Sexy horoscope - Gemini

A very kinky sign...
  • gemini drawing
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    "Gemini: May 20th – June 21st." — @anatz
  • Marie Claire UK Editorial The Science of Sexy Hair, November 2009 Shot #4
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    "Sexy time motto of the Gemini - true passion is in the mind." — @anatz
  • Other-Wordly | pronunciation | ‘sA-pE-O-“se-xU-al
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    "Meaning - nothing is more alluring to this sign then a clever lover willing to experiment." — @anatz
    pronunciation | ‘sA-pE-O-“se-xU-al
  • Not more scandal? Kristen Stewart filmed having threesome but its just a scene from her new movie On the Road
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    "Except maybe two of them. The gemini is very easily bored..." — @anatz
    Jack Kerouac classic hits the big screen
  • kinky maid
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    "They will play with every known cliche and take it to the extreme." — @anatz
  • Village People's policeman lays down the law on his right to royalties Music
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    "To take every known story of " a man in uniform"" — @anatz
    Victor Willis wins landmark legal case to reclaim part-ownership of dozens of the group's songs
  • David Bowie
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    "and turn it upside down." — @anatz
  • Kama Sutra
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    "They're also the most flexible. Literally." — @anatz
  • Georgia Regular
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    "Geminis are very aware to the image they project, and will play along with it - whether it's the sexy librarian or the catholic schoolgirl." — @anatz
    Buy Georgia® Regular desktop font from on
  • Luscious Lips
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    "Fabolous dirty talkers, Geminis are eloquent even in bed" — @anatz
    Bite me - lips photo
  • - Femmes Dessins Erotiques -
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    "and make great partners for cyber-sex, sexting or phone sex." — @anatz
  • FLIRT Vintage Dictionary Glass Pendant
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    "This sign is also very flirtatious. This skill, along side its loose approach to morals, can make a dangerous combination in a monogemous relationship." — @anatz
    What a wonderful way to wear a piece of the past in a modern way. "Flirt" definition clipped from a vintage dictionary from my huge collection of old dictionaries! Ready to ship! I now have 2 different sizes of these glass pendants. This one measures 3/4" in diameter, and 1" in length - including the bail. Made with the same lead and nickel free silver plated vintage style wrap settings I use for my typewriter keys and a clear magnifying glass cabochon. Finished with an ornate sterling silver bail. *Also includes a FREE bead chain up to 24". Just let me know what length you would like in the "notes to seller" when you make your purchase.* If you do not specify a length, then an 18" chain will be sent with your pendant. PLEASE NOTE: Each pendant is unique. I do not copy the text from the dictionaries and re-use it. So, if you see something you like, grab it quick! The pendants should not soak in water. Some water splashing on it will not hurt it, but do not wear it in the pool, shower, etc. Photos are taken in natural lighting. Monitor colors may vary. I can make any word for these pendants! Even many names are available in these old dictionaries. Just contact me to inquire about a special word just for you! All orders over $25 include a handmade fabric jewelry bag made by my mother in law. Quite lovely! Thank-you for taking the time for view my jewelry! I really appreciate it ☺
  • The Master Plan for Virtuous Living
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    "How to intrest a Gemini - play hard to get. To them seduction is above all a game..." — @anatz
    Ben Franklin planned to tackle his thirteen virtues by taking a week to concentrate on each one, thinking that if he could master one per week, he'd have all thirteen mastered within 1/4 of the year. Don't know what Ben planned to do with the rest...
  • Feb 2011 calendar no title
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    "Biggest turn off - rigid schedules and lack of spontaneity." — @anatz
  • OLYMPIA LE-TAN OLT erotica mini book clutch
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    "Greatest sexual fantasy - writing or starring in a sensual erotic novel." — @anatz
    OLT erotica mini book clutch in beige from Olympia Le Tan. This metal book clutch features a stitched 'Machiavelli Erotica' title front, a side hook clasp, and a single internal pocket. Is fully lined. Measures: 6"L x 4"W x 1"D

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