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Chapter 4: Who's girlfriend?

"We're done!" Dongwoo said jumping around. I don't know where this boy keeps all this energy. The boys all entered the dorm after their last dance practice of the day. I was going to move on to another lesson but they had been working so hard this week that I decided to wait until their promotions were over before I started teaching again. Since I had nothing to do I was currently sitting on their couch, eating chips and watching a Korean drama in a simple T-shirt and jeans. When they came I tried to find the remote to turn it off but I couldn't find it in time as all the boys crowded around to see what I was watching. 

"Are you watching a drama?" Hoya asked, looking at the screen in confusion. 

"Ya! I'm just-"

"Are those tissues?" Sungyeol asked pointing to my mound of tissues next to me that I had used during sad moments. "Were you crying?" he said laughing.

"Ahhh our poor teacher is a sappy romantic..." Sungjong teased.

"Psh..." I huffed ignoring the boys. "I was bored okay" I lied. 

"And you scold us about wasting our time watching T.V" Sunggyu reminded me. 

"Well this is...different" 

"How?" Myungsoo questioned.

"It just...oh shut up....omo! This is my favorite part...all of you shhhhh" I said waving around my hands. The boys laughed at me but then they quieted down while I finished watching the finale of 49 Days. It was Sungyeol's turn to cook so he went to the kitchen to try and cook something simple-Myungsoo went with him to make sure he didn't burn the dorm. The rest of the boys joined me in watching; Sungjong had his head resting on my lap and I played with his hair instinctively, Hoya and Dongwoo were overlapping each other on the armchair, Sunggyu sat next to me while Woohyun sat on the other side of Sungjong. There was a crash from the kitchen and Sunggyu jumped up to make sure nothing terrible had happened. When the drama finally ended, I looked around to see that Hoya and Dongwoo had fallen fast asleep along with Sungjong who was snoring softly in my lap. Woohyun was still awake but barely, he kept nodding off as if he was trying hard to stay awake. "Hey," I said calling him softly. 

"hummm..." he said looking at me slowly. 

"Go to sleep" I said softly. "You look tired" He nodded as if agreeing with me and slowly rested his head back and let his eyes closed. He was asleep within a couple of seconds. I couldn't help but smile at how cute all the boys looked, sleeping peacefully. Sunggyu entered the room a moment later and looked surprised at all the members there sleeping. 

"Hey, can you help me get them into bed?" he whispered. I nodded and slowly tried lifting myself from the couch but Sungjong clung to my waist, thinking I was one of his stuffed animals. 

"Help" I mouthed. Sunggyu chuckled but pried Sungjong's hands away. 

"Hyung..." he complained as he recognized Sunggyu waking him up. 

"Aish, you are defiantly the maknae" Sunggyu muttered as he just ended up picking up the small boy and carrying him to his room. "Just put a blanket over those two...there is no way we can get them up" he told me as he left the room. I followed his instructions and pulled out a blanket from the closet and covered the two dancers who were fast asleep. I turned back to Woohyun and shook him slightly to wake him up. 

"Hey, you need to go to your bed" I said softly. He blinked his eyes open and turned to look at me. "Here, let me help you up" I said extending it. He grabbed my hand and I pulled him up but he tripped up a bit as he got up since he was still sleepy and I had to grab his shoulders to stop him from falling on top of me. His face suddenly close to mine. 

"Woohyun get to bed" Sunggyu said coming in the room again. I let go immediately and stepped aside as Woohyun walked by me with a groggy "yes hyung" . "I got Sungyeol and Myungsoo to sleep too," Sunggyu said talking to me. "Yeolie...he burn all the fried rice again..." he chuckled tiredly. "Good night"

"Night" I told him and smiled shyly. He smiled back with his eye smile.


The next night we were all chilling when Woohyun came in grinning. "I don't want to know what you are thinking about..." Sunggyu commented when he saw his expression. 

"Hyung that was jiyoung from Big Bang...he just invited us to a party"

"A party? Can we go?" Sungjong pouted. Sunggyu shook his head. 

"We can't afford to go out until our promotions are over"

"But we haven't even started...does that mean we have to be locked in our dorm for two months?!" Dongwoo proclaimed. 

"Come on Hyung, it's just one party" Woohyun asked. "What if Millie came with us?"

"Huh?" I said looking up from my phone. 

"She can watch over us, make sure we don't get into trouble" Woohyun added.

"I'm not in agreement here-" I started.

"I will buy you a choco taco" Woohyun interrupted me. 

"Okay, we are going to a party!" I said standing up.


All of got dressed and headed to the party in two taxi's. Apperently it was a welcoming party for a foreign girl that moved to a new apartment. Woohyun told me that there was going to be a lot of foreigners there, along with idols so I shouldn't feel too out of place. 

Inside there was already a lot of people; I got to meet the host, May and her fun friend G, Jonna and Zsuzsi and a lot of idols. A couple minutes into the party, the boys split and I was not too happy that some of them went towards the drinks but Sunggyu and I had both agreed not to drink in order to make sure we get all the members back safely. I wonder how these guys were when they were drunk?

Since I was stuck with water, I drank a lot of it. Especially since I was nervous. After a hour in I really had to make a trip to the bathroom so I fumbled my way around trying to find the necessary room. Of course I finally did find when a crowd of people had formed around the door; apparently two people got stuck in there. Aish! I really needed to pee...

Luckily we were able to go up to Jaeseop's apartment. I thought Dongwoo was kidding when he said it was Jaeseop as in AJ from U-Kiss, but when he opened the door I nearly fainted right there. I was a huge U-Kiss fan, just as much as I loved Infinite.

But I couldn't fangirl properly since other matters were becoming urgent. After all of us were done invading the poor boy's apartment I thanked him and went to find Woohyun. He was obviously drunk, poking at a random spot on the wall, laughing like it was the greatest thing in the world. "Come on oppa" I said trying to pull on his hand. "We should head back now. Jeez, how much did you drink?" I said as I caught a heavy whiff of alcohol on him. He stumbled as he tried walking straight and hit the bookcase behind him. I heard the twinkle of glass breaking and gasp when I saw a perfume bottle on the ground. 

"It smells funny..." Woohyun slurred, waving away the perfume smell from his face with another giggle. Now he smelled like a terrible combination of the sweet perfume and heavy alcohol. I needed to get him out of the building and into fresh air. Hopefully that would sober him up a bit.

He leaned on me a lot in the elevator down to the lobby. By the time we got to the first floor, I was practically carrying him out. "What did I ever do to deserve this?" I mumbled to no one. I got him to a bench outside the building and plopped down next to him. I patted his back as he let his head fall, slouching on the bench. "Woohyun, do you remember the room number of the party?" I suddenly asked. He shook his head no. "Ok, do you have your cell so I can call Sunggyu oppa?" I asked. But he shook his head again. I sighed, realizing that we were stuck outside until the other members decided to get out. 

I was bored so I got up, pacing as well since I was cold. Woohyun was beginning to sleep, curled up like a little kid. Even though we were stuck in this predicament, I couldn't be mad at him when he looked so cute and innocent. I kicked around a can I found on the ground, amusing myself with the simple game. at one point I started kicking it around harder. 

I heard somebody swear as I realized I had kicked it towards them and it hit them in the shin. "Omo! I'm so sorry" I said going up to them. I hadn't even seen them walking up to the entrance. 

"It's alright" he said. "You just mostly surprised me" he said. 

I bowed again apologizing when the figure stepped into the light to head inside and I gasped at who it was. He heard me and turned around to me once again. "I...well...I..." but I couldn't get the words out. 

"Do you need something?" he asked, looking concerned at my shocked expression. 

"No I...I'm just waiting out here" 

"But it's freezing, shouldn't you be waiting inside?" he replied.

"Oh well...yeah...but I don't remember which room I'm in. See I came to a party but I can't remember..." I said blushing furiously. I hope he couldn't see me in this mess. 

"Oh well, I'm sorry about that" he said chuckling. "Wait, are you talking about May's party?" he suddenly said.

"Yes! That's it!" 

"Oh, well I know where her apartment is. I was just going to return my friend's i-pod that I borrowed, and he lives in the same apartment..."

"You mean AJ right?" I said without thinking.

"Right..." he said looking at me weirdly, but then smiled. "Wait, do you recognize me?" he asked. I nodded, to afraid to say anything. "Oh, most people don't" he said chuckling. Suddenly I felt a arm around me. 

"Milllllliiiiieeeee......" Woohyun said pouting. "Where did you go?" he complained.

"Right here" I said annoyed at his timing. He noticed that I was talking to someone else. 

"You!" He said pointing a finger. "Go away!" he said waving at him limply. 

"Woohyun, he is not bugging me or anything. He is actually helping..." but he wouldn't let me explain.

"Shush..." he said whispering in my ear. "I know how to get rid of these perverts..."

"Woohyun" I muttered trying to get him off of me. 

"Are you bothering my girlfriend? Leave before I call the cops!" he yelled out angrily. 


"Ok, I'm going to..." the guy said heading inside the apartment. 

"Woohyun!" I said pushing him away. 

"What? I made him go away" he said smiling at his accomplishment. 

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