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Yay! Another update ^.^ Though it's not too impressive, I hope you guys will enjoy this update none the less :) 

Working hard to see if I can get another update in the next 24 hours. 


Chapter 8: Time to get to work

"What is taking her so long?" Hoya muttered. I chuckled to myself as I finished changing in the bathroom. All the boys were outside, waiting for me so that we could go get something refreshing. The air conditioner had decided to play mutiny on us so all; forcing us to sweat in the miserable humidity of a blaring Seoul summer afternoon.

"I'm melting...." Sungyeol whined. I could only imagine him crawling around on the tile floor in the kitchen while complaining. 

" mini fan ran out of batteries! What do I do???" Sungjong said in hysterics. 

"I'm going insane...I really am" the poor leader said sighing. 

"I'm not in the heat" Dongwoo chanted. "I'm in a ice cube...a giant pool...swimming with penguins...and life-size coca-cola bottles..." Oh dear, I'm kind of worried about that boy...

Then there was silence. "...It's hot" Myungsoo finally said, speaking up to break the silence of complaining. 

"No duh Sherlock" Woohyun remarked back. "Hyung, can't we know..."

"No" I heard Sunggyu's voice say sternly. "We can't do those kinds of things anymore"

"But hyung!" This time it was Sungyeol's voice. "I'm sure she won't mind..."

"We are going to be gentlemen, it is proper behavior" 

"But we always went around shirtless...sometimes even pantless" Dongwoo answered back. I gasped, nearly dropping my phone in the toilet. I quickly exited out just as Woohyun was grabbing the hem to lift up his shirt, and Hoya was slipping his shirt back on in a split second. 

"Please don't tell me you guys would go around walking naked?" I laughed teasingly. But I was met with silence. "WHAT?!" I shrieked. "REALLY?!"

"Can we just go..." Myungsoo said impatiently. 

"You guys can't...can't do that stuff around me!" I reminded them, giving them all looks.

"Yes, we know" Woohyun grumbled. "We realized that after a girl started living with us" I stuck out my tongue at him and headed for the door instead. "Or maybe we should...just to freak her out.."

"I heard that! Don't even think about it!"

Though, I wouldn't have minded too much...

When we came back from our fruit smoothies, we were all surprised to see the manager sitting in the living room. 

"Manager-hyung!" Sunggyu said greeting him. "We weren't expecting you till tomorrow night..." he motioned for the others to quickly clean. 

"It's alright. I already saw that your rooms are a mess..." he said disapprovingly. Sungyeol and Sungjong quickly walked back to join us, with guilty expressions. "But I came about a different matter" he said suddenly growing serious.

"Is something wrong?" Dongwoo asked, his gummy smile disappearing. 

"Well yes, this is a matter about Camila" he said turning to me. "I'm afraid the company wants to let you go".

There was dead silence. I could only look around as everyone had set their eyes on me. I gulped, feeling suddenly dizzy but not from the heat. "...Why?" I asked. 

"The company feels that with the boys busy schedules...there will not be sufficient time to learn. And they have decided to direct their language attention to Japanese since they plan to expand in that market" he explained.

"So...noona has to leave?" Sungjong asked. He ran and gave me a hug. I hugged him back, despite the heat and ruffled his hair like I always did. 

"We are learning-"

"Are you?" the manager hyung said interuptting Woohyun. "You guys have not been practicing as much as you guys did before. I didn't realize how much of a distraction Camila could have on your work".

"No, but she has been helping us" Hoya explained. "She helps us in the morning"

"And cooks us breakfast"

"And she remembers all of your schedules" 

"But is she teaching you?" 

"I'm sorry" I said bowing to the manager. "It seems I have neglected my duties, it only makes sense that I am being let go" 

"No, but she has been working hard..." Sunggyu said looking worried at how the situation was turning. He threw me a sympathetic look but I only smiled (half-heartily) in return. 

"It's okay, maybe this is for the best" I remarked, though deep down I was extremely upset. 

"Wait, what if we could prove that Camila has been helping us with English?" Woohyun suddenly proclaimed. "The Hallyu Academy" 

"That's actually brilliant Woohyun hyung" Myungsoo admitted. 

"I'm not a idiot" Woohyun countered back upset. "But anyways, have you declined their offer hyung?" he asked the manager. "We could still participate in the broadcast with Camila as our "English teacher".

"Can that work?" Sungyeol asked. 

"Well..." the manager hyung said rubbing the back of his neck. 

"PLEASE MANAGER HYUNG!" sungjong said attaching himself to the manager's leg.


And that's how Sungjong stayed for another 2 hours. "I do have to admit, you are a good cook" the manager hyung said taking another sip of the miso soup for dinner. 

"But that was me-" Woohyun tried saying before Myungsoo elbowed him hard in the stomach. "I was all her" 

"I want some" Sungjong pouted. 

"Then come out" the manger hyung said looking down at the floor where Sungjong was still clinging to his leg like a five year old.

"Not until you say she can stay" he complained.

"Well I don't know if she can stay...but fine, I'll and get you guys on that show. But you guys better do well and get a lot of views" he warned.

"Thank you" I said gratefully. 


The following week I found myself on location with Woohyun, Dongwoo, Sungyeol and Myungsoo for the broadcast. I sat in the dressing room with all the other English speaking guests, nervously wringing my hands. I hated being recorded; I had total confidence with public speaking but if it was being filmed then no way. I would always just freeze and start panicking in my head. But I had to gather myself and do well, not only for me but for the boys as well. I had to make sure they were presented well for their fans. 

Which meant no hugs from Dongwoo, or messing with Sungjongie's hair. 

I didn't want anti-fans.

Those people scared the sh*t out of me. 

"Hey" I heard a whisper. I clutched my heart and took in a breath. 

"Dongwoo, don't scare me like that" I hissed, fixing my hair in the mirror. "Are you allowed to be in here?" I asked looking around. 

"U-Kiss is in here, and look...two members from EXO. I think I'm fine" he chuckled, inspecting his (weird) outfit in the mirror. "Oh yeah," he said fumbling with his pockets. "Here, from Sunggyu...and this one is from Sungjong...and here from Woohyun..."

"What is all of this?" I said taking the gifts he was launching at me. 

"Oh well the drink is from Sunggyu, he said it was suppose to calm the nerves...I mean we all noticed how nervous you were this morning," he rambled, trying to get my drink open. "And well, this is a chocolate from Sungjong...oh and well, you can guess who that is from" he said laughing at the picture in my hand.

I frowned. "How is this suppose to help?" I asked, glaring. It was a signed picture of Woohyun throwing a heart to the camera, taken from the internet. 

"I don't know, " Dongwoo shrugged. I sighed and handed the picture back to him. "Well tell them thanks" I said gratefully. Inside I was all happy that the boys cared about me that much. 

"Sure, no problem...oh Camila" Dongwoo said.

"Yes?" I was nearly crushed as he gave me a huge hug. "Ya! You're going to suffocate me! Pabo!" I said smacking him in the back. 

"Fightning!" he said giving his gummy smile and ran off. 

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