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So this is a set for @deeisme hope you like it love! 

It was 03:00 AM so you were still sleeping. You woke up because your phone ringed. It was Niall. ''Good morning my princess!" "Niall it's 03:00 AM! I was still sleeping! You scared the crap out of me!" '' Haha i'm so sorry babe, but it's important'' 
''Okay, tell me!'' ''Sorry, it's a surprise! Pack your bags, I'll be there in an hour. Bye beautiful'' You packed your bags and Niall ranged the doorbell. You opened the door, and you kissed him, '' Wow you look amazing'' niall said. '' we're going to the surprise! '' ''Oh i just wanna take you anywhere that you like! '' You both laughed. After 1 hour driving, You 2 arrived at Six Flags. '' Omg niall!'' ''What do you think?'' niall said. '' It's amazing, thank you so much!'' You kissed him. You had a lovely day with him, and he was holding your hand all the time. XX
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