because this story has been bugging my life since forever. this is only the second part, i might write from someone else pov for the next part. fingers crossed i can actually write it! :]

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part one:

Seraphina Romanov
Somewhere in 2011
St. Petersburg, Russia

They say your house is where you will feel save, they call it your heaven. 
Maybe they were right, at some point...

"Oh god, it won't stop..." I muttered, persistently putting on more pressure against the wound on Niko's side, trying to stop the bleeding to no avail. I couldn't loose him. Not now, not ever. "Niko, please, for the love of Angel, stay awake, I'm begging you..."

He moaned into my stomach, once in a while mumbling nonsense as he weakly gripped my dress, "I'm cold, so very cold..."

I choked on my tears, holding him close while my other hand worked on the stubborn wound, "Niko, open your fuc.king eyes," I hissed, furiously wiping the tears away not even caring if the blood would taint my face. "You can't leave Angel, not when she just said her first word. Its you, she wanted you and you were right that daddy would be her first word. So, you have to hang in there for her..." I said, turning him to face me as I choked more, "and for me, because I can't loose you."

"Won't leave," he mumbled, forcing his eyes open to look at me. "Angel?"

"She's here, right here, I won't let anyone harm her," I said, turning to my side before hoisting my distressed baby up. She whimpered, feeling the tense air around her. "Hush, Angel. You'll be fine, zaichik..."

Niko stared, lost in trance. "My mother - step mother, she used to call me Zaichik. Its very feminine isn't it..." he trailed, laughing slightly as he kept staring. "My father hated that, he insisted that it should stop, he beat her till she had to stay in the hospital for weeks - I thought I was going to loose her. When she came home, I wasn't Zaichik anymore but Mr. Romanov or occasionally Andrei when my father wasn't paying attention."

"Niko..." I bit on my lip, grabbing him tightly. "They've made us prisoners in our own house, Niko. We need to get help, from anyone and..."

"I was a prisoner in my own house, my fath-" I covered his mouth, heart racing as I craddled Angel tighter while the footstep got closer. This was it. We would be meeting our end.

The footstep stopped, keys being fidgeted before the double doors were unlocked and pushed open from outside. I suddenly felt that someone had drugged in adrenaline to my system. I never knew that I'd be so relieved to see Angelo. He stood dumbstruck and for a moment I thought he was going to shove the door back and leave us. But he didn't as all colour suddenly rushed back and it clicked to him as he rushed to us, kneeling next to Niko's shaking body.

"God, what happened," he pulled Niko, cursing more at the blood. "My brother, Lorenzo did this, didn't he? Oh god, I should have been here. I knew it, I just had it in my gut."

My heart felt like it skipped a beat. "He's been planning this, hasn't he?" 

Angelo breathed out a sigh, not admitting but certainly not denying. A certain rush of anger boiled into me as I leaned and pulled him by the collar, "TELL ME!" I yelled into his face, eyes blurring in furious tears. "Is your brother going to kill my husband and baby!?"

He shook his head, "My brother thinks that-"

"I don't give a damn what your brother thinks. He's vile, and cruel." I spatted, pulling his collar tighter. "And you're pathetic."

tbc to part 3
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