“Can someone just kill me right now? I can’t take this...”

“Shut up.” Sunhwa laughed at me fangirling over EXO’s latest pictures from the Taiwan airport. “You act like you’ve never seen someone eat ice cream before.”
“Well I’ve never seen KRIS eat ice cream before! He looks so ridiculously handsome. UGHH.”
“Oh my God!” Sunhwa exclaimed in English. “You’re getting cookie crumbs and drool all over your laptop!”
“Oops.” I wipe my mouth and Macbook. “Sorryyy.”
“You’ve practically dated this guy yet you still act like this..”
“I know, isn’t it weird? But we’re just friends now...”
“Friends?” Sunhwa said in disbelief. “When was the last time he texted you?”
“Uh.. well.. he hasn’t-”
“Last time he talked to you?”
“That double date...”
“He sure sounds like a great friend!” She said sarcastically.
“Well, he’s just really busy..”
“I guess.” Sunhwa got up from the bed we were laying on and ran to the kitchen to get more cookies.

I stared at my computer thinking about what Sunhwa said. He IS really busy but, wouldn’t he at least take the time to text me just once? I thought that since now Kris accepts me as a friend my life would be more interesting at the least. It just feels like nothing happened.

“Fine. I’ll text him myself.” I grabbed my phone.
“What are you doing?” Sunhwa came back with banana milk for herself and I.
“Texting Kris. I hope he will respond but I doubt it.”
“Tell him to hang out with you once he comes back to Korea! Oh and make sure you get ice cream so you can watch him eat it in real life. No, better yet, order one ice cream and share it!”
“What?” I laughed at Sunhwa’s ridiculous idea. “I’m not doing that!”

“Oh. he texted back.” I looked back at my phone minutes later.
“What did he say?”
“He said ‘sure’.”
We both instantly looked each other and smiled. Finally I’ve got a date!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Instead of sleeping off this jet lag from the plane ride here, I’m hanging out with you.” Kris said as I walked up to the street to meet him. He was dressed all mysteriously so he couldn’t get recognized from the public. Haha. I felt so special.

“Sorry. But since we’re friends we have to act like friends. And that means we have to hang out some time.”
“Fine. Let’s go get ice cream.” He said.
“Ya, keep your voice down.” Kris poked my shoulder. “I’m craving ice cream right now, is that a problem?”
“No...” I groaned. But now my fantasy will become a reality. I didn’t expect it to happen so suddenly! What’s this guy’s deal with ice cream these days anyways???

We walked to some random ice cream place. Kris kept his head down most of the time and told me to order him cherry.
“Yes. Um. Can I have one cherry and one peppermint please?” I felt nervous already.
When we got our ice cream we went back outside to a table with some shade.

Okay, seeing Kris eat ice cream wasn’t so bad. He was covered up with a hat and sunglasses so you couldn’t even tell it was him eating it.

“Ah, my head is hot.” Kris took off his hat.
“Ya, ya, ya. Are you crazy? Someone will see you!”
“Calm down. No one is over here.” He was right but still.. now I have a real clear view him eating ice cream. Was he eating so provocatively on purpose or something???

“What are you staring at?” Kris caught me.
“Nothing!” I turned away to hide my red face.

“Hey.” Kris said to break the awkward silence. “How does your ice cream taste anyway?”
“Um. Good.” I nodded my head.
“You got peppermint, right?”
“Can I taste it?”
“Taste.” Kris repeated in english. “Can I taste it?”
“I know what you said. I just.. um.. I’ve been licking this already...”
“Oh, are you sick?”
“Then let me try it!”
“Uh.. okay..” I mumbled. Kris grabbed the cone from my hand and omg he licked it.
“Mmm.” Kris smiled and I died a little inside. But oh, it didn’t stop there.

“Here, try mine.” Kris gave me his cone. When I tried it, it tasted like the best ice cream ever. And I’m serious when I say this. Or maybe it just tasted that way because it was Kris’s ice cream. Either way, I smiled and gave him a thumbs up. When I handed it back he casually took another taste. Wow man. Best indirect kiss ever.

“Ya, your ice cream is melting.” Kris pointed to my hand.
“Uhh, seriously?”
Kris immediately jumped to the situation with napkins in his hand. He started to wipe my hand while I licked up the drips on the cone.
“This is what happens when you don’t pay attention to your cone.” Kris scolded me like a mother.
“Well maybe if you would stop eating your ice cream so provocatively! Aish, it’s like an erotic ice cream CF when I’m next to you!”
Kris laughed at my comment. And I suddenly felt embarrassed for blurting that out loud...
“Jinjja? You think I can be in an ice cream CF?” Kris starts eating his ice cream again. Although this time he’s looking at me straight in the eyes!

“Aishhh. I’m leaving to wash my hands!” I leave Kris and head inside to use the restroom. I was tired of seeing him and his attractiveness. Well I wasn’t TIRED of it, I just couldn’t stand watching him without having the urge to kiss his face.

When I came back Kris had his hat on again and requested that I take him back home. I agreed to it. He has been feeling quite tired after all.

As we rode in the taxi I tried to close my eyes and NOT think about Kris eating ice cream. It was until I felt something hit my shoulder that I opened my eyes and came back to reality. It was Kris, and I think he just fell asleep on me. Should I wake him? Oh who am I kidding.. why would I ruin such a precious moment? I simply rested my head on his and slept till the taxi ride was over.
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