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So It's been awhile since I updated. I'm alright with this chapter (and please note i didn't edit this yet so there might be some errors), but there IS a Plot Twist at the end ;)


Chapter 10: New Position

"Okay, are we ready? Okay you two, go!" The PD said and signaled the camera. Dongwoo and I started walking along the market street, looking around at the different stalls. We were currently on our "date"-and the plan was to go shopping in a Flea Market. 

Dongwoo and I had a great time; our segment was probably really short and mostly filled of Dongwoo doing cute and silly things. And then I was awkwardly following behind him afraid of saying anything wrong. It didn't really feel like a date-in fact it didn't even really feel like I was hanging out with my friend. Not with ten cameras following my every mood. How do these boys go on these variety shows?

Before we cut, Dongwoo dragged me over to a small stall that was selling bead jewelry. "Pick any" he said. I stared at him for a moment. "Really?" I mouthed to him since I was facing away from the screens currently. 

He nodded and smiled at me. "I got money today"

I smiled and looked at the different bracelets hanging near me. "But I thought you said earlier you had no money. I bought you snacks and everything" I accused. He looked like he got caught stealing cookies out of a jar before dinner time by his mother. 

"Oh look at this one!" he said loudly, grabbing my wrist and attaching it. It was a very beautiful one, so I decided to ignore his lie and let him buy thsi one for me. 

The broadcasting ended smoothly and finally Dongwoo and I could go back to Seoul, and to our nice dorm. But as soon as we entered I could hear Sungyeol running around the rooms, babbling to fast for me to understand anything. The other boys were scrambling around nearly knocking me over as we entered the front door. "What's going on?" I yelled. 

"It's a code red. I REPEAT CODE RED!" Sungjong said in a not so manly tone. 

"Hurry up" Dongwoo said pushing me inside. "We have to help". Code Red, I quickly learned, was the nickname for stop-whatever-your-doing-and-help-clean-up-because-the-boss-is-coming.

I ran to the bathroom to first clean up, since from expeirence I already knew that was the messiest part of the dorm. "Where is Camila? She needs to change" I could hear Sunggyu yelling from another room. 

"Why?" Dongwoo asked. 

"Because manager hyung is bringing someone else, so we need to make her look pretty" Sungjong yelled back. 

"Yeah, she can't go around in sweats while they are here" Woohyun added. 

"I can too..." I muttered to myself, but sighed as I realized it wouldn't kill me to dress up (though it might just kill me to wear heels because I was trip and fall off a cliff...and die. Not good). I turned on the shower, and tried spraying around the edges of the tub when Woohyun came running in. 

"Oh there you are" he said quickly. "Come on, let's go" he said trying to usher me out. But then Dongwoo came in, followed by Sungyeol who were both trying to put away things in the cabinets. 

"No, she needs to finish this first. The dorm has to be spotless or manger hyung is going to yell at us again" Sungyeol corrected.

"You can do it, while she gets ready" Woohyun said trying to pull on my arm. 

but I jerked it out of his reach. "Stop, you almost made me spill water outside the tub. Then I'd make you clean it" I said poking him in the shoulder. 

"Come on," he said trying again. But Sungyeol held onto to my other arm, then Dongwoo came by trying to put a new bar of soap in the shower, and to top it off Woohyun tried grabbing my other arm. The chaotic mess ended with me suddenly shriecking and landing in the wet and half-filled shower cell after having been pulled or pushed in by one of the boys.

"Look what you did!" Sungyeol yelled, pointing at me as i sat there getting fully soaked in my normal clothes.

"You pushed her in, not me!" Woohyun retaliated. 

"What are you doing in there?" Dongwoo said looking down, confused. 

"Nothing Dongwoo" I stated sarcastically. "Just taking a swim" I said splashing the water next to me. 

"With clothes...?"

"Noona!" Sungjong shriecked when he saw me and pushed through both fighting boys, Sungyeol and Woohyun, to get to me. He pulled me up and handed me a towel from the rack. 

"Well see this works, now she can just take a shower and get ready-"

"WOOHYUN!" I yelled and nearly smacked him in the back of the head if it wasn't for Hoya that came out of nowhere and yanked most of the boys out of the way and out of the room. Sunggyu poked his head in and looked at me with a weird expression.

"You are...wet"

"Yes, yes I am" I said through gritted teeth. Then he burst out laughing and I threw my towel at him but it missed and hit the frame. I slammed the door shut and decided that since I was already wet I might as well go ahead and get ready.

Woohyun might have won this round but I was going to get my revenge.


"How was the rest of the broadcasting?" the manager hyung asked during dinner. We were all sitting around the coffee table in the living room on the carpet. The manager had brought along one of the representatives from the PR Team of the company, who was a quiet man just watching us without saying a word. 

"It went well" I answered. "Dongwoo helped me a lot during the filming". All the boys looked at me in surprise. "He also made a great date" I said smiling at him but then threw a glare at Woohyun. His attitude towards me changed instantly since he knew I was still pissed at him.

"What are you doing?" he whispered next to me. 

"Just talking about my day, that's all" I said faking innocence. 

"You're mad at me. Well I didn't push you, that was an accident" 

"You were mad at me all day for whatever why can't I be upset with you?" I hissed back. I smiled and jumped back into the main conversation with the other boys. 

"I hope Dongwoo treated you well during the "date" portion-but not too well or else we will have angry inspirits on our hands" the manager joked.

"Oh nothing like that" I reassured him. "But he was so sweet in buying me this" I said holding up my wrist, showing off the bracelet Dongwoo had bought me. He grinned and blushed slightly, causing the other boys to start teasing him of having a crush. Woohyun looked at me weridly. 

"He bought that for" he asked. 

"Yes" I answered simply. "It's pretty isn't it?"

He just nodded but didn't say anything for the rest of dinner. I felt a tad bit guilty since his behavior didn't seem like he was mad...but more like he was upset or sad. But what could have made him turn that way so quickly?


After dinner, the manager took me aside with the PR representative while he made the boys clean up and do the dishes. He still hadn't said anything but greet himself and had just been taking notes the entire time. It actually made me really nervous and anxious to have him there. "Well I figured you would want to know about the decision that was made a couple of hours ago" the manager said quietly. "While you and Dongwoo were still filming, we had a small meeting with some of the other members of the company".

"Yes, we discussed not only your position but the whole programe itself' the companion finally said speaking up. "and it's been decided that the English program will be terminated".

"What?" I said not beleiving it for a moment. The other boys had noticed the tense atmosphere that had entered and Sunggyu came around putting his arm around me comfortingly. "It's over?"

"Yes, the program is closed" the man continued dryly. "Along with your position, we will no longer be needing your services as Infinite's English Teacher".

"So, I really have to leave..." I said quietly. 

And that's when all hell broke loose. All the boys were yelling at once, trying to be heard.

"You can't make her leave!"

"That's not fair!"

"But we just did the broadcast today..."

"They haven't even seen it yet, how can they make a decision!"

"Calm down boys" the manager said trying to get them to settle down.

"but hyung," Sunggyu protested. "How can you let this happen?"

"I found a solution, but if you guys would just listen-'

"GUYS STOP TALKING!" I yelled. There was silence in which the two older men were just looking at me amazed. 

"Well, as i was saying," the manager said clearing his voicce. "I found a solution. Camila can no longer work as your English instructor...but she can become your manager".



i decided that since I basically act like a manager for these boys, I might as well become one of them in my story ^.^ 

What do you girls think? Comments?
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