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Hi guys :) Just felt like making a quick set, hope y'all like it!

The new contests @polyvore have put up look really cool, especially the Converse one, and I'd love to enter, but after reading the small print (Darn you small print!) I realised the contest is only open to residents of the US. Which sucks to be quite frank, coz most of the contests are only open to the US and I'd really love to enter them. So next time polyvore, try not to forget the rest of the world :) But still good luck to anyone who does enter!! :)

I have my final exams tomorrow including my French exam so am feeling in a Frenchy mood lol I'm currently muching a baguettes and that's about as French as I'll go, no frog legs for me! I wonder how frogs legs taste. If you've ever eaten them comment below, I really wanna know :)

Ooh also I'm meeting the author Charlie Higson on Tuesday. I absolutely love his books. You guys should really read The Dead, The Enemy and The Fear. They are amazing and very gory, but I like the whole zombie apocalypse thing :D

Oh and finally I have reached 400 followers!!! Once again thank you everyone, it feels really good to know that 400 people like and enjoy my style. I do try to follow back as many people but you do lose track ahaha.

But anyway I need to revise so bye for now! Hope you like the set and I hope everyone has an awesome week :D xx
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