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Kai’s POV

I was on a backstage of music show; Woohyun, me and IU had Just announced winners. I sneakily looked at IU, waiting for the song.

'How do I know I love her? My soul sings a song every time I see her.'

I reminded myself the line from Honey’s notebook.

I took deep breath, trying to listen to myself when…
~You are a cold machine
You are a ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, machine
You are a ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, machine
A beautiful and sharp goddess
I heard our song. But then I realized it wasn’t exactly coming from me but from my phone.
It was Kris; he and EXO M boys were back in Seoul to start filming our first variety show together.
“~Kai! We’re going to amusement park. You finished your schedule, am I right?”
“Sounds like fun, hyung!”
A vivid image of Honey’s list of things she wants to do with her boyfriend came to my mind.
“Hyung, can I take someone with me? A girl...She works at Seoul-mate…and knows Jameel noona, and..”
“That’s actually a great idea! With girls will be more fun!”

I was about to run to Seoul-mate and ask Honey to come with us when I realized it could look like asking her on date. She could took it as a sign I liked her which wasn’t truth. (I maybe liked her a bit. Maybe.)

A smart idea came to my mind; I called one of the noonas.
“Zsuzsi noona, it’s Kai! I want to invite you to the amusement park; as the repayment for not going to Seoul-mate when you send us messages.”
“Oh, okay!” She laughed.
“But noona, don’t you think it would be better if you took with you your friends? Like Jameel noona…and Honey noona.”
“Honey, you say? I didn’t know you know each other…”
“I was just suggesting!” I quickly said, afraid she would become suspicious.
“Okay, okay. See you later!”

We met in front of the gate; Kris, Tao, Chen, Lu Han and me were dressed casually and tried to blend into crowd.
The girls: Jameel, Zsuzsi and Honey could allow themselves for more freedom but they also tried to not catch anyone attention.

When I waved a girls, and Tao stepped to welcome his favorite noona, Kris stopped me and whispered: “Why you invited Zsuzsi?”
I just shrugged my shoulders in surprise; she was our closest noona.
“Yixing forbid us meeting with her.”
“Well, hyung didn’t say nothing to me about it; and that’s weird.” Only then I noticed his absence. “And where he is?”
“In dorm; he wants to be left alone.”

We joined the girls and rest of EXO members.
Kris and Jameel acted awkward around each other, Zsuzsi looked worried that Yixing wasn’t with us, I was nervous and unsure what to do, and confused because my soul wasn't playing any song when Honey was around.

Thankfully Honey, Tao and Chen were in playful mood. 
“Who will win this panda toy for me!?” Honey asked as we passed one of the machines.
“I’ll.” I volunteered.
“Forget, Kai. I’ll win it for our Panda!” Lu Han said and we started playing the game.
Unfortunately I lost and Honey pouted when Tao received the panda.

When we all went to eat ice cream a group of fans noticed us. They hurried to spoil our day; we made on spot decision to separate in order to better blend in crowd and avid fans’ cameras.

This time I had luck, and the person who was in pair with me was no one else than Honey.

“So what do you want to do here?” I asked her as we were walking, far from the fans. “You wanted to visit amusement park with your boyfriend.”
“How do you know that?” She stared suspiciously at me only to burst into laughter. “I must have told you about that silly dream.”
“It’s not that silly.”
“I want to…ride this.” She pointed at rollercoaster. We stayed in line and waited until it was her time to take a seat.
“You’re not coming?” She asked.
“I’ll watch you from here.”
“Noooo!” She chickened out and stepped out from the line, avoiding getting her seat on the rollercoaster. “I’m too afraid to do it!”

We got back to the line but again she resigned in the last moment.

“Wait here.” I ordered her. I went to the nearest store and bought stickers. I came back to her and put two stickers on her forehead.
“What are you doing?” She asked with smile.
“Noona, it’s your punishment for avoiding rollercoaster!”

When her face was full of stickers I slightly lost my patience.
“Aren’t you embarrassed walking in amusement park with all that stickers on??” I asked.
“It’s better than dying up there!” 

I was determined to put her on that rollercoaster, no matter what. I pushed her back into line of waiting people.
“Kai, I’m afraid, I don’t want!” She tried to escape but I blocked her with my body and she ended up bumping against my chest.
“HONEY JUST DO IT!” I said a bit too loud.
“I’m not going to do it alone.” She grabbed my hand and when I noticed we were both sitting on rollercoaster next to each other.
“I’m scared too!”

But it was too late to escape; the machine moved quickly and all we could do was holding each other’s hand tightly and scream.

When we were back on the ground my hand was aching; she was a strong girl even though she didn’t look like one.
“We could hear your screams from the further end of the park!” Jameel said patting Honey’s arm.
“I’m not going to repeat it ever again!” Liz announced but I saw sparkles in her eyes that told me she will. With right person next to her, she will ride it again.

“Thank you for today.” She whispered to my ear when we were about to separate and placed a soft kiss on my cheek.

Dum dum dum...was it a song or was it just the rhythm of my heart beating faster?

The next day my manager was furious at me; he showed me a fancam from amusement park presenting me and Liz together.
“It’s already in the Internet and people wonder why you were on a date with a girl. And why you called her ‘honey’!”
“It wasn’t a date, and Honey is her name.” I tried to defend myself.
“Honey is her name, huh? Let’s better prepare the statement for the press”.

“Tell media they were shooting for new variety show.” Someone behind us said. We turned back to see J. “Don’t look so surprise; I’m here to discuss details of new show and give you basic script; we don’t have much time, so shall we start?” 

Useless story is useless; it's dawn outside and I really need to go to bed, so tomorrow I'll write details about the show;

it's just a three days event so don't worry, it won't be nothing long and big:P

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Wrote two years ago
~listen to my heartbeat, it's beating for you~
That line came to mind when Honey gave him that sweet little kiss, omo! so cute ^^
I loved this....ohhhhhh so is the variety show going to be on the next update? Do you still need my character and the infinite boys? (Just want to know to make sure my story doesn't go against it)

Wrote two years ago
Oh nice. Great story! It's not useless! ^^

Wrote two years ago
cute and funny story ^^
i am curiously waiting for the show! :D