Narrator's POV

'....he slammed her against the wall, breathing heavily. He impatiently tired to take off her clothes to see and touch her white skin, but corset was on his way.
She bite his neck passionately, making him lose his concentration completely and untying the corset become a harder task than slashing dragons.
-Oh, just take care of my lower body, you immature boy!- she forced him to kneel down before her where he could place his kiss on her tights, and slowly make his way up...'

Kai closed the notebook with warm flush on his face; no matter how he tried, while reading handwrit he didn't see brave princess Triss and dragon hunter Geralt but Honey-Liz and himself.

He nervously bite his lower lip; he felt very frustrated.

He pushed the notebook under his pillow, hoping no one would find it and left the room to take cold shower.


The next day, before evening schedule, Kai went to Soeul-Mate. Thousand times he had repeated himself he wouldn't go there; not after he had forcefully kissed her to make her sh.ut uo.

But the temptation to see her was too big.

He entered the building and looked around; a single lady was reading a book next to bookshelf filled with used books, most written in English.

At that time of day, Seoul-Mate was peaceful cafeteria filled with scent of coffee and freshly baked cupcakes.

Kai moved to the counter where he expected to see Honey but instead of her welcomed him the owner.

"Um, where is the girl who works here?" Kai asked after a moment of hesitation.
"She doesn't work here any longer. I noticed she was disturbing you and we have here one simple rule: our workers don't disturb idols." 
"She wasn't...Park-ssi, it was me who was disturbing her, please believe me!" Kai immediately felt guilty for being the reason why the girl lost her job.
"If you're looking for Honey, she's now doing her second job."

Kai left the Seoul-Mate sad he hadn't have a chance to talk with the girl when he realized he knew what her second job was.

He hurried back to his dorm.


He wasn't mistaken; she was sitting on balcony hand-washing laundry. She was focused on it so much she hadn't noticed Kai's entrance at first.

"We have washing machine; it's downstairs in the basement, Honey-noona." Kai said smirking. "I'm disappointed you don't have maid's uniform."
"What are you doing here? And stop grinning at me!" She throw a pair of boxers she was washing at Kai, and she didn't miss, hitting him straight into face.
He took the underwear and look at it carefully.
"You like me so much that you hand wash my underwear?" Kai smirked again and said something he regretted seconds later.
"Ketchup stains don't disappear so easily. And now, go and do whatever you came to your dorm to do and leave me alone to do my job! NOW!"

Kai entered kitchen for any reason; he just wanted to pretend that he actually had some business in his dorm different than talking with his noona.

As soon as he left Honey alone, she rushed to her bag.
'Oh, I look terrible!' She thought; she hadn't have any make up on; her hair were in ponytail and she had big pink head band with bow to make sure her hair won't disturb her while she was cleaning.

She quickly got rid of head band and loosen her hair, as she had read somewhere that boys prefer girls with such hairstyle.

She hurriedly put on some make up and looked into her vague reflection in balcony glass door.

'Jumper!' She took of old gray sweater that wasn't flattering to her body. She ignored the fact her white tank top was slightly see-through and her red bra was visible - it was better than having a jumper like potato bag on.

When Kai was back, Honey was sitting like a pine-up girl [at least she intended to], hand-washing underwear. She didn't notice when water splashed on her tank top, making her bra even more visible.

Kai stared at her; he stared at her long enough to notice how awkward that must looked.

"Ekhem." He cleared his throat. He forced himself to say something, just to keep his eyes and attention off the girl's chest.
"Ho-honey no-ona, we should forget about that kiss, don't you think?"
"What kiss?" She asked stopping her work and looking at him. "I don't remember any. And I'm sure you're not talking about trying to suffocate me with your lips? It was murder's attempt, but I guess in our case it's better than sharing such an awkward kiss, don't you think?"
Kai laughed. "Murder's attempt?"
"Aren't you busy?" She said; she didn't want to come back to the topic of that kiss, and admit that maybe she enjoyed it. Or rather wanted a proper kiss from the boy.

"Um, yes, a bit. I should go now." He said, decided to not mention that she had left her notebook with unfinished novel written in it last time she had visited EXO's dorm.


Kai wasn't expecting to experience jaw–dropping twice the same day at the sight of a female.

The second girl who made his heart beat a bit faster was IU with whom he was co-hosting a music show.

IU was gorgeous, way more prettier than Honey. She was only year older than him and had lots of innocence and cuteness. She was also more polite than Liz; she would never called Kai 'porcupine's b.utt'.

Back at dorm Kai was still thinking about IU and how lucky would her boyfriend be [unlike Honey's boyfriend; she would make him suffer with her sharp tongue].

'Is it possible to like two girls at the same time?' Kai asked himself; he wanted to ask this question to his hyungs but then they would discover he's interested in, not one, but two girls.
'It's not fair to date two girls at the same time'. He thought. 'But how to decide which one I do like better?'

When he put his hand under his pillow - he always slept like that - he discovered there hidden notebook. With the light from his cellphone, he looked through the notebook;

half of it was filled with the chapter of the novel but second half was full of ideas or fragments that could be used later;

there was also a list titled 'why I want to do with my boyfriend'; with different coloured pens it was filled with many points, some rather ridiculous, some cheesy and romantic.

When Kai was about to close the notebook he noticed a line that one of the characters from her novel could say:

'How do I know I love her? My soul sings a song every time I see her.'

Kai fell asleep wondering which girl will make his soul remain silent,
and which one would make it sing.


I'm satisfied with this story, and I'm satisfied with Honey-Liz character; and I'm satisfied with Kai even though I failed with making him arrogant&cold with a lot of cuteness hidden under it [lol, just like Myungsoo:P]
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