FINALLY. I'm done with this RP! It was fun. ;u;
And sorry if it's too short and well.. it may not be the greatest ending. My poor brain can't think of anything better. D: 
Hope you'll enjoy it anyway~

Narrator's POV

“So this is who’s been distracting you for all these weeks?” The manager’s piercing glare looked very intimidating.
“M-manager hyung... it’s not as bad as you-” Kris stopped mid sentence as he watched his manager pull Jameel out of the car- abruptly shutting the door.
“YA!” Kris yelled from inside.

“W-where are you taking me?” Jameel asked bewildered.
“Away from trouble.” The manager said firmly.

“YA! LET HER GO!” Kris called out to his manager informally.

“Kris...” Jameel managed to catch a glimpse of Kris catching up to the two of them.
“TAXI!” The manager motioned for a cab with his free hand. He then reached in his pocket for some cash to hand to Jameel. “Go home safely.” He said.

“Hyung.” Kris said. “Please don’t make me cause a scene.”
“Go back to the practice room.” Was all his manager said.
“Hyung! I will drop to my knees if I have to.” Kris became desperate. It was a sensitive side Jameel wasn’t used to seeing. And it made her feel uneasy.
“Don’t.” She said softly. “I don’t want to cause trouble anymore.”
“No. It’s all my fault. For confusing you...” Kris’s voice trailed off.
“And you think this was easy for Yixing?” The manager remarked.
“I’m aware of the circumstances.” Kris said confidently. “I’ll leave the group if I have to.”
“Ya. Don’t say that!” Jameel exclaimed.

“Please hyung... I know I don’t ask for much but...” He paused to look into Jameel’s eyes. “I love her.”

“Aish jinjja...” The manager hastily opened the taxi door. “Go home.” He motioned her inside.
“Bu- Hyung!” Before Kris could go in after her, the manager held him back.
“I’ll set up a meeting with SME to see what we can do.” The manager slowly grew a smile on his face. “Now go practice.” He hit Kris’s arm playfully.
Both Jameel and Kris exchanged glances of rejoice. Finally, there was a spark of hope.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

3 months later

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jameel’s POV

“What’s wrong?” Sunhwa asked me as soon as I got home. “You bummed about SME not making your relationship with Kris official?”
“No...” I lied. “It’s not like we don’t see each other often anyway...” I tried comforting myself.
“But look on the bright side.” Sunhwa got up from the couch to show me her iPad. “Netizens have been spreading around this picture of you two together.”
“What??? What picture??”
“This one!” Sunhwa held her iPad to my face. “Was this from yesterday?”
“Um..” I stared at the picture carefully. “Am I looking at the right picture?”
Sunhwa hurriedly turned the iPad back around. “Yeah. This is it.” She showed me again and pointed to 2 blurry figures. “That’s you guys. When you went to Dongdaemun Market yesterday. Remember?”
“Ayyy... how could netizens tell that’s Kris and I? Those 2 fuzzy blobs could be anyone!”
“That’s not what this fan said~” Sunhwa giggled. “Now you two are the fuzzy blob couple.”
“Shut up!” I ran to the couch for a pillow to throw at her.

I quickly sat down and pulled my own laptop out to find out what these netizens were saying. That’s when I saw the article:
Exo’s Kris confirms to be dating!

“No way... no way... NO WAY!”
“What? What happened?”
“Read it! Read it for me!” I jumped up from the couch and handed her my computer. “You're better at reading Korean than me.” I said before jumping back on the couch.

I listened carefully as Sunhwa read every word. I couldn’t contain my excitement to the point where I began sprawling around the couch, knocking the rest of the pillows on the floor.
“And look at this...” Sunhwa laughed after reading the article. “They put the fan’s fuzzy blob photo on here. Haha! Did you see that Jameel?.... Jameel?”

“Oh my god!” Sunhwa started cracking up as soon as she saw me. “You look like an octopus having a stroke! Just go call your fuzzy blob boyfriend already!”

But just as I got my phone out I suddenly received a text from the man himself:
“Congrats! The article is finally out! Now come to my dorm! No one’s here and I’m lonely. kekeke~~”

Never in a million years would I have expected to receive a text like that. Let alone from someone like Kris. I still couldn’t believe this was happening to me. A girl with no set future, risking whatever she had to reach for her dreams. I guess Sunhwa had been right all along. This really was fate.

The End.
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