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  • Ginta Lapina
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  • Favorite Models
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    Ginta Lapina
  • We Heart It
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    "Sawyer was born to Felix and Rowan Fox on November 6th 1990. She was 7lbs 7oz and perfect in every way." — @azrielazazel
    Facebook on We Heart It / visual bookmark #44215742
  • Fashion Kids. Света Сунсина. Фотогалерея: Фото Наталья Добровольская
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    "As a toddler she was quiet and polite and much more mature than the children her age." — @azrielazazel
    Света Сунсина. Фотогалерея: Фото Наталья Добровольская
  • ZARA
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    "She discovered a love for fashion at a young age but the art of displaying it and having it work together nit just fashion for fashion's sake." — @azrielazazel
  • Pinterest / Search results for michael fassbender
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    "Her Father, Felix Fox, is a world renowned Surgeon. He is a kind and charismatic man that still makes woman quiver." — @azrielazazel
  • Charlize Theron
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    "Her mother, Rowan Fox, is the Head Attorney for a major firm. A woman with bollocks, no one crosses Rowan. She is equally intimidating at home and instilled perfection in her children." — @azrielazazel
  • Famous Faces / Julie Andrews
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    "Her Grandmother Eliza Rose was a famous Opera star in her day. She is a prim and proper woman but emanates the warmth that her mother lacks." — @azrielazazel
  • Christian Dior pre-fall 2013
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    "After completing design school Sawyer landed interviews with the top designers. The higher ups at Dior recognized her talent and vision and hired her immediately." — @azrielazazel
  • Christian Dior Sydney Opening
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    "She rose quickly through the ranks, her skill and eye for detail were impeccable and unarguably heads above her peers. She was promoted to Creative director last year and has lived up to the position thus far." — @azrielazazel
    Lara Bingle attends the opening of the Christan Dior Sydney store on January 31, 2013 in Sydney, Australia.
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    "But despite her picture perfect appearance there is a fire stirring in her belly. Her life was laid out for her the day she was born and she has done nothing reckless or adventurous in her entire life." — @azrielazazel
    |kaye - kaye berry|19|female| *never regret anything, because at one time it was exactly what you...
  • run, run her kiss is a vampire grin.
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    "Her parents want her to settle down and find a husband, an appropriate husband for her status and beauty. She is expected to produce perfect little children and continue her family's name." — @azrielazazel
  • Kiss Kiss Kiss от фотодуэта Remik Kozdra Kasia Baczulis
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    "But Sawyer isn't interested in being a wife and mother just yet or anytime soon. She wants to enjoy herself and explore her sexuality. She is attracted to both boys and girls and keeps it to herself. It isn't fitting of her station after all." — @azrielazazel
    Дуэт фэшн фотографов из Варшавы Remik Kozdra & Kasia Baczulis сняли полную страсти фотосессию Kiss Kiss Kiss для майского номера журнала K Mag.
  • Simon Nessman, Canadian Model
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    "This is William Randolph, her very best friend. They grew up together, attending school and going to all the same socialite events through the years." — @azrielazazel
    Simon Nessman
  • Simon Nessman, Canadian Model
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    "William took hold of his own fate and defied his parents wishes by going Pro in soccer, his most beloved sport." — @azrielazazel
    Simon Nessman
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    "He is her role model and she wishes she was as strong as he was. She's scared in her pursuit of happiness she might end up losing everything." — @azrielazazel
    red-meat: “ Simon Nessman by John Balsom ”
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    "She seems to be fighting the two sides of herself. The girl she was raised to be and the girl she thinks she wants to be." — @azrielazazel
    chiffon bridesmaid dresses, wine colored dresses, and prom dresses
  • fuck yeah cam gigandet
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    "Then she met Cole Cameron. He's the bad boy model she can't seem to get off her mind. He asks her out every time he's in town." — @azrielazazel
    All about Cam Gigandet
  • Kawasaki motorcycle wallpaper
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    "She turns him down for two reasons. 1.She thinks he is a player.
    2.She's not sure who she would be around him, if he would make her a better person or bring her down." — @azrielazazel
    Kawasaki motorcycle wallpaper free desktop background - free wallpaper picture download.
  • Drafts | Tumblr
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    "But she can't deny their chemistry much longer and she so longs to be touched in that way." — @azrielazazel
  • Ocean Avenue
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    "Recently though she met a new man." — @azrielazazel
    Print mounted to a wooden box and laminated with a matte finish. The edges of the wood are black.
  • ABC Family - Pretty Little Liars - Photo Gallery - Official Site
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    "Henry Hamilton is his name. A 24 year old professor at NYU." — @azrielazazel
    Not only is Ezra one of the most handsome guys we've ever seen, he's also charming, kind and thoughtful. What more could a girl want?
  • Key To My Heart Couples Keychain Set
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    "He appears to be her match in every way. A young scholar, he rose through the ranks and is now the most well respected and critically acclaimed professor at the school." — @azrielazazel
    Key To My Heart Couples Keychain Set You will receive 2 keychains... One for him and one for her Heart charm measures 25mm wide Key charm measures 25mm long Perfect for a gift...Or just to spoil yourself and your partner :) SHIPPING TIMES All items are made and shipped from my home in Melbourne, Australia. Shipping within Australia takes 2 to 3 days and International takes 7 to 14 days. Delays can sometimes occur due to customs etc. Please check out my store for more cute jewelry and accessories- Thanks for looking!!!
  • File Heiwa elementary school 18.jpg
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    "He skipped all of middle school and most of highschool. Handsome and sweet with a smile to die for he has all the young socialites in a tizzy. Handpicked by her parents for her as well, he is the perfect choice." — @azrielazazel
  • Vintage Playing Cards 'HAPPILY EVER AFTER' Frame
    "But is Sawyer willing to accept him or will she fight tooth and nail against it?" — @azrielazazel
    Yes, actual vintage playing cards are used to create this fun and quirky 'Happily Ever After' picture. It has a black frame with a double mount of cream and black.
  • WATERCOLOR FOX Print, fox painting, fox art, animal lover gift, 8x10 print, watercolor, ready to frame
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    "and that's Sawyer fox...for now..." — @azrielazazel
    Watercolour Fox Print 8x10 inches "Quiet Fox" portrait format Ready to frame. A quiet fox looks up in wonder what do you think he can see? The perfect animal lover gift. The 2nd and 3rd images give you some ideas for grouping with other prints I have for sale and a rustic framing look for the log cabin perhaps! Matt and frame not included. IMPORTANT SHIPPING Info. Please read before purchasing! This fox artwork ships from Wales, UK using Royal Mail Airmail which DOES NOT issue TRACKING numbers. I have used this for over 1300 successfully delivered parcels worldwide for 3 years. BUT if you feel the need to have this extra security then please purchase the TRACKING upgrade here.

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