I was up late last night drawing, I had so manuy ideas and thoughts I just had to get them to paper. Was I really crushing on Xander? That was an impossible thought, but seeming so accurate at the moment.. I looked around the library, evryone was so quiet it was a perfect place to think. I sat down, leaning against the rows of books, I was in the middle and hiding from the world. I hated it all, having feelins for him, Lindsay being right, Lindsay still hating me, though not as much anymore, we seem to be on the pathway to friendship.. I sighed, images of Athena and Xander flashed beforwe my eyes, and now even Lindsay had someone, well had a crush on that Alik guy, which was more then she had her life becsause normally it was just like a guy, sleep with him, but she seems to be changing..at least I hope so. 

I glanced down, seeing a pair of feet in front of me, startled I looked up to see Xadner, standing above me. "whats wrong?" He asked, concerned.. I sighed, shaking my head and the tears away. "It's nothing, really, I'm going to go-" "Seriously whats wrong?" He placed his hand on my shouklder, really concerned, but I shook it off. I couldn't be near him right now, I just couldnt, so I just hook my head as I walked away, and up to someone I las expected to turn tp, Lindsay.

I knocked on her door as I entered. "You were right, have feelings for Xadner." Was all I said before she hugged me. "I dont know what to do.." "Nothing. There is nothing you can do, if it was me, I'd steal him in a second, but your not going to, your just going to let him be." I knew she was right, ut I hated uit, I hated it all.
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