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Some Twitter updates by fans during the fan meeting:
- Seungri imitated Taeyang's "VI, shut upppp!" He also said: "Sometimes, I miss SOL-san too. SOL-san daisuki (I love you)!!"
- Seungri also talked about the time he sent a message to Taeyang asking him, "How are you?" but Taeyang replied in English and he didn't know how to answer.
- Seungri imitated GD and sang a bit of That XX (see fancam above)
- Seungri said GD and T.O.P are actually really good in Japanese. The two speak Japanese fluently while in the waiting room. He says he and Daesung are usually quiet while Taeyang screams in English.
- Seungri: "Yesterday, we went to Shanghai.. It was a Japanese event (Tokyo Girls Collection) but it was held in China and we, who are Korean artists, performed. I don't get it."
- The first prize for the raffle draw was a sheep toy from Seungri. He said the sheep saw Seungri taking a bath before. Second prize was Seungri's signed soccer shoes.
- During the fan meeting, there was a "Try to Cry/Fake Crying in 1 Minute" corner. The MC asked Seungri what's on his mind. He answered that he was thinking of his mom's kimchi pork.
- He said he wants to show YG his hard work and asked permission to continue working in Japan next year.
- He shared that the song Mikazuki by Ayaka (see fancam above) was recommended by Daesung. He says Daesung likes Ayaka and event went to her concert.
- He also shared that when they were in Shanghai for the Tokyo Girls Collection event, G-Dragon asked him "What are you doing tomorrow?" He told him he's having a fan meeting and GD commented, "Eeh? You're doing it again??"
- There was also a "drama" corner during the fan meeting and the girl who played Seungri's girlfriend was really cute. The girl was nervous at first but afterwards became comfortable and stared at Seungri. Seungri told her: "Don't stare at me like that!! I'm blushing!!"
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