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I love that picture of Dongwoo <3 He looks so attractive to me *.* And Hoya looks very manly

(Sorry Kiseop...don't worry I love you too!)


Chapter 6: Trying to act Cool

"Where's Camila?" Hoya asked, shaking off his wet hair with a small hand towel. 

"Oh, she went to go pick up some sesame oil" Sungyeol replied. 

"At this time?" Hoya asked, looking at the time on his cell. 

"Yeah, but it's only around the corner" 

"Still doesn't matter" Hoya remarked back. But he saw that Sungyeol was really tired, about to drop dead, so he didn't push it further. "It's okay, I'll go find her" he announced before grabbing his hoodie.


"La La...La Di Da....nom nom nom..." I said making random sound effects as I walked along the street. It was already dark, and there wasn't a soul in site. I followed the line on the pavement, like a child does to walk straight when I suddenly bumped into someone. Two older men were suddenly in front of me, I had not even heard them appear. "Oh sorry" I said bowing to the first man that I had bumped into then turned to walk around them. 

"Wait, where are you going?" he said grabbing my arm. I instantly froze, and shook my arm away from him like his touch burned me. 

"I'm...just..." I said stammering. 

"Come with us, we are just going to get another drink" the second man said taking a step towards me. "Besides it's cold out here, don't you want to get inside, warm up with us?" 

"It's okay, thank you for the offer" I said trying to be polite, even though all I wanted to do was scowl and hit them. "But I have to go"

"Oh come on, have some fun" the first guy said approaching me as well. I suddenly became nervous at the scenario and quickly argued in my head what would be more effective, screaming for help or running away, when suddenly I felt an arm around my waist. I flinched and tried to get away but the grip tightened. I looked up and stopped fidgeting when I saw it was Hoya. 

"She's busy" was all he said before he pulled me away back towards the dorm. He kept a tight grip around my waist until we turned around the corner and saw that the guys were walking away. 

"Hoya...Hoya, you can let go" I said quietly. 

"Oh, sorry" he said when he realized how hard his was holding on. 

"Shouldn't we go back, now that their gone?" I asked. "I still need to buy..."

"Forget it" he grumbled. "You shouldn't have been out here in the first place. Next time bring one of the members"

"But they were all so tired...okay" I said giving in when I saw his fierce look that let me know it wasn't a negotiable matter. "And thank you as well"

"Your welcome" he said grinning. "I was cool, wasn't I?" he said jokingly. 

"She's busy" I said mocking his tone. "Yeah, you were a bit"

"Only a little bit" he remarked pretending to frown. "Fine then," he huffed and stuffed his hands in his jacket walking faster. 

"Hey!" I said running up to catch him. 


"Omo! I can't believe I'm back stage of Inkigayo" I thought in my head excitedly. I was surprised when the boys had invited me to come to their comeback stage, but I quickly accepted. The inner fangirl in me was dying to scream out and jump up and down in excitement when I saw some K-pop groups idols walking past us in the hallway, trying to get to their dressing room areas or change into their stage outfits.

But with all the stylists trying to grab at the boys all at once, the Infinite dressing room became a hectic mess. To avoid getting trampled, I stood by the doorway, just watching silently. But then I was finally pushed out of the room, and was watching from the outside in. 

I looked around in the hallway when I noticed the room right across from us had their door slightly open. I suddenly went completely excited when I saw the sign that said "U-Kiss" on the door. Maybe I could catch a peek?

I moved over slightly and started peering in when I saw no one was running around the hallway. I saw someone walk by and then noticed someone else was at the mirror, fixing his hair. I nearly stopped was Kiseop. 

He was fixing this little strand of hair that refused to go down. His frowned and became fixated on the piece of hair and I just watched him, getting slightly closer to their door. 

"Your staring" he suddenly said. Wait? Was he talking to me, he was still fixing his hair. "I don't have to look to know somebody is there at the door" he smiled, finally looking up at me through the mirror. I instantly became red, and started thinking about an excuse to explain the weird behavior. "It's fine, come in" I walked in hesitantly, looking around to see that none of the other members were there. 

"Are you a fan?" he asked politely. "You don't really look like your work here" he noted.

"Oh no I don't" I instantly answered. "And umm...yes I'm a fan, especially your fan" 

"Oh, well thank you" he said. "Usually the fans I encounter or Dongho's or Kevin's". So it looked like he didn't remember me from the week before.

"Where are the other members?" I asked, looking around at the empty room. 

"Oh they went to eat something really quick, we don't go on until later in the we have more time" 

"Oh umm...if you don't you think I could get a picture-"

"CAMILA!!!!!" I heard my name being yelled, I flinched at the loudness of it. 

"Did you want to take a picture with me?" he asked.

"Oh yes, If you don't mind-"


"Looks like they are trying to find someone" Kiseop said chuckling. Suddenly Dongwoo appeared at the door, the screaming person himself. 

"Camila!" he said latching on to me. "Where were you? You suddenly disappeared!" he said like a child. 

"Oh umm Dongwoo...I was just next door" I said trying to get his grip of my arm, which was starting to hurt. 

"Oh wait! I thought you looked familiar" Kiseop suddenly said. "You're Infinite Woohyun's girlfriend" 

"Oh about that-"

"She is" Dongwoo declared.

"Dongwoo!" I said in complete shock. 

"Come on Camila....we have to go" he said suddenly serious and pulled me up. 

"But I..." I tried saying but he already pulled me out of U-Kiss's dressing room, without even letting me say good-bye to Kiseop.
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