Name: William Quentin Blake
Age: 22
Height: 6'0"
Previous job: Professional adventurer AND male stripper. Take that.
Hometown: Newport/Cornwall
Likes: London, Aladdin, Disney parades, photographs, artifacts, pith helmets, shiny fabrics, driving the Jeep Wrangler, snakes, maybe sometimes sort of Victoria (@sophiaspastic), money, joking around, adventures, goofing off.
Dislikes: Getting busted, losing his driver's license, America, his grandfather, being quiet, pets, ordinary.
Bio: William Quentin Blake was born to a modest family in Newport. However, when he was 12 years old, his parents sent him off to his grandfather's house in Cornwall. Immediately, the troublemaking young man resisted. But his parents never sent for him, and Will had to learn to get along on his own. His grandfather finally got him a job with the museum, and Will got to go on digs; he started when he was 13 or 14. Since then, he's learned to drive the Jeep Wrangler (just don't ask about that time in the Moroccan marketplace, because it wasn't his fault the guy's dog was there), been shot at at least 3 times, and had more adventures than he can count on one hand. But whenever he has to spend time at Cornwall, he gets very bored. So once he was legal, he took up another occupation in his spare time: stripping. Yeah, you might have seen him around. Girls like him, as you might have guessed. But now, he's had to leave all that behind. He's being sent back to the US - against his wishes - because his father died and left him some property. While Will's here, he might as well have some fun at Disneyland, right? After all, it is the happiest place on earth. And nothing makes the girls happier than a hot guy with a British accent.
Face character you are auditioning for: Aladdin
Collection or storyboard or both: (optional)
Model: Avan Jogia
Taken by: @the-clary-project


He smirks a lot and his name is William Q Blake. He's hot. Think that does much for his ego? Think about the time he spent as a male stripper. Introduce yourselves and comment with relationships.
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