Submit a set that has a Sex and the City theme. I am so ready for Sex and the City 2 that I daydream about the experience of watching it LOL. It will be one of those fantastic female bonding outings with friends, with drinks probably before and after the movie. Oh the joy!

Guidelines & Restrictions:

- The set MUST include a visible picture of one or more of the following characters: Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda, John a.k.a Big, and/or Steve.

- The set should preferably showcase the style of the chosen character, or the style of the actress or actor. That means that a set with SJP should NOT include items from AE, Hollister, etc.

- No sets created before January 1, 2010

- 1 week

- No entry limit

- 12 winners

The below sets are for your viewing pleasure and inspiration. Good luck ladies!

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