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On the first few days nobody actually noticed that Yixing was gone from Exo, expect the boys. Fortunately they only had practices or Exo K had performances, so the fans couldn’t realize Yixing is not with them.

On the other hand the couple enjoyed their time being together, they’ve never spent more than three days alone. And now they woke up and went to sleep together. Yixing actually spent the whole day in the apartment, he didn’t want to get caught on the street by fans or something. 

Zsuzsi was a bit worried about him, being closed in a small place without his friends and without dancing must be really crazy for him. All she could do was bringing Yerin to her apartment, so at least for those times Yixing was not alone. Or sometimes she pulled him out to the rooftop, turned on some music, so he could practise and be happy again.

 - You know, you shouldn’t worry about me a lot. I am happy to be with you - Yixing pulled her closer, they were sitting on the rooftop.
- But miss the boys, the practices, the performances, the fans.
- Hey, I chose you. It was my own decision, so just stop being sad for me - he kissed her temple softly. - I’ll try to figure out something for my future. Maybe I could be a back-up dancer somewhere. Or make songs. I don’t know.
- Or you should just break up with me, go back to Exo and ask for apologize for leaving.
- Do you want me to be mad at you? - he asked with a small smile. - If they don’t want me with you on my side, its their problem.


“Where is Lay? Is he sick? He must be really sick if SM lets him rest!”

“What happened with Lay? Why is he not with the other boys?”

The internet was filled with questions when EXO M appeared on a show without Yixing. And as days went by and they had more shows, performances the empty spot of him became really obvious to everyone. 

“What’s going on? Where is Lay?”

“Is he still sick? Lay where are you?”

SM couldn’t handle the situation without saying anything, they decided to make an announcement on Exo’s official site:

“Dear Exo fans!

We are sorry to inform you, but due to personal reasons Lay can’t participate with the other boys for a while. We really hope you can understand this situation.”

- It looks like they can’t just say that he left - Kris murmured as they sat around the table in their dorm.
- I guess they still think he would give up Zsuzsi and come back - Luhan rolled his eyes. 
- We should do something - Tao spoke. - I miss Yixing! 
- We all miss him - Jongdae exclaimed. - but we can’t blame him for leaving.


“I heard a rumor that he actually left Exo because of his girlfriend!”

“Girlfriend? That foreign girl is his girlfriend? And he left because of her? Pft...that b*tch!”

“How she could ask him to leave?”

- You should stop reading these stupid comments - Yixing walked into the living room and shut down her laptop. - They don’t know what they are talking about.
- They have their right to hate me. They lost Lay because of me! 
- Stop it please! - he leaned closer to her, cupping her face. - Your break my heart when you blame yourself! 
- But its not okay like this! Maybe you should go back! You can see that SM didn’t say you left, they only said you are on a break. They want you back!
- I won’t leave you! Can you understand what I say? I. WON’T. LEAVE. YOU!
- You are such an idiot - Zsuzsi slapped his chest lightly.
- And this idiot really loves you, so please stop it! - Yixing smiled at her. 


- I can’t see these comments anymore! Noona doesn’t deserve this! - Tao hit the couch angrily. 
- What do you think what we can do with them? - Minseok looked at him curious.
- I’ll write on my Weibo. Luhan you should do the same - he turned to the older boy.
- Do you think its a good idea?
- I don’t care anymore - he shrugged.

“Hello everyone! Its Exo M’s panda, Tao! 

I know you are all really sad because Lay is not with us now, but I hope you know that it was his decision! Please stop hating on someone else! Especially because she is a friend for all of us, if you hurt our friend you hurt us too! I hope you can understand this and stop with the hateful messages!”

“Hello everyone! It’s Luhan!

I hope you know we also miss Lay, but you know what? He should have never made this decision if you could accept that we have feelings too, we need love. And love is uncontrollable, if it hits you, you can’t fight back. Yixing decided. He chose love. Please respect his decision and stop hating on the person he loves. “


The next day Exo’s official fanboard was flooded with messages from fans. Most of them read what Tao and Luhan posted on their Weibo - even after a few hours they deleted it, it was already screencaped and translated -, and most of them realized that if they won’t accept Yixing’s girlfriend, they can’t get back Lay.

So after SM was bombed with messages to get back Lay and let him date his girlfriend, they couldn’t do anything else than grant their request. They called Yixing to SME and negotiate about this whole situation. They let him to comeback without breaking up with Zsuzsi, but still they asked him to not go out to the public together. It was already a bit thing that fans let him date, but with evidences - fan accounts, pictures - might make everything worse.

Yixing didn’t mind, even he wanted to go on dates with her finally without feeling like a “criminal”. But he was still happy that he didn’t have to give up one of his dream for the other one. He was still part of Exo and Zsuzsi was still his girlfriend. 

Every pieces got into their right place.


LAME end for them...but idk. I guess I really wanted to finish this couple for a while even I loved them ^^ But don’t worry, I’ll write with them later and include in my next stories but I really need new characters ^^

Anyway I can't believe we started this 3 months ago! And its still alive! ^^ I am so happy^^^
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