So here we go! The characters of Seven Devils who are available for auditions! And yes, you can be either a guy or a girl.
I've provided their name, title, court, if they're a fae or something else, model, and some brief details about each one. It's up to you to expand upon that. I'd recommend reading each description, because some characters are connected to others. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!
Also, I'd prefer if you didn't change the model, but if you really want to, please PM me with your reason why and we can take it from there :)
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    Russian Dolls and Balkan Stars
  • Our Hopes and Expectations
    More info
    "THE SPRING COURT" — @jolieenrose
    Hello :) Christine. 24 years old. 17 January A bit of dork who likes to waste time. A random...
  • Lucas Bernardini
    More info
    High Lord • Spring Court" — @jolieenrose
    Love the work of spunky men I pin along with the photographers who photograph them.................I thank you all! Purplerosethorne is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
  • Tumblr
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    "Fae • Lucas Bernardini" — @jolieenrose
  • Alexis Foley
    More info
    "Charms the pants off people (literally), carries a lot of guilt, small group of trusted friends, misses his brother Pryce, wants to prove he's more than what he seems, odds are stacked against him, has an advisor who manipulated him against Pryce" — @jolieenrose
    Alexis Foley is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
  • Chic Management ::pauline hoarau
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    Runaway • Spring Court" — @jolieenrose
  • (via gracefound, zasu)
    More info
    "Human • Pauline Hoarau" — @jolieenrose
  • Средневековый замок
    More info
    "Escaped from the Human Realm, unnoticed, introverted, easily amused, proud of her small rose garden, misses her family, longs to return home, in for a rude awakening, secretly sassy, hopes to never get caught, feels like she's never good at anything" — @jolieenrose
    Посмотрите доску «famme fatale» пользователя Shiki Sakurai в Pinterest — всемирном каталоге идей. | Подробнее об этой теме: Замки, Средневековый замок и Германия.
  • Marina Nery
    More info
    Priestess • Spring Court" — @jolieenrose
  • tumblr_mki98zc30X1qhkf9bo1_500_large.jpg (500×707)
    More info
    "Witch • Marina Nery" — @jolieenrose
    More info
    "Unknown origins, secretive, people think she's conspiring with the King, seemingly innocent, not what she seems, may actually be good?, outcast, uses her looks to lure people, always has a trick up her sleeve, has killed a man (or ten)" — @jolieenrose
  • Bridal Portraits at Methoni Castle, Messinia, Greece
    More info
    "THE SUMMER COURT" — @jolieenrose
    Visit the post for more.
  • New York Magazine
    More info
    High Lord • Summer Court" — @jolieenrose
    A guide to the career of Nate Gill including cover shots, party photos, runway images, backstage photos, quotes, and more.
  • A Game of Clothes
    More info
    "Fae • Nate Gill" — @jolieenrose
    Ser Arys in Dorne, In a very compromising state of undress
  • Tumblr
    More info
    "Throws the best parties, laughs a lot when drunk, loves to tell the story of how his parents fell in love, talkative, hopeless romantic, nervous, wild, bastard-born but wears the title with pride, inherited the court at too young an age" — @jolieenrose
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  • Kelly Gale
    More info
    Lady • Summer Court" — @jolieenrose
    Pins about Kelly Gale hand-picked by Pinner Model Gallery | See more about elle sweden, the libertines and models.
  • "La Anarquía es la mas alta expresión del orden"
    More info
    "Fae • Kelly Gale" — @jolieenrose
    rape-me-with-smoke: “o-m-e-r-t-a: “ x ” b&w blog ”
  • A Game of Clothes
    More info
    "High Lord's cousin, only surviving family member, the brains, keeps her cousin in line, rolls her eyes a lot, always puts family first, works too much, will protect her cousin and court at all costs, analytical, without her the court would fall" — @jolieenrose
    More high fashion masks for Quaithe
  • Francisco Lachowski by Dimitris Theocharis
    More info
    Commoner • Summer Court" — @jolieenrose
    Brazilian supermodel Francisco Lachowski updates his portfolio with a recent portrait series captured by fashion photographer Dimitris Theocharis.
  • Story Inspiration
    More info
    "Fae • Francisco Lachowski" — @jolieenrose
    Arabesque is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
  • Wedding
    More info
    "Thief & con-artist, smooth talker, has traveled all across Prythian, made many enemies in other courts, notorious, tells great stories of his travels, smirks, not well-liked in his own court because of his "criminal" past" — @jolieenrose
    post-wedding shot... really romantic. it's the kind of picture you look at 10 years down the road when you're having a tough day and you immediately remember why you got married and how much you love the other person.
  • Autumn rays
    More info
    author: Taras Bychko; title: Autumn rays; category: Nature; download price: 2.99; print price: 199.0; camera: NIKON D7000
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Autumn/Winter 2007-2008 Details
    More info
    "THE AUTUMN COURT" — @jolieenrose
  • Autumnal Morning
    More info
    From the archive during one beautiful morning at Bushy Park during the annual deer rut. This lone red deer stag stands on the edge of a tree line, as the first light of the sun begins to burn through the autumnal mornings mist.
    You can see more of my work, and read my blog at
    Also find me on:
    Twitter and Facebook.
  • Creative Photography
    More info
    Lady/Seer • Autumn Court" — @jolieenrose
    Explore Charlie L's board "Daria Sidorchuk" on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas | See more about Creative Photography, Freckles and Portrait photography.
  • House Florent by LiquidSoulDesign
    More info
    "Fae • Daria Sidorchuk" — @jolieenrose
    House Florent Sigil - A Foxes Head surrounded by Flowers on Ermine Sworn To House Tyrell After watching the awesome Game of Thrones series I became slig...
  • Begin Anywhere.
    More info
    "Youngest & only daughter of the High Lord & Lady, always forgotten in a sea of boisterous brothers, rebel, seer (but no one believes her), has terrifying visions of the future, warm, loves the outdoors, wants to be a warrior & not a doting lady to a lord" — @jolieenrose
  • Bloodlines
    More info
    Lord • Autumn Court" — @jolieenrose
    Explore Lucy Halliday's board "Bloodlines" on Pinterest, the world's catalogue of ideas. | See more about Google, Actresses and Irish.
  • Liu Wen shot by Txema Yeste for Antidote,...
    More info
    "Human/Fae • Max Irons" — @jolieenrose
    “ Liu Wen shot by Txema Yeste for Antidote, Fall/Winter 2012 ”
  • The Lament of Persephone
    More info
    "Was once a human, now a fae, turned for his love who ended up being a witch in disguise, not trusting of most people, serves in the court, cautious, has never quite adapted to being fae, mumbles, searching for a way to turn back to human at any cost" — @jolieenrose
    Fashion spread inspired by the story of Persephone.
  • zhenya katava
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    Huntress • Autumn Court" — @jolieenrose
    Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.
  • devoured.
    More info
    "Fae • Zhenya Katava" — @jolieenrose
    dustsceawung: "contemplation of the dust"; reflection on former civilisations and peoples, and on the knowledge that all things will turn to dust.
  • you've stumbled upon burdge's side blog
    More info
    "Hard to open up to people, argumentative, gets fed up easily but secretly enjoys helping others, not a fan of her own court but too scared to leave, quick to judge the High Lord and his family, holds grudges, has a pet demon that follows her around" — @jolieenrose
    in which i post a lot of fluffy, vaguely nsfw things
  • Tumblr
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  • Break the ice
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    "THE WINTER COURT" — @jolieenrose
    Fashion Served features top work in categories such as styling and fashion photography.
  • Beyond the wall, The lands of Always Winter
    More info
    Beyond the wall, The lands of Always Winter
  • Nastya Kusakina (June 2011 - February 2013) - Page 4 - the Fashion Spot
    More info
    Lady • Winter Court" — @jolieenrose
    Louis Vuitton F/W12.13 Paris nowfashion
  • Fleur Morbide
    More info
    "Fae • Nastya Kusakina" — @jolieenrose
    You are a little soul carrying around a corpse.
  • 40 Inspiring Love Pictures
    More info
    "At odds with her twin sister, Siana, to become the High Lady after her ailing grandfather, unsure if she wants the title, underestimated, oldest by 5 minutes & never lets people forget, falls in love quickly, soft spoken, free spirited, hates killing" — @jolieenrose
    Love Pictures Life is filled with emotions of happiness, sadness, tears, smiles, and love. To create inspiring love pictures is a way to celebrate all its manifestations, including romance, intimacy, passion, joy, ecstasy, and communion, not only by photography but… Continue Reading →
  • Tumblr
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    Lady • Winter Court" — @jolieenrose
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  • More info
    "Fae • Sasha Luss" — @jolieenrose
  • Polyvore Stuff / thorns
    More info
    "The ideal "High Lady", lots of pressure to be perfect, secret sweet tooth, will do whatever it takes, persuaded by the King, rift forming between her and her sister, ice cold, close with her grandmother, has lots of secrets, may not be trusted?" — @jolieenrose
  • Shanina Shaik
    More info
    Courtesan • Winter Court" — @jolieenrose
    Shanina Shaik
  • Kiss Me
    More info
    "Fae • Shanina Shaik" — @jolieenrose
  • Fashion Starvation ✩
    More info
    "Runaway from the Summer Court, complains about the cold, inventor, strikes up an unlikely friendship, sad backstory, intrigued by humans, genius, struggles to get by, good with using her looks to get things, never wants to rely on others ever again" — @jolieenrose
    Even the beautiful bleed. blooming flower(s)
  • Les 10 plus belles robes de tous les temps
    More info
    "THE DAWN COURT" — @jolieenrose
    Bonjour les filles ! Avouez-le, nous rêvons toute d’être des princesses et de porter des tenues incroyablement belles ! Et plus particulièrement, des robes de contes de fées. Pour réaliser une petite part...
  • once upon a dream
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    I Am the Ocean
  • Model Love
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    High Lady • Dawn Court" — @jolieenrose
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  • STOCK BG J by Moonglowlilly
    More info
    "Fae • Cong He" — @jolieenrose
    CASTLE [link] TREE BRANCH [link] other stuff mine STOCK BG J
  • Lovecraftian
    More info
    "Inherited the title after her father died unexpectedly, always worries she'll never live up to others' expectations, needs to have some fun in her life, secretly sad, wicked smart, awkward flirt, noble leader, respected, carries the world on her shoulders" — @jolieenrose
    Alice Schofield is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
  • Model Love
    More info
    Commoner • Dawn Court
    {taken by @athousandshadesofblue}" — @jolieenrose
  • Gothic Gypsy
    More info
    "Fae • Katiusha Feofanova" — @jolieenrose
    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Only here I can show what I like. This blog is my small, strange and...
  • Diabolical Fashion Shoots 'Devil' by Sharon Mor Yosef Stylizes Satan
    More info
    "Found her mate but Amarantha killed him, seeking revenge, loves fae children but can never have them, always keeps a positive attitude, dark powers, left the Night Court, tempted to find a way to raise the dead, shocking, cursed with bad luck" — @jolieenrose
    Diabolical Fashion Shoots - There’s a wealth of mythological themes in ‘Devil’ by Sharon Mor Yosef. This fashion shoot features model Casper (TJMM) wearing h...
  • Marlon Teixeira by Andrea Vecchiato | Homotography
    More info
    Prince/Commoner • Dawn Court" — @jolieenrose
  • 吐いて下さいとしてかわいい。
    More info
    "Unknown • Marlon Teixeira" — @jolieenrose
    Hello there my dear darling dollfaces, welcome to my blog. My name's Jasmine, i'm fourteen and I live in San Diego. I love anything that's pretty and pale, i'm also in figure skating and i enjoy the...
  • fleeting perfection
    More info
    "Escaped from Hyburn, most people don't trust him, insists he hates the King, will do anything to restore peace to Prythian, has unknown magic that he can't control, bastard of Amarantha & the King" — @jolieenrose
    loves all things beautiful and likes to look for inspiration in unexpected places. Joanna is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
  • Gardens of Ninfa (Giardini di Ninfa)
    More info
    The Garden of Ninfa is a landscape garden in the territory of Cisterna di Latina, in the province of Latina, central Italy. The park has an area of 105 hectares (260 acres), and is an Italian natural monument. The landscape garden within the park comprises 8 hectares (20 acres) and contains medieval ruins, several oaks, cypresses and poplars, grassy meadows, a wide range of exotic plants from various parts of the world, numerous watercourses and a large variety of rambling roses growing over the stone walls of the ruins. The site is run by the Italian foundation Fondazione Roffredo Caetani. It is open to the public at set times from April to November. Ninfa has been described as
  • Athens Ruins Wedding Photography
    More info
    "THE DAY COURT" — @jolieenrose
    When you can't get to Greece bring When creating the inspiration for this shoot, we were moved by things that are in “ruins”. We featured lovely Gossamer Vintage gowns and Jennifer Behr headpieces for a transparent look. The beautiful ruins … Contin
  • Versailles Print, Palace Gardens, Red Yellow Flowers, Summer in Paris, Travel Photography
    SOLD OUT: More info
    PALACE OF VERSAILLES Photographed in Paris, France September 9, 2014 -- Choose print size from drop-down menu, NOT matted or framed --
  • FIASCO MAGAZINE Avan Jogia by Photographer Courtney Phillip Image Amplified The Flash and Glam of Fashion and Entertainment
    More info
    High Lord • Day Court" — @jolieenrose
    Ma: Fiasco Mo: Avan Jogia St: Kelvin Nguyen Ph: Courtney Phillip
  • Keira Knightley, von Unwerth's dark queen -
    More info
    "Fae • Avan Jogia" — @jolieenrose
    Accompanying Keira Knightley's "modern day Guinevere" cover for Harper's Bazaar UK is a shoot by stylist Cathy Kasterine and photographer Ellen Von Unwerth
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt
    More info
    "Looks intimidating, actually sweet, wants to abolish the "only males can be high lords" rule of his court, not like his parents & hates to be compared to them, innovative, talented chef, protective, misjudged, introvert" — @jolieenrose
    Six dangerous outcasts. One impossible heist. Are you ready to walk the streets of Ketterdam? SIX OF CROWS arrives 9.29.15 from Macmillan/Henry Holt. | See more about Dandy, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Menswear.
  • Bhumika Arora NEWfaces
    More info
    High Lady-to-Be • Day Court" — @jolieenrose
's showcase of the best new faces, selected and written by Rosie Daly.
  • Ethereal/ Earthly Boho Fantasy style
    More info
    "Fae • Bhumika Arora" — @jolieenrose
    See me on FB Becky is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
    More info
    "Unsure of herself, bride given as a gift to Oran, comes from a crooked family as a "peace offering", terrified of becoming the High Lady, soft-spoken with a fire burning deep inside, adaptable, currently hates her High Lord, stubborn, good with knives" — @jolieenrose
  • Luma Grothe
    More info
    Prisoner • Day Court" — @jolieenrose
    Brazilian model Luma Grothe.
  • Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas
    More info
    "Dragon • Luma Grothe" — @jolieenrose
  • Tumblr
    More info
    "Not from this world, loves fire, destructive, snarky, ancient, uninterested in your problems, reliable, has the prettiest laugh, takes a while to warm up to, loyal friend, jailed for a crime she didn't commit & plotting her escape, feared, very patient" — @jolieenrose
  • 9 Incredible Photos of our Universe Bt images
    More info
    Featured Image: the cosmic ice sculptures of the Carina Nebula via Hubblesite. The visible space is big, complex and can be incredibly beautiful. This list of 9 pictures gathers the most beautiful images of our universe I could find. Even though these pictures taken... #galaxy #space #structure
  • Tumblr
    More info
    "THE NIGHT COURT" — @jolieenrose
  • Secret Kingdom - sundxwn: Lost in Paradise #4 by Goff Kitsawad
    More info
    sundxwn: “ Lost in Paradise #4 by Goff Kitsawad ”
  • Barbara Palvin
    More info
    High Lady • Night Court / Velaris
    {taken by @jolieenrose}" — @jolieenrose
  • The Adorable Knight Rises Baby Bats!
    More info
    "Fae • Barbara Palvin" — @jolieenrose
    These little guys aren't even a little bit scary or vampiric. "If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal... you become something else entirely: SUPER-CU...
  • photo
    More info
    "Born to a terrible High Lord & Lady, turned the court around despite much ridicule, rules over Velaris, stubborn, terrified of her court falling apart, loves deeply, reclusive, doesn't want relations with other courts, not trusting of others" — @jolieenrose
  • Sean O'Pry for Numero Homme by Jacob Sutton
    More info
    High Lord • Night Court / Court of Nightmares" — @jolieenrose
    Supermodel Sean O'Pry takes the pages of Numero Homme Magazine's Fall Winter 2015 edition captured by fashion photogrpher Jacob Sutton
  • Full length V neck lace wedding dress
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Fae • Sean O'Pry" — @jolieenrose
    Full length V neck lace wedding dress
  • Moon Phases
    More info
    "Estranged brother of Neirin, abdicated his position in the Spring Court after a rift between them, plotting his revenge, dark but has a soft spot for his wife, teeters on the edge of good & evil, bad decisions, impulsive, rules the Court of Nightmares" — @jolieenrose
  • Kate B VOGUE
    More info
    Warrior • Night Court / Illyria" — @jolieenrose
    New faces, selected by Marilena Borgna
  • Tumblr
    More info
    "Illyrian • Kate Bogucharskaia" — @jolieenrose
    More info
    "Toughest of the bunch, looks innocent, proud Illyrian, very intimidating, won't put up with disrespect, not here for the "women can't be warriors" argument, loves to fly, can make you cry, honorable, takes joy in proving people wrong, don't call her "fae"" — @jolieenrose


Wrote one month ago
@dreams-and-tranquility-xox; WOOHOO! either way, it's A-OKAY by me ;)

Wrote one month ago
YASSSSSSSS ofc like omg i will defs lurk even if i don't audition
but it might take me awhile to make a good set cos omfg she deserves the best

Wrote one month ago
@dreams-and-tranquility-xox; YAAASSS tegan is one of my top faves. but completely understandable!
of course you're always welcome to lurk around though! ;)

Wrote one month ago
omg i really want to audition for tegan YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I WANT TO
but i'm afraid that i won't be active
so she deserves someone who would be

Wrote one month ago
@dreams-and-tranquility-xox; awhh thank you! AND GO FOR IT! what better way to get back into the swing of auditions than with fae? ;)
@buffykdh; YAAASSSSS :D

Wrote one month ago
I may have already started a audition set. LOL

Wrote one month ago
omg i love this
i'm afraid of doing one
but thsi looks so good


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