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Chapter 12: The Proper Way To Kiss

"A what?" I asked, slightly dazed by the question. 

"" Dongwoo repeated, except this time more awkwardly. His scratched the back of his head and gave me his signature Dongwoo grin. 

Woohyun didn't say anything but walked in between and hurried to some other part of the dorm frantically. "Ok, so I heard you correctly...then have you lost you mind you pabo!" I said hitting across the head. He whimpered and I patted his shoulder. 

"I was just saying that to bug him, don't be mad at me!" he said back hugging me. 

"Your going to crush me" I said started to stagger under his weight. 

"What are you two doing?" Myungsoo said coming out of his room and walking past us. He was taking a sip from his water bottle and eyeing us like we were some strange creatures. 

" trying to" I said as I was now near the floor and I was practically carrying him. 

"No don't say that, I love you!!!!" 

"You two are strange" Myungsoo noted and continued on his way. Suddenly a breathless Woohyun turned around the corner, in his hand a wrinkled piece of paper. Dongwoo got off me quickly and I just laid on the floor, exhausted. 

"You...guys...can't do it" he said trying to catch his breath. "Here" he said handing me the paper which I soon recognized as my manager contract that I just signed two days ago.

"What does my contract have to do with my love life?" I asked, sitting up. 

"It's say in the fine can't be romantically connected with any of the members of Infinite" He read as he snatched the paper from me. "So...ha!"

"Let's go Dongwoo" I said getting up and grabbing his hand. "Bye Namstar!" I said sticking out my tongue.

"But...ya!" he said throwing a pillow at the door but I closed the door before it could hit me.


Summer was coming to an end, so it was one of those unusual days when it was strangely cold. Since Dongwoo and I had rushed out, niether of us were dressed correctly and we had to quickly hide to make sure none of the fans would recognize him. We headed down to the subways to buy some street clothes, just some thin jackets so we wouldn't freeze. "It's looks like it's going to rain" I mentioned as I look above at the rain clouds then followed Dongwoo down the subway stairs. 

"It won't rain" he said pulling me along. We bought our jackets, when Dongwoo suddenly burst out laughing. 

"What?" I asked looking around me. "Ya! People are going to recognize you by that laugh" I scolded. 

"We are wearing couple sweaters" he pointed out. 

"Oh," I noticing that we had bought the same design but different colors. 

"Are we really on a date?" he asked out loud.

"Woohyun is right though," I said getting on the subway car. "My contract does say I can't date any of you guys...pity" I laughed. 

"What? You want to date one of us?" he said loudly. 

"Shhh, no I didn't mean it like that. Just that, well it's a pity are all so handsome" I quickly ended. He gave me a look that meant he didn't believe me but I avoided his gaze and looked around as the subway started moving. "Do you have any idea where we are going?" I asked.

"No idea" he replied. "Does it matter?" 

"No, just I hope there are no surprise visits from the company tonight. You guys are suppose to be sleeping early tonight" I said shifting from one leg to the other. Both of us were standing since there were so many people in the subway car. A lot of people were on their way home. "It's so cold in here, it's already cold outside" I mumbled. 

"Here" Dongwoo said and grabbed my hands, putting them inside his jacket pockets. It was warm, but I quickly tried to take them out but he grabbed my wrists and stopped me. I looked up at him. 

"My jacket has pockets too" I stated shyly. I wasn't kidding when I said they were all handsome. In a way all of them made my heart flutter a bit. 

"Yeah, but I'm using them" he replied cheekily and put his hands in my jacket's side pockets. Now were both facing each other, and I bit my lip, looking everywhere but forward. I was happy when the signal came on that we were at a stop and took my hands out before he could protest and walked out of the sub car with him trailing behind me. I could only hope he couldn't see how badly I was blushing. 


"Give me that back" I said trying to grab my plate of food but he took it away and placed it on his other side. "I didn't even finish dinner pabo" I said leaning on his shoulder. We had walked around for almost an hour, just having fun and doing random things. Luckily I had some money in my pockets and was able to buy us some snacks that the street vendors were selling. 

"No, I want to play a game" he protested.

"And I want to eat" I complained, looking up at him trying to give him my puppy dog eyes so he would give me back my food. 

"Ok, if you win I'll give you back your food" he agreed. "But If I win..." he with an evil smile. 

"No, I'll rather starve then make a deal with you!" I said standing up and trying to go around to fetch my food but he moved it away again. "Ok, fine, if you win then what?"

"You get to answer any question I have" 

"That's it?"

"Yes" he said, "But you have to answer it honestly"

"Okay, call" I agreed. "Now what game" 

"That!" he pointed to a DDR (Dance Machine) outside the mall across the road. 

"But's that not fair! You dance for a living!" I protested. 

"Come on" he said pulling me along. We played a round, and surprise!... I lost. 

"That game was rigged" I muttered. 

"How could you fail that round?" he exclaimed. "It was on easy!"

"I said this was not fair! Next time we bet, I decide what game we play" 

"Ok" he agreed, and handed me my food even though I lost. 

"Yay! Thank you oppa!" I said excitedly and started eating, fumbling around with my chopsticks. After a couple of minutes of eating outside the mall on one of the benches, I finally spoke up. "You let me eat anyways, but what was your question? I'll answer it for you. Since I'm such a nice person" 

"Why haven't you mentioned the kiss this morning?" he asked bluntly. I started chocking on my food and he had to quickly pat my back to get me to stop. "Are you okay? Did I kill you?!?!" he cried out dramatically. 

"Almost pabo..." I said getting my breath back. I noticed that he was still looking at me as if he was expecting something. "What?"

"You never answered" 

"Oh, um...well see that was an accident. I sort of tripped, and it happened" I tried explaining. "Sorry" I added. 

"It's alright" he said ruffling my hair. We got up and walked back to the subway and took the next ride back to the dorms. Before we headed up the stairs, Dongwoo grabbed my arm to stop me. 

"Yes?" Suddenly he leaned down and kissed me, catching me completely by surprise. I could only blink as he stepped back a bit. 

"Well...I mean if we were going to kiss, we should at least have done it right. Last time was only a peck, so it didn't even count" 

"You..." I said in disbelief. "YOU PABO HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE!" I said grabbing his ear and pulling it down to my level. "And that was barely even a kiss" I said, and suddenly gasped at what I had added. 

"Oh so should I do it again?" he asked, but before I could say no he leaned down again and kissed me, this time grabbing the back of my neck so I wouldn't pull back. When we broke apart I suddenly heard a crash and saw a stunned Sungjong, with his eyes bugged out and his mouth open like a gasping fish. A trash bag full of our take-out from dinner right next to him on the floor where it had fallen from his hands. As the maknae, I could only assume his hyungs had made him take out the trash. 

"Sungjongie..." I said quietly. "Now, don't be surprised-"

"WOOHYUN HYUNG!" he yelled and ran back up the stairs. 

"NOOOOOOO SUNGJONG!" Dongwoo and I both yelled and chased after him.


How do you guys like it? Everyone already finished this RP so I hope people are still reading mine...

See I even put a kiss! Ha! 

Speaking of which, how do you guys think Woohyun is going to react?
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