*I changed model for Ji Hyuk's character from Bang Sung Jun to Junhyung 'cause I'm too lazy to look for Sung Jun's photos:P



First thing I did after returning from Jaeseop's birthday party was calling G-Dragon.

I still had image of Suho pulling May in a hug and kissing her which was the most unexpected event of the night. 

"Hi, J. I saw your interview. Are you okay?"
"Why shouldn't I be okay??" I asked confused.
"I thought you like JB and that kid has other girl in his heart, doesn't he?"
Ugh, I forgot about that. I was stupid for not accepting his feeling when he liked me and now it was too late.
"I'm absolutely okay with that; he's my friend, not boyfriend." I said.
"And who am I to receive your call at such hour?"
"Best friend."
"If it's not JB, what's the reason you called me?"
I wanted to tell him about everything that happened during birthday party but he barely knew the characters of the story. And he was in Japan, probably tired after concert. 
"I just missed you're voice. " (And I feel so stupid for what I did during Violet's party, I hope we're still friends 'cause I can't live without you.) "But don't misunderstand it!" I laughed nervously as if he could hear what was inside my head. "I'm listening to your 'Still Alive' album and I wanted to hear the rapper's voice."
"Boom shakalaka." He laughed.
"T.O.P oppa is better at that! Have fun in Japan and goodnight."
"And you don't do anything stupid there!"
"I could ordered you exactly the same. Be a good boy!"
"Baby, I'm sorry, I'm a bad boy..." We both laughed and hung up.

Will be May happy with Suho? I asked myself. Could best friends become a couple and don't regret it later?


I looked nervously through notes for the last time. I was at Seoul Mate, waiting for J.

'1. Dress fabulously; girls love guys in awesome clothes.'

I read the first advice from Taec hyung.

In brackets he added: 'orange/bright colours recommended'.

I tried to look as brightly as it was possible but instead of adding me confidence those colours make me feel weird. And silly.

"Hi, Edward." J. said to me when she arrived.
"Why Edward?" I asked her.
"Because you sparkle in light." She laughed. "Do you want me to order you something?" She asked and left me for a while to buy us something to drink.

She chatted with boy behind the counter; I knew she was familiar with Seoul Mate's owner but I imagined him much older. And uglier -.-

'2. Be macho. Show her that she's YOUR girl and other guys shouldn't look at her. (Is she wearing a short skirt? She shouldn't! - tell her that. Only you can look at her legs. Cover her with your jacket.)'

J. wasn't wearing a skirt but pair of very skinny pants (?), at I'm sure the guy behind counter stared at her b.utt when she was coming back to our table with two glasses of strawberry juice.

"Noona, how can you dress like this?" I tried to sound as 'macho' as I could. 
She looked first at her outfit and then at me with puzzled expression.
"Your pants are too tight and everyone is staring at you. Here." I gave her my leather vest. "Cover yourself."
"Should I splash this juice on your face or just ignore what you have said?" She glared at me. "You Koreans are sometimes too much for me; short skirts are bad, tight pants are bad, what should I wear? A potato bag?" She mumbled to herself.
"Sorry." I said and focused on my drink.

"The guy who is working at Seoul Mate saved my life." She said looking at the boy. Looking too long, in my opinion. I felt a bit jealous. "I'm really grateful to him and I invited him to the dinner after his work. Will you join us? I want to repay him by buying him dinner but it would be awkward to go out alone with someone I barely know." She laughed.
I nodded quickly. I definitely wasn't going to allow the two of them eat alone!

The boy's shift soon ended and three of us were outside Seoul Mate looking for a nice restaurant.

The boy's name was Ji Hyuk, and because J. tired to speak to him quite formally I assumed he was older than her.

He wore big nerdy glasses, had tattoo on his arm and glared at as; he looked like bad boy.

J. was constantly talking to him (about movies which was her 'safe topic'), trying to keep the conversation; he mostly remained silent until they started talking about Takeshi Kitano, whoever he is.

'3. Be a gentleman. Carry her bag.'

"J. noona, I'll carry your bag, it must be very heavy. "I cut in their conversation.
The both of them stared at me when J. raised her hand with 'bag' - if you can name that tiny thing that.

"Oh, you're right, it's a bit heavy." She said saving my pride and handing me her tiny bag. "But remember, this is Alexander McQueen's, loose it and you're dead."
"Don't worry, I'll keep my eye on 'Alexander'." Sometimes I couldn't understood females well; naming their bags? 

It was quite windy and I regretted I hadn't taken any jacket with me. I was freezing and I hoped to find a restaurant soon.

"You're shivering." Ji Hyuk said putting his red cardigan around J.'s shoulder. She looked at him grateful. 

Taec hyung why didn't you give me such advice?! I could be her hero now - .- 

Soon we entered a warm restaurant and ordered food.

'4. Take care of her. You're eating? Feed her, girls love it!'

I was gathering my confidence to do it; when Ji Hyuk left us to go to the bathroom and J. was slowly drinking her beer I used the chance.

When she placed the glass back to the table I pushed grilled pork meat wrapped into lettuce into her mouth.

She chew it angrily. "What are you doing?! You're behaving so strange today!"
"You don't like pork?" JiHyuk asked, returning in the right moment.
"I prefer different kind of food. Besides, I'm full."
"And on diet."
"Maybe. It hard to match the standards of skinny Korean girl. I can't weight the same as them because my European bones are heavier!" She joked.
"Haven't you ever thought that maybe your heavy European bones make you special?" He asked.
"Noona, you're not fat!" I said.
"Still it's better not to eat like a pig in front of gentlemen." She smirked.
"Want to make a bet? I'll make 20 sit ups carrying you. I win - you're eating everything that is left; I lost - we won't bother you about food anymore."

She agreed. And she had fun when the boy without any difficulties did that 20 sit ups; I stared at them for the whole time - her hands around his neck, her cheeks covered with pink blush; her counting. Her pretended sad expression when she lost, and her begging us to help her finish the food.

After the dinner I suggested to walk her back home; it wasn't in Taec hyung's notes. It was my own idea.

JiHyuk understood my suggestion and left us alone, telling J. she can return him cardigan anytime at Seoul Mate when he now works.

We were getting close to her apartment and joking together when she asked me to give her 'Alexander' back.

It was my biggest mistake that day; I lost that stupid bag.
"I must have left it at restaurant." I said.
"JB, all day you were behaving like such an immature kid! And now you lost my precious bag! You don't know what it means to me!" I saw tears in her eyes and I thought she was slightly overreacting ; I could buy her new 'Alexander'.

"JB, you should go back to your dorm now. And if you really care about Suzy don't act around her like you did today around me." She turned and rushed back to the restaurant.

J.'s POV

"Stupid bag!" I throw Alexander McQueen's clutch at my bed. "I'm overreacting because of you."

With relief I took off my shoes; walking back to restaurant and then back at my apartment was exhausting. 

But I would do it again; I would walk whole world to find that clutch. It was the gift Jiyong gave me and I treasured it. Maybe a bit too much, after all it was the gift from 'just friend.'.

"JB are you sleeping?" I called the boy.
"I was about to go to bed, noona. Did you find Alexander?"
"Yes. I also found an interesting notebook with this, that's why I'm calling."
"You haven't read-"
"I did. JB, honey, don't test someone's stupid advice on me." 
"Noona, you called me 'honey'."
"I haven't... whatever. 
'1. Dress fabulously; girls love guys in awesome clothes.' " I read loud first advice.

"Girls like boys with their own style; dress in something you feel comfortable and confident in. "I corrected.

"Number 2,...Be macho. Show her that she's YOUR girl and other guys shouldn't look at her.


be her prince, make her feel like princess. If she wears short skirt she does it to please you, so compliment her."

"3. Be a gentleman. Carry her bag.


be a gentleman. Open door for her, give her your jacket when she feels cold. "


"4. Take care of her. You're eating? Feed her.

 just take care of her. And most importantly, use your own brain!"

"Go to sleep! We will talk tomorrow and make sure Suzy will fall for you."


"Noona, there isn't any Suzy, it's you I want to like me." I said to phone but she had already hung up.


I hesitated in front of Seoul Mate; I was about to enter it and return the red cardigan to Ji Hyuk. I looked through glassy door at the boy who was busy with customers.

I felt weird. I...had butterflies in my stomach, just like before taking an exam. Why the thought of talking with him was making me nervous? And why I was afraid that I'll say something stupid in front of him.

Finally I entered the building and handed him the cardigan.
"Washed." I announced. And blushed, feeling silly.
"Oh, okay." He said hiding it somewhere behind the counter. He turned to the wall and skillfully hammered a nail to hang some picture.
"Oh, you're good with tools!" I applaused.
He glared back at me.
"Don't misunderstood." I said. "I just want to ask you the strangest request you might have ever heard."
"Yes, J.?"
"I need someone who could help me fix the door to my wardrobe, and those hands - "I stretched my hands in his directions" don't like hammers."
"I can imagine it; you seem like clumsy person."
"So will you help me?" I asked, feeling even more stupid.
"J., I have the strangest request you might have ever heard. Let's become friends with benefits."
He laughed. "Don't misunderstood. I'll help you fixing your furniture and you will help me with people in broadcasting stations; they don;t want to talk with no ones like me but would be glad to listen to a band recommended by such celebrity.
"You're going to use me."
"I add opening jars to my offer." He said with smile.
"Okay, Mr. JiHyuk I agree on your offer." We shake hands. 

I left Seoul Mate to go to JiYong's place in order to walk Gaho.
I was thinking about JiHyuk, imagining who could he be? I knew almost nothing about him, except the fact he liked Takeshi Kitano's movies. And had band.

A phone call woke me up from thinking about JiHyuk; I looked at my cellphone to check who was calling.


I felt guilty for not thinking about him.

"J., I did something horrible! Only you can help me..." He sounded desperate.

When he finished explaining me what had happened I wasn't feeling guilty anymore. I was going to kill him.

I'll try to write more about JiHyuk in the next story; he's in friend zone now, but I don;t know how his and J.'s relationship will develop;
also JB is still in game, even if he seems to lose it already :P
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Oh dear, what did Jiyong do? 0.o

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I hope JB finally learns to not listen to Taec!
I wonder what Jiyong did... :o

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okay i'll be honest: J, please stop picking up more and more boys! xD its not healthy! *just kidding*
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I'm so curious about what Jiyoung did!! update soon!
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