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Chapter 5: Aren't I cute?

"Dorm Meeting" I announced getting in the living room first. Behind me, Sunggyu and Sungyeol were trying to hold up Woohyun (who would erratically alternate between slumping into a sleep and trying to get out of their grip to dance the waltz). When I finally had the boys all seated on the couch in front of me, I began to pace dramatically in front of them. "Boys, I am not going to go out with you guys if you go drinking...nope, never again" I announced to the Infinite boys.

"What? But noona" Sungjong began complaining. 

"Maknae why are you complaining? You can't even drink yet" Myungsoo said entering the living room. 

"But Camila...." Dongwoo whined. "We weren't bad, we were just having a little fun..."

"So much fun that you didn't notice that Woohyun and I never returned UNTIL THREE HOURS LATER" 

"We said we were sorry" Dongwoo pouted. I felt a little bit bad that I had yelled at him so I went over and ruffled his fluffy hair. "No Dongwoo, it's not your fault" I said calmly. Then pointed a finger at the giggling Woohyun on the opposite side of the room. "It's his" I said narrowing my eyes. 

"Well when Woohyun drinks...he gets a bit...excited?" Hoya said trying to explain. I threw him a glare. "But it's all harmless" 


"What noona?" Sungjong asked quietly.

"He said..."

"What Camila? What did he do?" Sunggyu asked impatiently.

"He said I was his girlfriend" I finally replied. There was a moment of silence (minus Woohyun's giggles that had ceased to stop) before all the boys burst out into laughter. "Guys this is not funny!" I said stamping my foot like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

"Is that why your mad?" Sungyeol said whipping away the tears of laughter. "Oh don't be, Woohyun calls every female his girlfriend...he is cheesy like that" 

"But he did it in front of...oh nevermind" I muttered, and stomped off to my cot in the corner. 

"Tonight was so much fun!" Woohyun said happily.


(Next Day)

"Last night was not fun at all" Woohyun said groaning as he laid his head on the table. Sunggyu laid down a bowl of hangover soup next to the boy softly to not increase his pounding headache. "Why are the rest of you guys not suffering like me?" he pouted. 

"Because we didn't have as much "fun" as you did" Hoya smirked. "Really hyung? You had to get yourself that drunk? Do you even remember anything?"

"Ummm...kind of....oh hi Camila..." Woohyun said greeting me at the door but I just threw him a look and walked into the kitchen to pour myself a bowl of cereal. "What did I do last night..." he whispered over to Sungyeol who was sitting next to him.

"Apperently you told people that Camila was your girlfriend" he explained. 

"Huh? I did?" he still confused. 

"She was really mad at you last night" Sungjong added. 

"Oh noona! Don't be mad at me" Woohyun said smiling. I picked up my spoon and marched over to the table. 

"Don't call me noona, you are several years older than me" I simply said.

"But sungjong can call you noona! And he is one year older than you" 

"That's because Sungjong is it is acceptable" 

"But I'm cute too? Aren't I?" he said pouting dramatically, giving me a aegyo full expression. Instead of responding (with yes) I stuffed my mouth with a spoonful of cereal and said nothing. "I'm am! I am!" he cheered.

"I didn't say yes" I protested.

"But you didn't say no" Hoya added cheekily.

"Watch it, I'm doing your laundry today...I can change all your clothes to pink" I warned. 

"Woohyun you're not cute" Hoya said changing his answer.

"I so am" he pouted. I got up to put my bowl away in the sink when I felt arms wrap around my waist. "I'm cute, no?" he resting his chin on my shoulder. 

"Yes, yes, alright you're cute" I said pushing him off. "But you still can't call me noona....nor tell other people stuff that isn't me being your girlfriend" 

"She is right you know," Sunggyu said entering the room again. "We can't have rumors like that spreading"

"Okay" Woohyun acknowledged, getting serious for once.


I was home alone with Sungjong, Hoya and Dongwoo. Sunggyu and Woohyun had stayed for an extra hour of thier vocal practice. L and Sungyeol had gone out to do some quick shopping for dinner tonight, so I was left with the other three members. Dongwoo had fallen asleep as soon as he came home, Hoya was taking a shower, and Sungjong was in his room. I was walking through the wall when I suddenly smacked my left hand carelessly against one of the door frames. Sungjong came running out when he heard the sound and saw me clutching my hand. "Noona! are you okay?" he asked, checking my hand.

"It's fine's just bruised" I explained.

"No, let's get the first aid kit" he insisted, grabbing onto the hand that wasn't injured.

"Why...there are no broken blood..." but my words went unheard. He made me sit down at the table and rumaged through the cabinets for the first aid kit. Finally he came back with the medium sized box and started going through all the things until he found an ointment, and started rubbing the warm gel on the back of my hand. 

"So it won't hurt as much" he explained. I looked at him curiously, like I was seeing him for the first time.

"Sungjongie, I hope you won't get offended if I tell you this...but this is first time I've seen you act manly" I said, blushing after I realized what I had just said. 

He smiled, and pushed back the bangs from his forehead. "Do I noona?" he said happily. "See I can be manly too, and pretty" he said winking. 

"And adorable" I added, patting his shoulder as a thanks. 

"We're home!" Sungyeol loudly announced, entering with two bags of groceries. Myungsoo followed behind, still on his crutches. 

"Do you get the onions?" I asked.

"Of course I did" Sungyeol said smiling brightly. "I got everything on the list" 

"So did you get the green peppers as well?" 

"Yes, they are right here" 

"And the black pepper?"

"Yes, you have such little faith in me..." he mumbled pretending to be hurt.

"And also the sesame oil?" 




"It's okay" I said patting his back. He looked so tired and had gotten everything else on the list so I wasn't too mad at him.

"Do you want us to go back?" Myungsoo asked. But boys were already tired so I shook my head.

"It's fine, I'll just run down really quickly and buy. I'll be back in a little bit" I said grabbing my jacket.


Oh, I also picked the ulzzang Hong Young Gi as my "character". I had to pick someone Asian, since I look Asian and it would be weird for my character to be white or even Hispanic like I was originally thinking. And I didn't want to use an idol or actress so....uzzlang it is! And the first person that came to mind was Young Gi because she is short like me and gives off the whole "cute younger sister" feel that may character plays. (But also someone who can be bossy and in charge^^) 

What do you guys think? Is this a good pick or is this someone better in mind?
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