Today was my first day of high school. 
It was... ehh.
I woke up at 7:00, later than I expected, and only had 20 minutes to dress up. I got to school groggily at like 7:45. We had an extremely boring lecture. LIKE EXTREMELY. Ugh I can already tell I won't like/fit in with my classmates that much. They're just not like me. While they watch some random teen show, like Dance Moms or whatever, I'm home. Doing random stuff. Oh, and they're well-off... they have nice clothes and nice phones and macs. I looked so out of place and I felt so... ugly is that the word? I didn't bother straightening my hair or applying makeup so...

My homeroom teacher was really nice. He's a science teacher (but not mine science teacher, I was going to have him, but whatever.) Then I had a conflict with my schedule so I calmly asked him what to do. Here's the problem: I got placed in Physical Science Honors instead of chemistry honors ( the latter normally a sophomore/junior class, but this year they were doing something new) and French 1 instead of Latin 1 H. I tried to remain calm as I went to the guidance place, spent like nearly 75% of my day there, and had to contact various science department heads. All in all, I got my classes Chemistry Honors and Latin 1 H. Unfortunately, I had to compromise cus of the time conflicts... Global History H to Global History standard... ew. But that's alright seeing I'm not on a humanities track and I can always take AP US history junior year. 

Oh yeah, and day one of high school... after I got help from my guidance counselor we were already talking about college after I brought up the AP Us History problem. She said I was in the most competitive classes and assumed I would be a top student, but urgh that Global History standard class REALLY REALLY BUGS ME. UGH. I sound like a brat right now, sorry.

I DIDN"t MAKE ANY FRIENDS TODAY EITHER. =__= it's okay though, right? Friends come naturally... But all the kids in my class are so snobby.... and I'm very... err socially awk.

Oh and we took class pictures today for our student ID. I think I did well. I guess hours of camwho-ring with my best friends paid off really well. LOL OHMYGOD we camwhore so freaking much... srsly. 

Then I went back to homeroom, tried out my lock, and had a friendly conversation with my homeroom teacher. He was glad my schedule was sorted out and said he was a Chemistry major. Then we just talked about stuff science nerds talk about.

I went home like thirty minutes past dismissal cus of the schedule change. Oh and my dad is trying to pull a few strings so I can have a mentor at his alma mater Harvard Med for the science fair... ugh I feel so bad cus this puts me at an unfair advantage against other kids, but still.

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