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So I decided to take a break from confusing all my readers, and I made a slightly ridiculous chapter. But I had a lot of fun writing it either way, so I hope you guys enjoy it. 


Chapter 7: Infinite Family Court

"Order! Order in the court!" 

"Sunggyu, none of us were speaking..." L pointed out. 

"I know, I just always wanted to say that" Sunggyu laughed, but then noticed all our glares and cleared his throat, banging the wooden spoon on the table again. "The Infinite Family Court shall now open. We have the this case brought to us by Camila, aka Millie, honorary Infinite family member, and she is going to be represented by Sungyeol" Sunggyu announced. "And the defendant is Dongwoo, who will be represented by Woohyun. And our jury members are Sungjong, L and Hoya".

"Can I just address my case?" I asked.

"Oh um sure...Camila you may now approach the bench" Sunggyu announced hitting his wooden spoon again. I rolled my eyes but approached the "bench" and turned around to face the three solo guys all sitting on the couch. 

"My story is simple as this...first Woohyun while intoxicated told others that I was his girlfriend, which is not true. Then yesterday Dongwoo-"

"You mean the defendant?" Sunggyu corrected me. I turned around to glare at him and he responded with bowing his head with a sheepish look in return. 

"...Yes, the defendant then repeated the same lie, when he knew it wasn't true, to others once again even after I tried to correct the first wrong doing" I finished. "They should be punished accordingly and sworn to never tell that lie once again" I added, glaring at the two. Dongwoo just squirmed around in his seat on the other side of the room but Woohyun stood up and walked confidently to Sunggyu. 

"May I now tell my client's story in rebuttal?" Sunggyu nodded and Woohyun walked up in front of me now facing the jury. "Gentlemen of the jury" he said with a flourish of his hand. "True my client is guilty of the wrongs that have been brought forward to the jury, but what stands still is the circumstances of the scenario. My client was not doing these actions to be malicious...he was trying to save our group!" he responded dramatically. 

"Sungyeol" I hissed, nudging him in the ribs. "Be my lawyer and defend me" 

"Oh right, right" he said standing up. "Gentlemen of the jury-"

"I wasn't finished yet" Woohyun said coldly.

"Oh right...sorry hyung" Sungyeol said and sat back down meekly. 

"Yeolie" I complained, letting my head drop. 

But Woohyun jumped back into action, as if the small distraction never occurred. "What position does Camila have in our group, she is not a singer, or dancer, or rapper...but she is our English teacher! We can't not lose her to any opposing group! Idol group U-Kiss was attempting to steal our teacher!" 

"Now that's ridiculous" I said standing up. 

"Camila, wait until he is finished for a cross examination" Sunggyu said holding his hand up. 

"Thank you hyung" Woohyun said waiting until I sat down. "Now, what Camila has failed to mention is that the night of my little...mistake, she was talking to Kiseop from U-Kiss. It was him who I told that Camila was my girlfriend. And yesterday, Camila was talking to...Kiseop once again when Dongwoo interrupted their conversation and decided to remind Kiseop that Camila was my "girlfriend". Dongwoo only said such a thing in order to protect Camila, to make sure the opposition did not make a move on her and steal her away from us. I don't think any punishment is needed for such a heroic act" he concluded. 

"Noona" Sungjong said pouting. "You would really leave us for U-Kiss?" 

"No sungjongie, that's not true. Woohyun here is just making up bullshit" 

"I'll save my response for my cross-examination" Woohyun said simply waving me away. Now it was Sungyeol's turn to ask Dongwoo questions. He paced foward, attempting to mimic Wohyun's lawyer act. 

"Dongwoo," he began. "Is it true that Camila was talking to Lee Kiseop?"


"And what exactly where they talking about?"

"I don't know"

"You don't know?"

"No, I couldn't hear their conversations, but I saw them talking together when I went looking for her" 

"So then how do you know that Kiseop was trying to "take her" away, they could have been talking about the weather" 


"It's ok, you don't need to answer" Sungyeol said with a slight grin. "Now for my last question, why did you think that Camila was going to be stolen by U-Kiss?"

"Because...because Woohyun mentioned the other day that groups are competitive now, in all aspect, including being able to communicate in other languages. So if they saw the opportunity, they would have done it" 

"But Dongwoo... U-Kiss has two american born members, Eli and Kevin, as well as AJ who has studied English. Any one of those members could help the others, there is no need for them to have a teacher" Sunyeol responded. There was a silence among us all until Sungyeol said "that is all" and excused himself. 

"Woohyun it is now your turn to ask Camila your questions" Sunggyu said breaking the silence. Dongwoo and I traded places, and I impatiently waited to face down that "Silver tongue" Woohyun.

"So Camila, is it not more of a mere coincidence...that you and Kiseop have met TWICE already?"

"It is just a coincidence" I said crossing my arms. 

"Can you admit that you two were acting friendly with each other?"

"No, but we were polite. That was only the first and second time I have ever met him" 

"What do you think of the idea that Kiseop would be trying to steal you away for U-Kiss?" 

"Well I think that's ridiculous and incorrect" I stated. "It's already been proven that there is no reason why they would need me"

"But would you go willingly?"


"Would your undying love of Kiseop convince you to change groups?"

"I never said I was in love with him" I quickly countered back. 

"Exhibit A!" Woohyun cried out and pulled out my laptop. 


"Shhh I'm talking," he whispered. "Here we have the history of your youtube videos, you watched U-Kiss's "Believe" Music video 50 TIMES!" 

"...Well I just really like that song"

"Exhibit B!" Woohyun said closing the page. He gasped, "What is this?" and showed everyone my wallpaper which was a picture of Kiseop showing off his abs. 

I groaned. "Really Woohyun? I'm his fan that's all"

"This is treason! There should be a picture of us!" 

"Noona, you don't like us anymore?" Sungjong asked quietly from the side.

"No no no" I said quickly correcting him. "Of course I don't dislike you"

"No more questions" Woohyun said proudly and walked back to Dongwoo. 


" decision now is still the same as my decision before..."

"Then why did you make us re-enact a crime drama?" Myungsoo muttered. 

"Because that was fun" Sunggyu said grinning loudly. "Anyways," he said turning to me. "I don't think they need to be punished, they can just say they are sorry right? And Dongwoo, you know have the time he is a genius or an idiot...this time he was the latter".

"Fine" I grumbled. I looked at Dongwoo. 

"Sorry" he said quietly. 

I looked towards Woohyun. "What? I'm not on trial..." Which just led me to stomp off to my room yelling that I would get my revenge.


And I WAS able to get my revenge.

The following day, I entered the dorm. The boys should be coming back from their morning radio show at this time with take out for lunch. I walked through the hallway when I heard a door open. "Hey guys, are you back yet with lunch? Can one of you come help me out?" I heard him yell. Without saying a word, I went to where his voice was coming from the bathroom. He had his head poked out and tried hiding behind the door when he saw me. "What are you doing here?" he said panicking. 

"I got home before the others" I said grinning. "They should be here soon. Are you having a problem?" I said patronizing. 

"" he said stubbornly. 

"You sure? Ok" I said staring to walk away.

"Wait no!" I stopped and turned around with an evil expression. "I...I just took a shower" 


"Never mind" he muttered.

"Did you forget a towel?" I said laughing. He didn't say anything more, which just caused me to laugh more. Suddenly I heard the door open and the noise of hungry boys appeared. 

"Just hurry up and get me one" he hissed quickly. 

"Nope" I said inspecting my nails. "Don't feel like it" 

"Is this your revenge?"

"Nope, this is" I said grinning again. "BOYS COME HERE!" All the boys piled in with the food and started laughing as well because they understood the situation. 

"Woohyun, are you cold?" Hoya teased.

"Having fun in there?" Sungyeol said sticking out this tongue.

"I hate you all" he said glaring at us. "Now get me a towel...please" 

But nobody got him a towel. We sat and had a picnic with fried chicken right outside the bathroom while Woohyun complained and yelled at us for being cold and hungry, and that this was the worse form of torture. We all ignored him and continued, laughing and making jokes. That day ended up being one of my favorite memories with the boys.


(The Next Day) 

"Noona, I would run" Sungyeol said as I tried exiting the bathroom. 

"Huh? What for? What did you guys do?" I said snapping at the last part. 

"Nothing I swear!" Sungyeol said looking behind him. "But I think Myungsoo is in trouble" he whispered.

"What could he have done? He just got off his crutches a little while ago" I responded. Besides he is actually the only boy I can depend to not do anything crazy or dangerous. 

"Oh he upset the little rocker girl..." 


*ding dong* 


I heard a smack and soon went outside with the others boys to see Jenny trying to beat up Myungsoo with a wooden bat. "Aish, what did he do?" I thought annoyed. 

 "That was beautiful, just really beautiful." Sungyeol said, pretending to wipe a tear from his eye. "It was Rooftop Prince colliding with Boys Over Flowers with a touch of Shut Up Flower Boy Band. Best drama ever, really." 
"W-wha...yah! I don't like him!" Little rocker girl yelled embarrassedly, running out of the dorm with a huff. 

"Yah!" I yelled smacking Sungyeol's arm. "Be nice or she is going to be coming back for your head...except with a stronger, metal bat" I said hitting him again. I looked over to see Myungsoo pick up the bat, inspecting it. "Myungsoo...Myungsoo!" I yelled.

"Huh?" he said distracted. I could guess who he was thinking about. 

"You better go, don't stand her up again" 

"Yes, have fun on your date-NO! GET AWAY FROM ME! PUT DOWN THAT BAT!"


@jenny-ism : I hope you don't mind that I used your part from your story in the ending. 

I love all your comments, they make me laugh so much so keep them coming! ^^ I'm curious on what you girls think.
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