I saw my father. He was tall and looked surprisingly young. In fact, he looked just a few years older than me. Which is awkward. His blonde hair was shaped in such a way it almost appeared like flames. 
 "Hi Sweetheart." I rolled my eyes. "Why are you so mad at me?"
 "I don't .... why did you wait so long to claim me? People told me that you have to claim when we are younger! And then you even waited several days after I came to camp!" I was furious. My skin started to get warm again.
 Apollo touched my arm and absorbed all the heat. "Do you think you could have handled it any time sooner?" I thought about it. "You nearly fainted several times when you met Rove and Chiron! Do you think you would have been ready to hear this?" I shook my head. "You were ready a few days ago." 
 I sighed. I wasn't as mad, I guess just frustrated. "Well, before you go answer me these: Why does my skin get so hot? And why my mom?" 
 He smiled. "The rage of the sun. That's why your skin gets hot. The sun. And your mom. She was beautiful. I wanted to stay, but we gods have other duties. Your mother was kind and loving. But she had no clue. Just like she has no clue now either. I had it arranged that you went to a prep school."
 "Why don't you explain it to her?" I said angrily.
 "Same reason I held back with you. she couldn't handle it." He leaned over and kissed my forehead. "I love you sweetheart. Remember that. Oh, and I really do enjoy Jalapenos" He winked and I gave him a smirk. He told me to close his eyes. I felt a radiance of heat and when I opened my eyes, he was gone. 
 I figured this was good news to share with Jessica, William, and Avan. My best friends. I found Jessica first. She could obviously tell something was up because she asked me "What's up?" 
 "I met my father. He was..... was actually quite attractive. Awkward right?" She nodded her head and stifled a laugh. I told her the whole conversation. 
 WE both decided to head and find Will or Avan to tell them. But they were both in Greek translation class. So we sat outside of the Big House, as it is called, to wait. 
 But then, Chiron came out. He told us to come inside. "Hello ladies. I need you to go investigate Brooklyn." 
 "Brooklyn?" we asked at the same time. 
 "There has been a strange disturbance on the west side of Brooklyn. Across from Olympus. There is a great power that does not belong to the Greeks, or even the Romans." Chiron mumbled that last bit quietly. 
 Of course we agreed. Neither of us had been at camp very long, but knew getting a quest was a great honor..... and quests are covered in the beginners class. We looked at each other and then back at Chiron, "Who else will go with us?"
 The centaur smiled at us and chuckled, "Well that is up to you, though I suggest a male." 
 William immediately came to mind. But I figured it would be awkward for Jessica. So we talked about it and decided to go with Avan. We both knew him well and he was super handy with almost every weapon. 
 Chiron told us to pack up and he would let Avan know. he would also make the announcement at lunch.
 I decided to change into an outfit I borrowed from Serena. It was almost summer, so I wore shorts and a floral cami. I brought a navy jacket for summer nights. I had my amazing sneakers. Even though they were heel sneakers I could walk and run incredibly well in them. I also packed my knife and my new bow and arrows. I packed some nectar and ambrosia. I brought a regular water bottle and my phone, iPod, and camera. I packed sunglasses and drum sticks. I wanted to practice when I got bored. Plus, I couldn't bring my guitar so this was the next best thing. I left my treehouse and went to tell William goodbye.....
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