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I decided to give you girls a bonus before I start the chapter. Just a little something extra I wrote. 


"TELL ME!" I yelled, pouting like a kid. 

"Is she still onto that?" Myungsoo asked, shaking his head as he continued looking at his phone. 

"Yep" Hoya sighed as I was still clinging onto his back, while he piggybacked me around the house trying to ignore my protests.

"What is she doing?" Sungyeol asked, sitting on the other side of Myungsoo. 

"Tell me hoya oppa!" I proclaimed again. 

"She started watching Reply 1997" Myungsoo explained.

"And?" Sungyeol asked, still confused. 

"HOYA OPPA TELL ME PLEASE!" I cried out again. 

"Well she caught up and now there are no new episodes" Myungsoo sighed. 

"So she wants me to tell her what's going to happen next" Hoya said. I hit him across the head. "Oh god, now she is getting violent" 

"She will tire out soon" Myungsoo said. 

"I think I might before she does..." Hoya complained. "You try carrying around a angry Camila"



And now onto the new update! Hope you girls enjoy! ^^ 


Chapter 11: Keeping it to the Bedroom

Today was my first day as Infinite's manager. 

however, it didn't seem to be different than any other day. 

"Boys, up! Get up!" I said loudly, going down the hall, knocking on all the doors. 

"Noona! Don't make me get up!" Sungjong whined, clinging to the bars of his bed. I had grabbed both of his ankles and tried dragging him out of bed but even as skinny as he is, he was still too big for me to get him out of the bed. He was a sweetheart 99% of the time. Except for the first five minutes of getting up and then he was like a cranky teenager. 

"I'll get him" Sunggyu said, walking in. I knew he was awake but his eyes were like slits, trying hard to stay open. "Sungjongie" he said and patted his butt. "You have to get up" he said kindly. 

"No" Sungjong groaned and stayed face down. Sunggyu sighed and then with a yank sent him tumbling out of the bed. He lifted the boy easily over his shoulder and carried him out. 

I went outside to see that the other boys had thankfully gotten up. All except one left. "Can one of you guys wake up-"

"No" They all said in unison as they started eating their breakfast. 

"Fine" I huffed and walked into the bedroom. How the hell was I suppose to wake up this boy? I tried all my usual tricks but nothing seemed to work. He and Hoya had stayed longer at the studio for dance practice last night, so he was more out of it than usual.

"Need help?" a voice said behind me. Woohyun stood behind me with his hair all wet from an early morning shower, in a dark blue hoodie. 

"Yes" I said meekly. He walked past me and tried waking him up as well but no luck. "Guess we have to drag him out" I sighed. We went to the opposite sides of the blanket to try and pull him out when I suddenly tripped and fell forward. My lips brushed something soft and I gasped and leaned back when I realized I had just kissed my friend. He blinked his eyes open, looking all confused.

"Well I guess you found a new way to wake him up" Woohyun said plainly and left the room. I just continued to stare at Dongwoo, wide eyed in shock. 

"I guess....well...breakfast is can eat...." I rambled, getting up and eventually i just left the room.


"Are you two okay? You guys haven't said anything" Sunggyu asked.

"EVERYTHING'S FINE!" Dongwoo and I both said at the same time. Woohyun, who was behind me just scoffed, and I turned around in my seat to throw him a dirty look. He just stuck his tongue out at me and rolled his eyes. 

We entered the set of where the boys were going to be filming the last episode of their latest variety show "Ranking King" - it was my first time going on location with them since usually I just had to wait at home and keep track of them through the music shows or follow the gossip on the internet. i had been watching Ranking King since it started and found it hilarious; so I was really excited to finally be able to see them on set.

"Time to change, quickly!" one of the older stylist noonas said ushering the boys into the dressing room. I waited outside for awhile until Sungjong came out to fetch me. "Wow" I said impressed, he was dressing all fancy in a suit with his hair fashionably covering one eye. 

"Don't I look handsome noona?" he asked cutely. 

"Of course you do" I said reaching to pat his hair when I quickly put my hand down. "Better not touch your hair or else the noona who did your hair will kill me" 

"But I can still mess with yours" he joked and ruffled my hair. 

"Ya!" I said chasing him inside. 

"Don't talk informal to your elder" he teased. 

"Oh now you want to be older" I growled, but walked over to the other boys. All of them were in suits and were getting their hair styled for the filming. "All my boys look so handsome" I said covering my mouth. It was strange to see them all dressed up and look professional. 

About half an hour later they were ready to start. The PD came in and announced that all the guys came outside. He did a head count then frowned. "Who are we missing?" he asked. Everyone looked around. 

"Woohyun's not here" Myungsoo said first. 

"Aish that brat" Sungyeol proclaimed. "He went outside ten minutes ago, I though he came back" 

"Your the new manager correct?" The PD turned to me. 

"Oh yes, this is my first day Sir" I quickly replied. 

"And you already lost one of the members" he scolded. "We are on a schedule here" 

"Oh I'm sorry," I said bowing. "I will find him right away Sir" I said and quickly walked away looking around the site. Ten minutes later and I still hadn't found him, and I was getting very scared quickly. What happened to him? 

I finally found him outside the location near a food store. "Woohyun!" I screamed coming up to him. He was eating a side of sweet and sour pork with his headphones on. He casually took his heaphones off. "Want some?" he offered. I smacked out of his hand. "Hey! Don't waste food" he pouted. 

"Why are you not answering your phone?" I said nearly yelling. I quickly pulled him up and started dragging him back to the filming site. 

"Oh, you called?" he said, inspecting his phone. 

When I got back I quickly apologized once more but the PD was looking at me with disapproval. While the boys were filming I could see the rest of the crew, especially the female staff members eyeing me with scowls. 

All I wanted to do was crawl into a hole.


"Hey, are you okay?" I heard someone ask as they poked my side. I lifted my head to see a confused Dongwoo next to me. I instantly blushed remembering this morning and turned my head quickly away so he wouldn't see. 

"Yeah, fine" i muttered. 

"I heard the stylists talking" he said quietly. 

"What are they saying?"

"That they wondered how you got this position..." he admitted bluntly. 

"Wonderful" I stated sarcastically. "This is all his fault" I said as Woohyun walked past us. 

"Your the manager not me" he responded and walked away. 

I groaned and finally turned to face Dongwoo. "That boy really needs to learn a lesson. He needs to be knocked down a level or two"

"Well...." Dongwoo said with a crazy look on his face. He leaned in and whispered his idea in my ear and I started to grin evilly as well. 

"Do you really think it would work?" I asked, a bit skeptically. "We are going to need the help of the others...." 


That night, we gathered around the living room table to eat our dinner. "Oh sungyeolie" I said getting his attention and winked to let him know it was time to start the plan. "Would it be alright if you sleep on the cot tonight? I think I'm going to need your room" 

"Sure" he said smiling, trying to hide his laughter. "That's good, because I'd rather not walk in on that again" 

That caught Woohyun's attention as he looked up with his chopsticks in his mouth. 

"Sorry Yeolie" I said winking out right and turned to look at Dongwoo. "You know how it those moments" I said biting my lip. Now Woohyun was just looking at me with wide eyes. 

"Yeah, we'll you two need to control yourselves. You guys made a mess in the kitchen the other day..." Hoya pipped in, all serious and upset. "Honestly, I know the urges are hard but save the poor maknae's eyes, he had to walk in on that" Hoya said shaking his head in disappointment. Sungjong covered his eyes. 

"Oh the horrors I saw" he cried out dramatically.

"Wait, what happened?" Woohyun finally asked. But we all ignored him. 

"Sorry boys, I'll try to keep it in the bedroom" Dongwoo finally spoke up putting his arm around me. Woohyun nearly choked on his rice. 

"And keep it down too" Myungsoo muttered with his icy stare. "We barley get enough sleep without you two waking us up" 

"What happened last night?" Woohyun asked frantically. 

"Oh you didn't wake up hyung? I didn't think it was possible to make so much noise" Myungsoo muttered. 

"Can someone explain this to me?" Woohyun said getting upset at no one paying attention to him. 

"What do you need us to explain hyung?" Dongwoo asked innocently. "You saw us this morning..." he said grinning. 

"That early in the morning? Really guys?" Sunggyu said with mock disappointment as well. "Imagine if Inspirits found out..." 

Woohyun grew pale. " long has it been?" he finally asked. 

"About two weeks," I answered. I looked over to my side to see Sungyeol try really hard not to laugh. Even the ice prince Myungsoo was trying to hide his smile behind his hand. 

"I've never seen any pair better at it then them" Hoya said casually. Woohyun's eyes began to bug out. 

"You've seen...." he said at lost for words. 

"Yeah, they are pretty good. And quick too" 

"Maknae!" Woohyun cried out. 

"Yep, the best Scrabble players I've seen" Sunggyu said finally giving in. 

"...Wait, what? Scrabble" Woohyun said, whiping his head to look at the leader. 

"Yeah, what did you think we were talking about Woohyun?" I said sweetly. That was the last straw as finally all the boys cracked up laughing, Dongwoo being the loudest. Woohyun's face turned a deep shade of red. 

"N-nothing, I..." he said stamering but then finally realized we had said all of those things on purpose, and threw down his chopsticks before storming out. 

"Awww....we upset poor Woohyun" I said laughing, enjoying the prank we pulled. 

The boys cleaned up while Dongwoo and I went to go check up on Woohyun who had locked himself in his room. 

"Come on hyung, it was only a joke" Dongwoo said knocking again since Woohyun wouldn't let us in. 

"Yeah, Dongwoo and I are best buddies. And pretty good Scrabble players" I added, laughing, still finding the situation funny. 

"Want to go on a date and play scrabble?" Dongwoo asked cutely. 

"Of course dear" I responded back. "And later we will play in the bedroom....and try not to make too much noise in order to not wake up Woohyun". 

"Yah!" he said opening his door. "I don't care what you guys do. I just don't like being tricked. You guys could date for all I care!"

"Okay, Camila want to go on a date tomorrow?" 

Woohyun and I just stared at him in shock. 

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