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on with the tip!
This time and age, us young ones are always searching for new styles or trying to do something stylishly different. Trends that start off looking funny or weird and are just used for laughs, become a trend that everybody wears and calls "swag" lol.
But standing out is what makes you different. I personally like to do things my own way on certain things. I like for people to say" ooo look what you have on" "Oh i like how you did so and so..." 
Thats what you call having your own little trend//signature style etc.
Hey,you never know! Your group of friends or a handful of people can start doing what you do with your personal style and boom! You've started a trend.
Here are some tips on having your own trend//style
-Stop trying so hard to be different! Be yourself about your style. Don't try to look over high hills searching desperately to set you apart from others. You just may end up looking like a fool when you come to school, thinking you are really doing something....when you're not -_-.

-Stay who you are and dress with what fits you and your personality and add some of your spunk to it and bam! You've got your own personal style.
♥D0 iT 0FTEN♥
-You cant start a trend over night// get noticed over night! If you are wearing your hair some sort of way one day, do it often. 

-Go for about 2 weeks like that and then add something to that look.  Baby steps:)

-Like duh! Lol. But this means to still look good. Dont go to far oustide of the box to where you look like youve gone crazy, thinkin you look cute.

-You can do this many ways. Like starting your trend with popular brands or something

-This may make it easier to start something or have a signature look:) Like idk about other parts of the states, but here in the south (or texas at least. And if you have this trend in your are, comment below!!:P) Nike or Nike Athletic Socks (the one with the lines on the back) in white, black, red ,or blue with some nike sandals (the ones boys wear) are reeeeeally in style. So to switch it up and make your own style, maybe wear one high on or something. (we started off with colored socks on top of our jeans//leggings,and then people would wear only one, and then we got to the nike socks. This is a result of people changing it up:p)

-So if you have a trend that already captures eyes, you changing it up wont be hard to get attention.

-Think outside of the box. Dont go for the obvious. Then we wont be getting anywhere.

-You have to wear it often, and you have to present yourself well:) You cant be lame and stylishly different at the same time! -_- Get it out there. Be presentable and get it noticed.

Thats all for now:) REQUESTS ARE NEEDED!!!!
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Wrote 4 years ago
The Nike sandals & socks are REALLY popular in midwestern America, ahaa. Maybe that's because I'm part of the athlete clique at my school though (:



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