Set Of Six Assorted Acid Green Vases Tozai
  • CB2 3-Piece Amigos Vase Set
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    Fresh greens. Three green vessels scale hi/lo in a tonal trio of handmade stoneware. Finished hi-gloss, pea green bottle, hunter green pin and chartreuse teardrop sprout a single bloom solo or as a verdant composition. Details and Dimensions: 3-Piece amigos vase set. Handmade. Stoneware. Hi-gloss finish. Wipe with soft, dry cloth. Made in China. Size 1-Pea Green Smooth: Height: 8" Diameter: 3.75" Size 2-Hunter Pin: Height: 12.25" Diameter: 3.5" Size 3-Chartreuse Smooth: Height: 6.25" Diameter: 5.25"
  • Set of Six Traditional Golden Vases in Porcelain by Tozai Home
    This set of six Gold vases, which vary in height and width, are a perfect way to decorate any room in your house.
  • CB2 Butternut Glass Vase
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    Golden touch. Handmade golden glass vessel is a bold play on color and texture. Engraved by hand, broad, freeform strokes align matte bands from top to base around softly tapered form, alternating in modern contrast to glossy finish. Details and Dimensions: Butternut glass vase. 4.5" Dia. X 8.25"H. Handmade. Soda lime glass. Hi-gloss golden yellow glaze. Watertight. Wipe with soft, dry cloth. Made in India. Overall Dimensions: Height: 8.25" Diameter: 4.5"
  • Tozai Set of 3 Blue Coral Fish White Vases Designed by Fabienne Jouvin
    Set of 3 Blue Coral Fish White Vases Designed by Fabienne Jouvin Hand-Painted Porcelain 8 x 26 1/4" H
  • 1179tq Large Vase By Emissary
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    Large vase with a turquoise glaze. Dimensions: 26x26"h.
  • Secret Garden
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  • Tall Barnacle Vase design by Tozai Home
    Nature serves wonderfully as inspiration for Tozai's Sealife collection. As in the sea these formations are createdone by one, as the ceramicist places each tube precisely on the base and builds the tower. Once fired, each piece continues to evolveto create this unique sculpture. Ceramic. 11.5" x 16" x 23"H.
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    Composition: Glass. Details: living room. Measurements: Height: 11.31 inches Width: 6.05 inches.
  • Set of 2 Flowering Tube Barnacle Vases design by Tozai Home
    Nature serves wonderfully as inspiration for Tozai's Sealife collection. As in the sea these formations are createdone by one, as the ceramicist places each tube precisely on the base and builds the tower. Once fired, each piece continues to evolveto create this unique sculpture. Ceramic. 8" x 8.25" x 9.5"H. Sold as a set of two (2).
  • Thomas Bentzen Elevated Vase
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    Formerly of Studio/Louise Campbell, Scandinavian designer Thomas Bentzen established his own studio in 2010. Bentzen is a co-founder of the design collective Remove and has exhibited his products all over the world. Reflecting the designer’s origin in its quiet yet captivating form and subdued, the fully handmade Elevated Vase (2013) strives to capture the earthly and ethereal all at once. “The wood represents the roots in the soil and the glass the airy treetop, as it stands in nature,” says Bentzen of his vase. Elegant yet carefully understated, it manages to both anchor and lift arrangements without dominating the stage. “The wooden bowl holding the glass vase elevates the flowers, almost ritually,” he says, “and frames them in a new Nordic poetic way.” Glass portion removes for easy hand cleaning; not dishwasher safe. Made in China.
  • Tozai Aquamarine Vases - Set of 6
    When you need a major pop of color, this stunning set of six aquamarine vessels is the ideal choice. Envision them perched stunningly in a white cabinet or perhaps group them with your favorite stems on an entry way console - the possibilities are endless. Each vase is a unique shape that lends itself to the serene, laid back feeling these ultra cool vessels bring to your space. Sized from H:5-12" Diameter:3.75".
  • CERAMICA GATTI 1928 Silver Hand Painted Ceramic Vase - Silver
    Height: 39cm Width: 34cm Length: 12cm. Weight: 1.7kg. Made in Italy.
  • Tozai Home Silver Vases, Set of 6
    A modern take on East meets West, Tozai Home is the haute couture of today’s interiors. The versatile shapes and patterns of the Silver Collection are fashionably modern, yet encompass an old eastern sentiment.
  • Bloomingville Ceramic Vase - Mint/Light Grey
    Material: ceramic. Dimensions: 19x19xH14cm. White/mint colour with matte finish. Geometric shape. Simplistic design.
  • Tozai Nanjing Crackled Celedon Vases - Set of 3
    Celedons soft and pleasing to the eye hue is the perfect match for this elegant trio of porcelain vases. Set a few in your home office or guest bedroom and bring into that room a serene mood that melts the stress of the day away. Three uniquely beautiful shapes with stunning curves that are a stunning additon to any styled space. H:10" Diameter:5.5". H:11" Diameter:7". H:12" Diameter:6".
  • 17" High Turquoise Glass Vase With Curved Spout
    This unique turquoise glass vase features a sturdy bowl-shaped base and a slender, curved spout. Constructed from handmade glass, no two pieces or colors are identical. Handmade glass construction. Turquoise hue. May vary in color and shape. 17" high.
  • Tozai Coral Small White Vase Ceramic
    Fuse traditional flower arranging with updated taste in art ceramics when you choose the Coral Small White Vase, a transitional tulipiere in ceramic whitewashed with a glaze that emphasizes hand-formed ripples. Essentially a cluster of tube-shaped bud vases joined by an interesting speckle base, this ceramic art object offers myriad striking possibilities for display. H:9.5" W:7" D:7".
  • Evolution by Waterford Celestial 12" Vase
    Glass. Imported. 12" Hand wash.
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  • Tozai Long Necked Vase with Mother of Pearl Effect Porcelain
    The dreamy iridescence of mother of pearl shimmers the entire way down all four and a half feet of this long necked vase. Gorgeous sloping curves and elegantly hued, an exquisite finishing touch with a shimmery seashell inspired effect. Placed by a stairway in your entry, this vase is sure to gain admirers from all those who gaze upon it. H:55" Diameter:14".
  • Lene Bjerre Blue Mood Vase
    House single blooms in style with the Lene Bjerre Blue Mood Vase. This stunning small decorative accessory is made from porcelain and features a curved bottle shaped body. It is finished in an immaculate shade of white with an image of a bird etched on the front of the piece resting on a branch in an deep shade of dark blue. This offers an eye-catching contrast in colours that ensures this will be a stand out piece in the room. The Blue Mood Vase will be an ideal piece to house single stem flowers or alternatively can be used as a decorative accessory around the home. With over 35 years of experience in the design industry, add a touch of Scandinavian style to your surroundings with Lene Bjerre.
  • Tozai Grand Tour Bisque Planter/Vase
    Low-placed side handles enhance the width, and thereby the presence, of the Grand Tour Bisque Planter and Vase. Equally superb for a dense oversized greenery arrangement or for a few potted succulents, the off-white vessel has a neo-Classical look that emphasizes heft and proportion. A distinct lip furthers the impression of downplayed drama in this classic cachepot or planter. H:7" Diameter:8.5". Food-safe.
  • Viola.
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  • Bloomingville Ceramic Vase - Black
    Material: ceramic. Dimensions: D20xH15cm. Geometric shape. Simplistic design. Matte finish.
  • Tozai Set of 2 Aquamarine Collar Vases
    A set of 2 Aquamarine Collar Vases from the Sea Escape collection is stunning in its soft curves and delicate nature, beautifully suited for a sea inspired décor or anywhere that you envision it perfectly fitting. Decidedly feminine with its soft tone and rounded curves and well suited for a few simple stems of beautiful Tuberose or Calla Lilies. Small Vase H13" W:8". Medium Vase H16.5" W:10.5".
  • Georg Jensen Facet Vase, Medium Black
    Designed by Rikke Hagen with a narrow mouth and a wide, bowl-shaped vase, Georg Jensen's Facet Vase is perfect for displaying full bouquets. Glass. Imported. 7"H x 10.75"W x 6.5"D.
  • Tozai Set of 2 Cracked Crystal Ellipse Hand Sculpted Vases
    Exquisitely hand-crafted Cracked Crystal Ellipse vases are breathtaking beautiful and gorgeously unique. Place your favorite stems inside to bring a touch of nature into your space. With an absence of color, these vases make room for the center of attention to be the blossoms themselves. H:7" W:13" D:2.5. H:5.5" W:8" D:2".
  • Copper Patina Tall Bottle Vase
    Clean form, contemporary color, and classic craftsmanship! Measuring approximately 17" tall, The tall bottle vase begins life as a clay form, fired in an electric kiln, followed by applications of specially-crafted copper coatings. The individual vase is then buried in a primitive pit of sawdust that is ignited and allowed to burn for a period of hours. The smoldering fire results in alluring color variations in the copper that cannot be duplicated - each is truly one of a kind! Handmade in Tennessee. Product care : clean with a duster or soft lint-free cloth, lightly dampened with glass cleaner or water. Never use abrasive materials or chemical cleaners. Although the vase has a protective finish, it is considered decorative and should not be used to hold water.
  • Tozai Round Barnacle Vase
    The Round Barnacle Vase is exquisitely unique and absolutely eye catching. A true conversation piece, this under the sea inspired piece of stunning ceramic is handmade piece by piece forming the tower. The barnacle vase will undoubtedly be the focal point of the space it is perched elegantly in. Complimented with your favorite stems or stunning as a stand alone piece, a simply elegant piece to have in a favorite room. H:12" Diameter:15".
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