When I got to camp, there was a huge rush of people, most of them wearing orange camp shirts. It was hard to read what they said but I was able to pick up that it said Camp Half-Blood. 
 Rove lead me through the crowd to a huge, blue farm house. There was a bearded man in a wheelchair that greeted me on the porch. Rove explained that he was a centaur but I didn't believe him until a horse body popped up from the wheelchair. 
 After I pulled myself together, Rove lead me to the Hermes cabin. Were the undiscovered demigods go. "Wait, how do you know I am a demigod if you don't know my parent."
 "you attract monsters." And the conversation ended there. Wehn we got to the cabin, i noticed that there were a bunch of people in there. A tall, handsome guy hopped over. "Daughter of Hermes?" the guy asked. 
 "IDK. but I don't think so." Rove answered.
 "Awesome. Well, don't worry. There is a law that states that your dad, or mom, will claim sometime this week. For now. I'll show you our cabin and get you some stuff to get you going." he lead me deep into his cabin.... well more like to the back. "By the way, names Avan." 
 "Well, nice to meet ya Serena. This is Alyssa. And another new member, also an undiscovered. Her name is Jessica." I waved. 
 When we got to the back, Avan handed me a small package." Here you go. Why don't you open it up?" So I did. "This is a camp shirt, like everyone elses.... well most everyone's. And this is nectar, the drink of the gods. Only drink a bit or you'll die. Same with this Ambrosia. This is a necklace for your beads, don't worry, I'll explain later. I see you have a knife..." I guess he saw it peeking from my bag. 
 "Yeah, I always wanna protect myself from burglars and stuff.."
 "Well, I think we'll find you a celestial bronze soon. That metal will kill monsters but not mortals. But we also need to see what weapon you will specialize in. Training begin tomorrow. Last item, your map of the camp. If you need anything, let me know!" Then he walked off. 
 I sat most of my things on a spare mattress laid on the floor. Avan also told me I had the rest of the day to myself and that dinner was at 7. So I had quite a few hours. So I went and sat under a tree.
 It was there that I met a nymph named Oakly. She told me that she had to stay close to her tree, her life source. Then she asked me who I was and all of the normal questions: age, parents, etc. Then she had to leave and I was left there alone. 
 It was probably around 5 when a super handsome guy, more so than Avan, walked over and sat down by me. "Hey, the name's William. Son of Hephaestus . I am guessing you are the new girl?" 
 "Well, I sure hope that you aren't one of siblings. Though you don't really look like youwould be. You are way too pretty. I mean... AH!" He smacked his forehead. 
 "You really think I'm pretty?" i asked. he nodded. "Well, I think that you are pretty cute." He perked up a bit. I guess he was afraid that he blew his chance. We talked a bit and very soon William asked me if I wanted to watch the sunset with him, right after dinner. I agreed and I met him after a hearty meal of pizza and fries. 
 The sun melting into the ocean was a site. William told me that he really liked me and asked me if I would be his girlfriend. I sat there thinking for a while. 'What about Cody?' But then I realized, IT wouldn't work out between a demigod and mortal and so I tol Willaim, "Sure." And we were officially a couple. We chatted and held hands until curfew. I told him I was stuck in the Hermes cabin and he told me that he had a solution and to meet him by Oakly's tree during free time the next day.


 I was so happy to see William. Our free times met up right before lunch. I was told to steer clear of the woods until I found a weapon but William would protect me. Plus, we would only be going in a few yards. WE got to a tree and my new bf turned a knot on a tree to the left and a portion of the trunk rolled open and revealed a ladder. WE climbed to the top and found a chair, book shelf, and bed. "I made this for myself awhile back but found a comfier place in my own cabin. So you can have it if you want." 
 I ran over to him and gave him a great big hug! I gave his a huge thank you and soon I had moved all my things and had my own clubhouse. I told Avan and he said that he would wanna come visit sometime, as long as he could bring his good friend Charlotte. Of course I agreed. 

There was a picture of Cody I hung on the wall. I grabbed it and changed it to a picture of William. I was going to like camp.

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