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"No, it's fine, Juliet. You don't have to be sorry. Abby shouldn't have done that. And you're not friendless."
I smiled, although half of me still wanted to be crying, "It's fine...I"m fine now."
I took my head off his shoulder awkwardly and smiled. Getting to my feet, I said, "Thanks."
He nodded, looking thoughtful. 
I was about to open the door when I heard his voice, "Juliet... wait."
I looked back, "Yes?"
"Come to the dance with me."
I raised my eyebrows.
He laughed and hurriedly corrected himself, "I mean, will you come to the dance with me?"
He wanted me to come to the dance with HIM? Of course! How did this happen?
"Okay... of course!"
I left, a new bounce in my step. Outside the library, Abby and Bojan said a few more rude comments but not a single one registered. 
now, I'm writing more of my other one. Lukas is ALIVE AND I NEEDTO WRITE MORE ABOUT HIM.
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