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  • Weasley is our K I N G
    "9.8- ABSOLUTELY stunning! I'm loving the colors although I can't tell if I like the layout or not haha :) also, maybe less pictures and more fillers/items would be cute! STUNNING though! :D" — @loveforeverxo
  • li'l glee cast
    "8.9- AWWW! so cute! it's not really a fashion set, but I love the picture! I also like the light coming out of the corner, but I might have picked a different frame and added smaller Glee pictures for a collage! cute! :)" — @loveforeverxo
  • 106. Bags of Couture ♥
    "9.8-WOW! This is so cute! I like the layout, except maybe just 1 Juicy logo wold have been enough ;) great job though, love the colors!" — @loveforeverxo
  • 1O4. BOTB round 4.
    "9.5- Again, layout is a little awkward for me and I would like to be able to see the full quote, but nice colors and design! :)" — @loveforeverxo
  • 1O3. BOTB round 3
    "9.7-This is really cool & vintage-y looking! :) Only thing is that the layout is a little awkward, but kinda cool! :D" — @loveforeverxo
  • 6. Dakota Fanning
    "10- I LOVE THIS! It's so gorgeous and the black and white works so well! Great job! :)" — @loveforeverxo
  • Hey! Soul sister
    "9.9-STUNNING. I'm at a loss for words, this is GORGEOUS! Nothing to improve on, except for the necklace sticking out at the bottom ;) GREAT job!" — @loveforeverxo
  • pink vanity : ♥
    "8.7- LOVE this. colors are beautiful, although the layout is a little awkward for me. super chic, though! :)" — @loveforeverxo
  • Taylor Swift -glitterati gold
    "9.1-this is such a pretty set! I really like the pictures and dress, although maybe you could have added more items in :)" — @loveforeverxo
  • Heather Marks
    "8.5- again, I love the colors! The layout is a little bit awkward again, maybe the text could be for the whole square, but this is really cool! :)" — @loveforeverxo
  • Untitled
    "9.0-WOW! this is really cool! I love how you incorporated tons of different pix and it works really well! it would be cool as a square, too! xD" — @loveforeverxo
  • ♥ this is how it must feel
    "8.5-cute! I love the layering, although I think it would be really cute if there was more of a color theme! love the sneakers!" — @loveforeverxo
  • O2. Up♥
    "9.8-OMG! this is SUPER cool and SO creative! great job, that movie is so cute!" — @loveforeverxo
  • ♥ josh hartnett(:
    "9.7- ooooh :) haha love the pix, GREAT color scheme! sunglasses are a little out of place, though but it's still amazing!" — @loveforeverxo
  • Untitled
    "9.8-AMAZING! love the colors, LOVE everything! only thing is that the items are SUPER small! great job! ;)" — @loveforeverxo

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