The next morning a familiar scent filled my nose as I woke up. I lazily sat up on the bed, my head still hurt a bit but I thought it would be worse tho’. I looked at my right side and it was already empty. I pouted because I imagined cuddling with my boyfriend on the bed, enjoying the sunshine coming through the window, warming our skin. 

I got out of the bed and decided to walk out and find Yixing. Who was in the kitchen, humming a song quietly and dancing alone. I chuckled because he looked really adorable!

I shuffled closer to him as quiet as possible then circled my arms around his waist. He jumped a bit in surprise, almost dropping the plates in his hands.

- Good morning - I kissed his cheek and laughed. - Sorry for scaring you!
- You are as quiet as a cat - he turned his head and pouted for a kiss. After I pressed my lips to his he looked at me with a big smile.
- What are you doing anyway? You should have stayed in bed with me and rest.
- I made breakfast and wanted to bring it to bed but you ruined my plan - he stuck out his tongue at me childishly.
- Pft...and what did you make? The scent is really familiar but I could only meet with this at home. Don’t tell me you are baking “kakaócsiga”? - my eyes widened. It can’t be! It meant he was up for hours already!
- Peek into the oven - he smiled and stepped away to the fridge.

I opened the oven’s door and realized that I was right. He baked for me because I mentioned it many times how much I miss eating this! I couldn’t do anything just grinning like an idiot, I was too happy.

- Where do you want to eat? Let’s go back to the bed or to the garden? - Yixing looked at me curiously, a bottle of milk and carton of strawberry milk in his hands.
- The weather looks quite nice so let’s go out. But just if you sure that nobody will stalk us!
- Don’t worry, these houses are all weekend houses. And as you could see we are in the last house, there’s only a field on our left. 
- Okay, I am just a bit paranoid - I smiled helping to bring out the glasses and plates to the small table outside. 

After we were done with eating - the “kakaócsiga” he made was perfect! -, we stood outside in the garden, enjoying the beautiful weather. It looked like the Mother of nature wanted to make-up for the previous day’s rain.

Through the last two days everything was perfect! We didn’t really do anything productive just lay here and there, cuddle here and there, listen music - Yixing played the guitar many times -, cook together. And I didn’t think anything could have been better then these. It was how I always imagined “the weekend” alone with my boyfriend.

On Sunday Yixing came back to Beijing with me in the same car - he didn’t let me go alone to the airport - and after I got out of the taxi - it broke my heart to leave after these days -, he went back to his dorm.

I arrived at Seoul after midnight, it was colder than in Beijing and all I wanted to do is just getting into my bed and sleep a lot. But it was impossible because in the morning I had classes and I knew that my exams are coming, and it meant I would be too busy for anything. 

In the next two weeks I spent my time either in the school library - hoping it would help to concentrate - or with working at the Nam house. Sleeping? Sometimes I fell asleep in the library or could go back home for a few hours sleep.

And Yixing? They stayed in China for one more week then finally came back to Korea. But I haven’t met with him at all...and actually we haven’t talked a much too. He rarely wrote back when I sent him a messages and it was weird but I guess I was too busy to think about it too much.

“Please write back if your are not busy! I am going crazy!” I sent a message to every Exo boys hoping for at least one of them to have a little time for me. But one then two hours passed and I was still sitting in Seoul-mate with my already cold vanillia latte waiting for an answer. Finally my phone rang and rang and rang. I laughed because it was from the K boys, they kept sending messages one by one. “They might finished their schedule” I thought as I read the messages. Unfortunately all of them said they have another schedule...

I kept waiting for the M boys’s reply - i thought they have different schedule - but it was in vain. After a few hours of waiting I gave up and went back to the library, back to my books with a little pain in my heart. 

Narrator Pov’s

- Why don’t you let us meet or at least send a message to her? - Kris asked Yixing a bit angrily. - What’s going on with you?
- Nothing - he shook his head but Kris knew him too well. The older boy already noticed that Yixing was too quiet and had that painful expression on his face since he came back from the weekend with Zsuzsi. But he never said anything, he had no idea if something happened between them or it was something else. Kris thought its the latter because when he spoke with Zsuzsi a few days ago it didn’t sound like she was sad or anything.
- Seriously Yixing - Luhan joined. - Did you guys have a fight? Or what? I, or rather we can’t understand your behaviour! 
- We didn’t fight, its nothing like that. But please leave me alone, okay!? - he picked up his bag from the floor and stormed out of the practice room. He didn’t look back when the boys called his name, he just went straight up at the rooftop.

“ - You know, you should break up with Zsuzsi - the manager said as they were sitting alone in the room. - The management is really angry with you! You guys almost got caught! Its only a matter of luck that they found about it before the pictures were spread around the internet.
- I can’t lose her! - Yixing said staring his fingers on his lap. 
- I know you love her so much but this situation is really bad now. I almost got fired because I let you spend the weekend alone with her! 
- I am so sorry - he muttered, tears forming in his eyes.
- It’s okay but be ready, the management might want to talk about this with you. And I am sure they will insist you to break up with her and cut every connection. When we’ll be back to Seoul you can’t meet with her. At least for a few days...weeks...
- Hyung! - Yixing looked up, his eyes were already red, tears rolling down on his face.
- You know that I always try to help you but I really don’t know what should I do now. Just please stay away from her a while then we will see...Maybe the management will forget about it - the manager patted his shoulder sympathetically. “

Yixing stood at the rooftop staring up at the sky sadly. He knew he neither can tell her what’s going on - she would blame herself for the situation - nor break up with her. When he came to Korea four years ago his ex-girlfriend broke up with him with a thought that it would help him to pursue his dream and he doesn’t want to lose Zsuzsi too, because of the same reason. He knew that even Zsuzsi loves him so much she would give up on him if it would help.

- What should I do? - Yixing mumbled into his hands, he felt his heart was breaking into million pieces with every second.


I don't know! *shrugs*

If you wondered, kakaóscsiga is something like cinnamon roll but as much as I know its "older" and you can only eat it at Hungary :)
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