the who and what in FLO's life:

the family'

an average white collar guy who got lucky after marrying a NYC socialite. runs a humble restaurant in the meatpacking district and keeps the family grounded most of the time. has a kick-ass sense of humor, though sometimes it's hard to take him seriously.

AVA Moon
only daughter of a mining tycoon, became one of the recognisable socialites in NYC thanks to her charity involvements. the one who wears the pants in the family, but knows when to let her husband take control. she's also a very good cook.

the cool brother everyone wish they could have-
adopted when he was four from one of the orphanages that AVA volunteered at. fits in perfectly with the family, and always the one to turn to in times of need. became a hit producer after a chance encounter with a certain hip-hop legend, but while he's been getting lucky with the ladies, he swears he's still a good boy at heart.

the job'

FLO's not exactly the next Kelly Cutrone, but along with some of her closest friends, she'd set up their own fashion PR company, TWENTY20, located just a few minutes walks from her apartment in TRIBECA. their loyal clients include DKNY, Michael Kors, and Alexander Wang (she's a personal good friend of the latter).

the colleagues / friends'

she's the spawn of a famous rockstar with connections perfect for the job. what she wants she will do anything to get and that can piss certain people off, but she's actually really nice. sometimes knits in the office, and a huge fan of One Direction.
(miroslava duma)

MAGGIE Romanov
this Russian beauty and FLO met in college and have been inseparable since. a single mother, she's warm and the best person to resolve any crisis. doesn't speak much but she always has a way of winning every argument she gets into. very close to FLO's family.
(vika gazinskaya)

JULES Scott Jr
a young man struggling to graduate from fashion school, somehow scored a part-time job as FLO's assistant. really he's just hired because they need a good-looking opposite sex in the office. but reliable when he has to be, and knows FLO more than she does herself.

the one'

a former Broadway actor who happens to live right below FLO's apartment. has his own acting school after 'retiring' from the stage. he's charming, witty, and has been on GQ magazine countless times. surprisingly he seems to enjoy FLO's company these days and the same can be said for her.

the girls'

-AMI (@vampire-weakend): i think i must be growing old because i can't remember what we agreed on regards to their relations. LOL! they met at an industry party, right?

-ANDI (@wishes-and-dreams): probably met during their college years. i'm not bothered to pick a specific college for FLO (le gasp! what has happened to that so-into-details Lula?!?!)...

-CARSON (@the-wild-things): met at yoga class and also through AMI

-ZARA (@coriiiii): might have to ditch the internship plot, and maybe they met through AMI instead?

-CELESTE (@emgeemtee): met through FLO's brother, GARETH, at an industry party

-LOU (@etchasketchinlola) : FLO's the publicist for her designs back in the days, and now stuck as friends

-TORI (@ohofkors): ??
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