I don't know... xD

Yixing's POV
- Hey, why are you crying? - I stepped in the girls's house and found Zsuzsi on the couch with tears on her face. I quickly ran to her but she just pushed me aside.
- You are blocking the screen - she sniffed and pointed at her computer on the table. I turned to it and grimaced.
- Rooftop prince? Are you really crying because of it? - I put my hands on my hips and tapped with my foot. - We should prepare for the dinner. Kris and Jameel are coming soon.
- Just ten more minutes - she looked up at me with teary puppy eyes...and I lost.
- Okay - I kissed her quickly and walked to the kitchen...and of course blocked the screen with my body until she pushed me away.

After ten minutes she really did join to help, still sobbing. I just hugged her while she mumbled something like: "Do you know how sad it was? And its not even the last episode! I'll cry my eyes out...I hope you will never disappear!" I just looked at her a bit confused then kissed her. How could I disappeared and leave her? Its not possible!

Half an hour later we were done with the preparations, we brought out the food to the table and wait. Kris was the first who appeared.

- Ayo bit*chy face - Zsuzsi greeted him with a smirk.
- I am not in a good mood Mrs Zhang - he replied and sat down. - I am getting tired of hearing that Jameel is my girlfriend!
- Why? - she asked. - She is a cute girl.
- Uhm...yeah - he nodded. - But why did she say we are dating?
- She didn't actually say... - I joined to their talk.
- But she didn't deny it either! - Kris exclaimed.
- And you? Why did you not explain it to the boys? - Zsuzsi asked curiously.
- I tried! - leader actually shouted. - But nobody believes me!
- Maybe because they can't believe you are not interested in her - she wiggled her eyebrows and I started to worry about her. She was the only person who could talk to Kris so freely - neither of us have the gut to do the same -, and he usually was okay with it but now...I was not sure about it.
- Can you help me a bit? - I smiled at her. 
- In what?
- Just help me - I pulled her with me.

- What is it? - she looked at me curiously as we were in the kitchen.
- I think you should let him alone. He knows what he wants okay? Actually I think this double date was kind of a stupid idea.
- Stupid? Thanks to say that my idea was stupid... - she rolled her eyes and grimaced. Great! She was mad at me! 
- Sorry, okay? - I cupped her face and kissed her nose. She just pouted like a five years old. - I just don't think its okay to force him.
- I don't force him, I am just trying to help! He already hurt so many girls, so many nice girls! Just remember what happened with Jia!
- I know but Kris is like this...
- But I don't want Jameel to get hurt. She looks really nice and fragile so if he dares to hurt her I am really going to kill him! - Zsuzsi looked into my eyes and I knew she was not kidding. Sometimes she acted like a mother tiger and it was kind of scary, yet I loved this side of her.
- Okay, we will see! Anyways what about Jia? Did you tell it to her?
- No! She will be out tonight so...

Just when we walked back to Kris Zsuzsi's phone rang. It was Jameel, so she walked down to let her in. When they came back Jameel bowed politely to us, she looked really nervous. We all sat down and that awkward silence just came like I expected. Zsuzsi tried to talk and ask questions but Kris just sat there and nodded or just looked at with that typical "Kris face". And Jameel...she was really really really nervous!


It was pain to watch them as they just sat with us awkwardly. I tried my best to make it less painful but it was useless. I felt that Kris actually punished me! He stayed silent in purpose!

- Hey baby I am back! - I heard Jia's voice and I froze. She shouldn't come home tonight!

I got up quickly and ran to the stairs trying to block her or something but it was too late. She stood at the top of the stairs and looked at Kris then Jameel. 

- What the f*uck is going on? - she murmured angrily.
- Jia I am sorry its just...
- Double date, am I right? You should have told me so I really wouldn't come back tonight.
- I just didn't want to hurt you!
- Because its better like this?

She was right...I messed up this really badly. Now not only Kris was mad at me but Jia too! And if Kris hurts Jameel then she will be mad at me either!

- I am leaving now, call me when there's only you - Jia said to me then turned around and left. 
- Jia wait!

I ran after her but she was always so damn fast! I could see her like 100m ahead of me and I could only shout her to stop. After a while when I was about to give up - my stamina is no comment - she finally stopped and turned around. I jogged to her.

- Can't you just forget for this awful person? - I talked. - I know I always just mess up things, okay?
- You should stop being a Cupido or like Mother Theresa! Just focus on your freaking perfect relationship! - she said but the way she said...
- What are you talking about?
- I just say that you should be happy to have a perfect boyfriend and a perfect relationship and stop involving yourself in others stuff!
- What? What do you say? Perfect relationship? Do you really think my relationship is perfect? - I shouted back angrily.
- Yes! That's why you should stop because it makes everything worse!
- I really don't get you - I shook my head confused. - Yes, Yixing is perfect! I can't deny it but our relationship? Do you think is it perfect hiding from fans, meeting only at night, talking only on phone when he is in other countries? Having haters just because I am happy? Do you really think its perfect? 
- But still you have him! And when you are with him its perfect! Sometimes I want to vomit how perfect you two are together! - Jia shouted into my face.
- I...I... what should I say?
- Nothing - she shook her head then reached toward my faces. She wiped away something...tears? Did I really start to cry? - Don't cry please! I didn't mean to say these things like this I am just... - she sighed then hugged me. - I know you only want the best for everybody but you can't do anything sometimes. Just let thing happening on their own way, okay? 
- Okay - I nodded. 
- Let's go and eat an ice-cream! I'll pay!
- But I should go back - I said. - I left Yixing alone with them.
- He will be okay. Come on!

She grabbed my hand and we went in the closest convenience store and sat down eating ice-cream. As we were sitting there I thought about what Jia said to me. She was actually right...I should stop being like this because I can't control happenings. And I could only hope the dinner would work out in a good way between Kris and Jameel...I was afraid something bad would happen.


I hope I didn't ruin anything Jameel, so you can write what happened at the date between you and Kris :D

And this story...idk...really xD I just wanted some drama I guess? xD Anyways Jia is not a bad friend she just still likes Kris somehow... :/
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Wrote 4 years ago
@hellounicorn i cant wait to read your story about the date!!!! :D

Wrote 4 years ago
I actually can perfectly understand Jia's feelings. Awesome story!

Wrote 4 years ago
Wow. I got nervous reading this lol. xD
And Jia omg. So unexpected!
And don't worry, you didn't ruin anything. You just got my ideas flowing. ^^

Wrote 4 years ago
wow, you really did bring the drama
I hope the "double date" turns out alright though :)



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