.- Next update should be May's Housewarming party (yeah, I'm that behind)


Chapter 3: Being Won over by Choco Tacos 
"I am a dog"
"I am a cat"
I sighed, rubbing my head. Teaching these boys english was a lot harder than I thought I would be. They spent all day focusing and concentrating on thier that they had no attention span left for my evening lesson. I was trying to teach them the different animals in english with flash cards I had made, but the boys were too busy "acting" them out and running around to only last five minutes. Dongwoo was currently acting as a dog, chasing Sungjong who was being a cat. "No, boys, stop that!" I reprimended, as they almost knocked over the T.V screen. "Aish, these boys..." I said sitting back down in my chair. Sunggyu came next to me, and handed me a cup of coffee. "Thank you" I said gratefully as he sat down next to me. "How do you deal with this?" I asked the leader.
He shrugged. "I usually let them do what they want. They will buckle up and pay attention to me when they know its serious"
"But I have to teach them English, don't they know that's serious?" I said taking a sip of my drink. The warmth of the coffee instantly calmed me down and forced my body to relax.
"You have to make it more intersting for them" L stated quietly. He was sitting next to us and I thought he had been paying attention to his phone but in fact he was paying attention to us. He had gotten into an accident and was confined to crutches. "That's the only way".
"Okay, well I'm going to the bathroom" I proclaimed, standing up. "Make sure they don't...destory anything" I told Sunggyu.
When I came back I was met with a empty living room. "Boys?" I called out. But nobody answered. "It's not time for hide and seek now" I said looking through thier rooms, but I couldn't find anybody. Finally I got back into the kitchen when I found a note on the table. "Went out to have fun~ Infinite" I crumpled the paper up in my hand and threw it at the front door before grabbing my coat and headed out to drag seven disobident puppies back inside.
I had no idea where I was going, in fact, I was lost. Considering I had never been in Seoul before, had only limited Korean, and was by myself. Forget about finding the boys, I was just trying to find my way back to the dorm. I had looked for them for the first half an hour, just walking around to see if I could catch a glimpse of them since they didn't have that much time to get far, but no luck. But how is it I couldn't spot a single member? Not even Myungsoo on his crutches! How hard was it to find someone who couldn't move faster than a three-legged dog?!

I was growing tired so I sat down on a bench near the park where I ended up on. It was growing dark; the sun had begun to set when I first left the dorm but at this point the light was like a small sliver of fire left in the sky. A couple kids who were still playing around the structure were being assured away by their parents to bundle back into their jackets to head home. I sat there, looking at the little kids, laughing and running away, wanting to continue to play instead of going home. The mother just shook her head and sat down waiting until the kids finally calmed down and listened to them. They came over and the father started zipping up their puffy jackets, lifting up one of the youngest boys on his shoulders. 

Maybe that's what I had to do, was just wait for their energy to die instead of trying to fight them. That was all I could do at this point. I felt myself nod off as I laid out on the bench and rested my head on my forearm.


"That was good" Sungyeol said as he entered the dorm. He plopped down on the couch. Sungjong followed in after him, sticking licking away at the Popsicle he had chosen. The rest of the boys came in as well, full after their ice cream break at the general store a couple blocks away. "Where's Millie?" Sungyeol asked lifting his head lazily from the pillow.

"I don't know," Hoya shrugged entering the kitchen area. "The note is gone. Does that mean Millie saw it?" he asked the rest of his members.

"Well, I think she found it..." Dongwoo said picking up the half torn and crumpled paper near the door. He held it up between his fingers gently with a scared look on his face, as if thinking that could have been him. 

"See! I told you guys she would be mad that we went to go get ice cream without her" Sungjong nagged. 

"Well, we did get her some..." Sunggyu added, holding up the single ice cream bar. 

"Yeah, because the maknae batted his pretty little lashes at the cashier ahjumma" Hoya teased. Sungjong crinkled his nose and stuck his tongue out at his hyung. 

"Well, the question still remains...where is she?" Myungsoo asked, sitting down. 


Sungjong went to go check in the bedrooms but came back, still sucking on his popsicle, and shaking his head. "She is not here"

"Well, we were only gone for fifteen minutes....where could she have gone..." Sunggyu pondered. 

"I think it's obvious, "Dongwoo pipped up. "She went to do this to us..." he said reminding them of the note. The boys gulped and stood there awkwardly, no one really knowing what to say. 

"Well, she should be back...I mean she is going to come home when she doesn't find us right?" Sungyeol finally said breaking the silence. 

"I think we should look for her" Woohyun said, speaking for the first time since they came back. 

"Hyung is right" Myungsoo added. "This is her first time in Seoul, and it's getting dark. Let's not chance it"

"But what about you?" Dongwoo asked, looking at the crutches next to him. 

Myungsoo's face darkneed at being reminded of his disadvantage. "I'll stay here in case she does come back. You guys hurry up and go look for her before the manger come to check on us. He should be here in about an hour to give us our schedule for next week" 

"Right, okay, come on guys...let's do this quickly" Sunggyu said going into full leader mode.

"Does that mean I have to get up?" Sungyeol whined, fussing on the couch. 

"Yes, let's go" Sunggyu pulled him up and dragged him out by his wrist, ignoring the boy's pout on having to walk around on a full stomach. 

The boys all headed back out again, minus Myungsoo, and split up going in different directions. They had been searching for half an hour without any results.

Woohyun was walking away down the street when he noticed Dongwoo was trailing behind him. He looked back and shot him a look but he shrugged. "Wouldn't she go this way?" he put out there.

"Why?" Woohyun asked, slowing down so Dongwoo could catch up. 

"Because that's where the park is!" Dongwoo exclaimed running forward. "Come on," he said ushering me "You're so slow". Woohyun gritted his teeth as he jogged to catch up with the over excited rapper. His mouth almost dropped when he saw that Camila was indeed at the park. In fact she was sleeping on the bench, curled up like a little kid. "Teacher!" Dongwoo yelled in English. 


"Huh?" I said lifting my head, I blinked my eyes open to see myself staring right into Dongwoo's face. I jumped from the sudden closeness and looked around to see that I was still in the park; the kids had left by now with their parents and the streetlights were turning on. "Omo! You scared me!" I yelled at them, hitting the person nearest to me who was Woohyun. He glared at me, rubbing his arm where I had punched him. 

"Hey, we came looking for you..." he grumbled. I kind of felt bad that I just hit an idol but I was still too pissed to apologize...and sleepy as well. 

"Come on, we have to get back before manger-hyung" Dongwoo said pulling on my jacket a bit, kneeling down next to me. Dongwoo's cute pout left me pretty defenseless against him. 

"Ok, but I'm tired..." I complained. "You guys woke me up from my nap" 

"That's alright, I can carry you"

"Huh?" Woohyun and I both said at the same time. 

"I don't want you to be mad at me...besides, we are running out of time" he says. My practical side was just to forgive the boys and hurry back with them. My fangirl side however, was jumping up and down, squealing at the thought of being piggyback by Infinite's Dongwoo.

My fangirl side won.

"Um, okay" I said nervously, and got on his back. I let out a surprised yelp as he got up quickly. I bit my lip before wrapping my arms around his neck. Woohyun stormed ahead in front of us. "What is his problem?" I asked.

"Woohyun hyung goes through moods sometimes...he has been really stressed out because of our comeback, so don't take offense" Dongwoo exclaimed. 

When I got back into the dorm all of the boys had made it back. "You guys found her! Quick, manger hyung is around the corner...we sent Hoya as a scout" Sungjong quickly explained as he ushered me into the living room. All the boys had their books out and were saying random phrases in English that made no sense as the manger hyung walked in a couple seconds later with Hoya. 

"Oh good, you guys are getting some work done. I'm going to use your bathroom and then give you guys your have a busy week ahead of you..." the manger hyung announced. All the boys let out a sigh of relief when the manger hyung went out of sight. 

"Where did you go?" Myungsoo asked me.

"I went looking for you guys" I snapped. "You guys can't just leave like that in the middle of a lesson" I scolded, folding my arms. 

"But...we brought you back ice cream..." Sungjong said quietly. 

"Ice cream?" I said raising an eyebrow.


"What kind?" I asked. Sunggyu went towards the fridge and pulled out the ice cream they had bought for me. I jumped out of my chair so quickly and grabbed it out of his hands that I scared all the boys.

"IT'S A CHOCO TACO!!!" I exclaimed happily, dancing around. All the boys looked at me strangely. "What? It's my favorite" I said grinning. Finally it felt like the awkward atmosphere between the boys and I broke as we all burst into laughter. The night's crazy events just too much. 

"What's going on?" the manger hyung asked suspiciously when he re-enter and saw all going crazy. 

"Nothing!" We all said in unison. 

Ok, so the person you are thinking I am going to end up with....your wrong.

How do I know this?

Because I'm psychic! And I can read your mind!!!!

(And now the second person that comes to your mind...well you're wrong too!) 

Okay well maybe there will be some of you that will figure out which boy I have chosen, (but I'd like to assume that I have not made it that easy for my readers). Next update I'm going to put a HUGE hint ;)


virtual chocolate cake delivered by a sexy Korean boy to whomever guesses the first boy :D
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