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"Can I get you something to drink?" some bartender asked me.

"Vodka please."

"Can I see your ID?"

"Yeah sure." I handed over to him my fake ID which i'm pretty sure i've had since the ninth grade. He handed me the glass, which i just about chugged.

"Damn Drew, no such thing as savoring a drink in your world, eh?"

Aric said from behind me. I spun around in my chair and kissed him.

"I should probably slow down. I want you to come back to the campus with me."

"Uh...." He scratched his head.

"Just to meet everyone, they want to see you."

"Okay, as long as we can go for dinner tomorrow."

"Of course, I love dinner with you. Especially the part when we go home..."

He grinned and ordered us some shots with his fake ID. 

Some might think it was weird that he was younger than me. All I can say is that age is only a number.

We finished our rounds of shots quickly so we could get to the campus before it was really late.
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