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Okay, so I've been writing for about two hours straight on this update and wow...I really got into it. It's unedited but I really wanted to publish it and see if you girls liked it (I did, lol). And it's long! Because i love you girls :D *throws greasy namstar hearts*

It's a bit angsty, but I promise things will get better in the end...they always do :) 

One more chapter (and maybe a bonus one?) until I'm done! Thank you girls for being so patient with me ^__^



Chapter 16: 

The Infinite boys were all waiting restlessly at the airport, moving around since they had already been sitting for so long. All except one member who was curled up in his sweater and seemed asleep under his hood. 

"what's wrong with Woohyun?" Sungyeol asked Myungsoo. But Myungsoo simply shrugged and then replied "Maybe he is in a mood again? He has been moody for the past couple of weeks" 

"Yeah, but today he looks really off" Sungyeol said giving the silent Woohyun another look. 

"Where is Camila noona?" Sungjong asked Sunggyu who was looking at something at his phone. Sunggyu quickly pocketed his phone.

"Oh well she just texted me; she is going to take another plane back home" he answered.

"What? But why...we were going to play cards on the way back!" Dongwoo complained. 

"Seems she still has some business to attend to here. She will come on a later flight tonight".

"What kind of business would she have in jeju island?" Hoya asked skeptically.

"I don't know..." Sunggyu said slightly stammering. Most of the boys accepted that answer but some, like Myungsoo and Hoya who were slightly more observant than the other boys, noticed the unique tone in which Sunggyu answered. But neither of them commented on it. 

Woohyun, still sulking in his corner, only felt his heart sink even further.


Three days went by and there was still no word from their missing manger. After Sunggyu finally called the company to report that they were without a manager, he came into the living room with a somber face. 

"What's wrong hyung?" Hoya asked, as he finished playing the current video game with Dongwoo (after beating him of course). While doing his celebratory dance, he noticed his quiet, hamster-like hyung, still by the living room door. 

"Well, it looks like manger hyung is coming back for now. He says to clean up the place before he comes" 

"What? But what about Camila noona?" Sungyeol said coming in with Sungjong who had a spoonful of yogurt in his mouth and wide eyes. "Isn't she coming back? Where has she been?! She is slacking off in her duties!" 

"I guess she took vacation days" 

"When is she coming back?" Myungsoo asked from behind Sunggyu, surprising nearly everyone. 

"Ya! Are you a ghost? Don't be creeping up on us!" Sungyeol complained, but Myungsoo ignored him and waited for Sunggyu to reply. 

"I don't know" Sunggyu said honestly. "They said she might not -" but then he was interrupted by the door opening and Woohyun walking in with the weekly groceries. Everyone turned to look at him and he took the lollipop that was in his mouth out with a pop. 

"What?" he asked as he noticed it was quiet and everyone looked awkward. He knew the members were avoiding him lately; he didn't blame them since he didn't feel like anyone's company as of late. 

"Umm, well..." Sunggyu said starting to explain. 

"Sunggyu says Camila noona might not come back" Sungjong pouted. "But I want her to return, why would she leave us?" 

Woohyun hands gripped the grocery bags quite violently then threw them down, surprising everyone with the loud action. "Maybe it's better that she doesn't come back" he stated bitterly. "I'll be in my room" he said a bit louder and walked past everyone to his room and everyone flinched as they heard it slam loudly.

"Anyone else getting really tired of his mood? Because I am!" Sungyeol yelled loudly so that even Woohyun down the hall could hear him. 

"He'll get over it" Myungsoo stated. 

"Did he fight with Camila noona? Is that why she left?" Sungjong asked, looking around at the other members. 

"It can't be" Dongwoo replied. "I mean, they always fight but make up a couple days later"

"Unless Woohyun hyung screwed up really big time....that's possible right?" Sungjong asked, quite convinced with his own words. "Well I'll call her and ask her to forgive Woohyun hyung, I'm sure he didn't mean to do or say whatever he did to get her upset"

"Don't do it" Myungsoo said placing his hands on the maknae's phone to stop him from dialing. "Let's just give them a bit more space" he suggested.


Another week passed, but the situation was still the same. All the boys were confused and worried about their manger's sudden disappearance, and Woohyun was just keeping silent not talking to anyone but put on a fake smile in front of the fans whenever they went somewhere public. Yet, there were no greasy hearts thrown to anyone. 

The boys were coming back from a late schedule; in fact it was already past midnight when Dongwoo was driving the boys back to their dorm. The company didn't like any of the members driving in case of accidents on the road but their manger hyung was trying to juggle the Infinite member's schedules with Tasty's schedules and couldn't drive them back. So just this once, they decided to let the distracted child-like dancer drive for the day (also because he was the only one with a driver's license).

Sungjong, Sungyeol and Myungsoo all crawled in the back, and fell alseep quite instantly, exhausted from the day's events. woohyun was in the middle row, against the window, drifitng off to sleep as well. Hoya was next to him, just listening to his I-pod, as Sunggyu and Dongwoo got in the front. Dongwoo put the key in the ignition but all they could hear was the wailing of the car as it refused to start up. Dongwoo tired again but got the same result. "But...what is..." he said confused, looking at the steering wheel like it had all the answers. 

"Pabo, I think you left the headlights on when we went for our filming" Hoya said taking off his headphones. 

"Dongwoo!" Sunggyu groaned, letting his head fall with a thud on the dashboard. "It's almost one in the morning! This is a really bad time to get stranded...even the staff already left!" he said motioning to the empty parking lot. 

"Sorry" Dongwoo said meekly. 

"It's not your fault, it was an accident" Hoya said putting his hand on Dongwoo's shoulder. "But still, we are kind of stuck here. What do we do?"

"You're the one with the license Dongwoo. What do we do?" Sunggyu asked. 

"I...don't know hyung...." Dongwoo said quietly. "Well this has never happened to me before!" he said trying to defend himself. 

"Shhh, we don't want to wake the others" Hoya reminded him, looking back at the sleeping members. "Try calling manger hyung and see if he can come". Dongwoo called and manager hyung said he was on the other side of the city but that he would try and get there as soon as possible. So the three boys waited impatiently in the freezing car until they saw a figure coming towards the car. It was too small to be manager hyung so the boys watched hesitantly until the figure got closer and they saw who it was. 

"Camila!" Dongwoo called out, though not too loudly but jumped out of the car and went around to hug the small girl tightly. "Did you come to rescue us?" he asked excitedly. 

"Why else would I be carrying jumper cables? Do you know how many strange looks I got from people on the subway?" she said, pointing to the jumper cables wrapped around her forearm and her shoulder. "These are much heavier than I thought they would be" she added as after thought. 

"Do you know how to even use those?" Sunggyu asked suspiciously, poking at them. 

"Of course I do, why else would I be carrying them then? As a fashion statement" she snapped at the leader. "Yes, I know how to use these".

"But we need another car right?" Hoya pipped in, taking them from Camila's sore shoulder. 

"Yes, good job tall person" Camila sarcastically said, clapping him on the back. 

"Someone's cranky" Hoya teased. 

"Well wouldn't you be if manger hyung calls you at one in the morning to ask me as a great big favor to save all of your asses" she replied smartly. "I had to borrow these from the next door neighbors of the friend I'm staying with. And I called in a favor of my own for the second problem" she said. And as soon as she spoke, a car came driving into the parking lot, blinding them all momentarily with it's headlights. The car stopped in front of their van, and the driver got out. 

"Thank you oppa" Camila said, walking up to their second savior and gave him a hug. "I'll buy lunch next time okay?" she laughed. 

"Sure, you're just lucky I'm such a nice guy" he teased. He came forward into the light and the boys finally recognized who it was.

Kiseop from U-Kiss. 

While Camila set up the two cars to jump start the van's engine, the members of Infinite (who were awake that is) carefully walked to Kiseop and subconsciously surrounded him in a circle. "You are friendly now with our manger?" Dongwoo asked, surprisingly protective, in a serious tone. 

"Well, sort of...we meet yesterday for lunch"

"Are you guys dating?" Sunggyu asked bluntly. 

"What?" Kiseop said surprised, his eyes growing wide as he looked around at the three guys surrounding him with their arms crossed and their eyes narrowed at him. "Wow, she wasn't kidding when she said you guys were like her older brothers" he said, slightly laughing. 

"You didn't answer the question" Hoya pointed out. 

"Guys, stop interrogating him" Camila said coming back to the group. 

"You heard us?" Sunggyu asked sheepishly. 

"I have ears like a hawk remember?" she said pointing to her own ears. "Kiseop is a /friend/ nothing more than that. Well I mean, not really friends we've only met once..." she said suddenly getting nervous. 

"Oh know she has a big crush on you?" Dongwoo stated. 

"Pabo!!!" Camila said hitting him over the head. "You....can't say that stuff out loud" she said plainly mortified. Kiseop only laughed causing Camila to blush. "Let's just start this up so we can all go home. Kiseop oppa please go start up the car". 

Camila and Hoya got into the car, Camila in the driver's seat as she waited for Kiseop to get in his car so she could start it up once the dead battery was boosted.

"So where have you been?" Hoya asked as soon as they closed the doors softly. 

"At a friend's" Camila answered simply, keeping her eyes on the car in front of him. 

"Why did you leave? Sunggyu won't tell us anything" Hoya remarked. 

"Well I didn't tell him much, but I'm glad to know that he was able to keep that away from you guys and not blab" 

"You're avoiding us...what's wrong? Did you get into a bad fight with Woohyun?" At the mention of his fellow band member's name, Camila visibly flinched and bit her lip. "So it was with him...well how bad could it be? I'm sure he didn't mean to make you upset-"

"It wasn't him oppa" Camila said interrupting him, finally turning to him. "I messed up" she whispered. Suddenly they both were startled by the sound of the other motor. Camila waited a moment before she started up the van's engine and it came roaring back to life. "We need to wait a couple of minutes just to make sure" she said softly. 

"What did you wrong? I'm sure it wasn't that bad" Hoya said urging her again. 

"I ran out on him...I didn't even give him an answer. He must hate me now" she said, staring blankly into her hands. 

"An answer to what?" Hoya asked.

Camila looked up slowly. "An answer to his confession" she finally said slowly. 

"Oh I see, well it's about time" Hoya said, leaning back in his chair. Camila snapped her head to look at him. 

"What do you mean by that?" she asked quickly.

"Well it was pretty obvious," Hoya stated. "I mean we all know how Woohyun acts and he acted different with you. Plus, it was obvious with how jealous he got every time you spent even one moment with another member that wasn't him. Honestly, did you not see it? We were all waiting for him to tell you but he wouldn't say anything". There was a silence in the car as Hoya waited for her reply. "But he told you...and you ran out on him? Without saying anything?".

"Well...he sort of screamed it at me..." 

"That explains why he has been so moody lately. He is silent, and doesn't talk to anyone and doesn't do anything" 

"Like I said, he must be furious with me. I would be too if I confessed to someone and they just left without a word" she replied.

"Why did you do that anyways?" Hoya asked curiously. 

"What? Run?" Camila asked. Hoya nodded. "I didn't know what to say. I was worried about giving an answer that I didn't mean or saying something that I would take back. I just needed time to think about what he said...but I guess I took too much time, didn't I?" she said with a dry laugh. "It doesn't even matter what I say no since he is probably taking back what he said".

"Do you like him too?" 

"I do" she said softly. "But it can't work out anyways, I've thought about it for awhile. Even if I did say yes, and we dated then we would have to keep it a secret because legally I can't date any of you. As your manger I can't have romantic associations. It's isn't professional..."she scoffed. "I even thought about that I could legally date him, but I would be putting a burden on him as an Idol and plus I wouldn't even be able to stay in the country without work. No matter what path I try thinking of it just ends the same...with both of us not working out because something is stopping us".

"But shouldn't you at least talk to him about it? Figure it out with him?" 

Camila turned and smiled at him. "That's the smart thing to do huh? I figured that out on my fourth day back in the city. I messed this up quite a lot didn't I?" 

"He could still forgive you" Hoya reminded her. 

"He could...but maybe it's best that he doesn't. He will feel hurt now but he'll get over me soon" Camila responded back, starting to get of her seat to leave. Hoya grabbed her wrist and she looked up at his worried face. 

"He really likes you" he stated. "It's not going to be easy for him to get over you".

"It's not going to be easy for me either" she said before getting out of the car and walking away to say goodbye to the other boys. Hoya sighed and ran a hand through his hair before turning around in his seat to look at the middle row. 

"You heard that right?" he snapped. "Stop sulking and do something about it" he said a bit angry and got out of the car as well. 

In the middle row, Woohyun slowly raised his head with his hood still on, as it had been all week. He shifted from his stiff position that he kept and peered over the dashboard to see Hoya going over the group outside, putting his arm around Camila to give her a hug goodbye. 

"How did he know I was awake?" he muttered to himself as he leaned back in his seat.
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