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shein collab 14 ♡ set 8 of 10

-- too young / ghost beach


this description is all full of reminders, shoutouts and promo, so i'm just warning you haha. but read on for a chance to win some likes and stuff!

limited time left to enter my contests!

i made a collection of nice blue jeans yesterday if you want to check it out :) i'm going to publish a black pants collection sometime soon too

and i just posted my set for the last round of nvnbg! it's really funky and you can check it out here :) i did switch over to my other account for that if you didn't know haha. it was probably a good idea because imagine if that set were a real magazine set on this account. i would've butchered it lol. it came out pretty good though and i'm happy with it ^.^

speaking of that account, auditions for battle of the scenarios are filling up! there's about 30 contestants currently and my goal is to have 40-50 people in it, so here's the *important part* of this description!

how non-members can help
- if you're not a part of this battle group and won't be competing at all, you can still help me out by giving the battle group a shoutout! i will literally spam you so far down your page hahaha. the shoutout should be in "shoutout set" form (or something like this and should have the link to this set you can add the group link and the audition link too if you like. tagging your taglists in your shoutout would be great as well! if you do this, i will give you 150 likes

how members can help
- you can do the same thing as i mentioned above about the non-members, but instead of getting 150 likes, you'll get a special bonus of 20 points when the group starts, and a special shoutout in the first round as well!

by the way, after this, the only way i will be affiliating @/feels-like-snow-in-september with the battle group is mentioning it every now and then in my descriptions, with small things like "three days left to enter" or whatever because most of you know me from this account anyway :) but that's all i'll do from this account, small reminders and shoutouts for those who read my descriptions. all necessary and important information about the group will be found on @/swimmingintheflood!

ok! my eyes hurt because i was at my friend's house yesterday standing in front of a fire for ages o_o also idk how i feel about this set hahaha. it was inspired by @fridayafternoons with my favourite set of hers (!!!! i love it so much) but i got really carried away haha. i plan to do something inspired more heavily sometime because the colours and fillers in hers are gorgeous :) go check her out by the way!

that's all! have a lovely day :)

comment "reminders" if you read all of this haha i'm boring sorry lol

- jemma

8.8.16 @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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