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  • Crate & Barrel Redecker® Clothes Brush with Handle
    Handcrafted in Germany by the Redecker family of artisan brushmakers, this thoughtfully designed brush uses sturdy natural pig bristles to gently yet effectively refresh your wardrobe, removing pet hair and lint from clothing of all fabrics. The contoured pearwood handle is a pleasure to hold, honed to ergonomically fit the hand and finished with a leather hanging loop. Blind since the age of four, Friedrich Redecker attended the Soest School for the Blind where he learned the fine art of brushmaking. Having perfected the craft over his lifetime, Redecker went on to found his namesake company in 1935, passing his knowledge to his sons who have continued his legacy. Distinguished by the finest craftsmanship and the integrity of all-natural materials, our curated Redecker collection will serve you and your family for years and generations to come. Handcrafted in Germany by the Redecker family of artisan brushmakers. Natural dark pig bristles. Pearwood handle. Maintain handle periodically with linseed oil. Genuine leather hanging loop. For use with all fabric types. Clean with a damp cloth. Made in Germany.
  • Alessi Birillo Toilet Brush - Dark Grey
    Material: PMMA & 18/10 stainless steel. Dimensions: H42xL10.5xW10.5cm. Stainless steel casing with PMMA brush. Wide range of Birillo bathroom accessories available.
  • Menu A/S Norm Toilet Brush
    Light, uniform lines and rounded bases create a bathroom series characterized by understated elegance. This is all that is needed to create a pleasingly clean focal point in your bathroom. The toilet brush is designed for easy cleaning, stylish but simple, and even has a replaceable brush.
  • Eva Solo Toilet Brush
    Eva Solo – one hundred years of beautiful design. Material: 100% stainless steel & plastic. Height: 35cm. Simple and modern toilet brush. Features a replaceable brush head on a sturdy steel handle. A disc halfway down allows it to sit comfortably in the holder. The conical holder functions as a hygienic container. Brush is hidden discreetly from view. Also available as a wall mounted version. Wide range of Eva Solo homeware available.
  • Atelier du Vin Long Goupillon Decanter Brush
    Material: nylon brush, stainless steel rod. Dimensions: L42xDia6cm. Slim decanter brush for decanters, bottles & vases. More food & drink accessories available from Atelier du Vin.
  • Full Circle Bubble Up Dish Brush Set with Ceramic Soap Dish
    Dishwashing is easier and more fun when you create luxurious, foamy suds with this set. Just add dish soap and a little water to the ceramic, platform-spring base, then move the brush up and down to generate sudsy foam. The design looks clean and neat on your countertop, too. Set includes dish brush and ceramic base. Dish brush made from recycled-plastic bristles and bamboo handle. Ceramic base has platform-spring action that generates foam when you dip the brush. Ergonomic shape of brush handle is comfortable to hold. Bamboo handle is coated with natural oils to prevent water damage. Base provides a clean storage solution for brush. Brush: 2 1/3" x 3 1/3” tall. Base: 3 3/4" diam., base and brush 5" tall overall. Made by Full Circle, a New York-based company dedicated to producing cleaning tools from sustainable materials and with responsible environmental/social practices. Sustainably made in China.
  • Wooden Hearth Brush
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    Wooden hearth brush from the Outdoor Living collection. This solid spruce wood hearth brush , with robust bristled head, makes light work of cleaning your fireside. Features: Sturdy spruce handle. Synthetic bristles. Composition: Spruce wood, synthetic hair. Dimensions: L: 32cm.
  • Full Circle Grunge Buster Grout & Tile Brush
    Essentially two brushes in one, this eco-friendly tool is designed specifically for cleaning tilework and grout. The soft outer bristles gently clean tiles without scratching, while the tough inner bristles go to work scrubbing grout stains. Bristles and body made from recycled plastic. Bamboo handle has natural oil coating to prevent water damage. Easy-grip handle shape for forceful scrubbing. Curved for convenient hanging storage. Stands on end for quick drying and bacteria build-up prevention. 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" x 1 1/2". Made by Full Circle, a New York-based company dedicated to producing cleaning tools from sustainable materials and with responsible environmental/social practices. Sustainably made in China.
  • Black+Blum High&Dry Dish Drainer Lime
    Far more reliable than its name would suggest, the High&Dry Dish Drainer offers a smart solution and architectural accent in one. Made from high-tech polypropylene and stainless steel, this ingenious Black+Blum design keeps dishes in line and includes a wave of spikes to hold delicate champagne flutes upright. Built into the drainage tray is a flip-up spout, letting you choose to drain or not to drain based on what your space allows. Folds flat for storage. Folded: L 17.13" W 11.22" H 2.36". Includes a removable cutlery holder. Care: Hand wash. Brand: Black+Blum. Material: Polypropylene, Stainless Steel. Color: Lime, Gray. Measurements: L 17.30” W 12.60” H 9.80”.
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  • Full Circle Reach Bottle Brush
    With two sets of bristles, this innovative brush allows you to clean the inside and outside of a bottle at the same time. It's great for reusable water bottles, travel coffee mugs, baby bottles and more – you'll want to have several for each type of bottle. Place the longer end inside the bottle, then squeeze the handle to clean both the inside and outside of a bottle at the same time. Bristles made from recycled plastic. Wire made from recycled stainless steel. Ergonomic, flexible handle. Hangs on faucet to dry. 11" x 4". Made by Full Circle, a New York-based company dedicated to producing cleaning tools from sustainable materials and with responsible environmental/social practices. Sustainably made in China.
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  • Joseph Joseph JJ TwinScrub 2in1 brush set Green
    This original take on the ubiquitous scrubbing brush comprises two sizes of brush in one space-saving design. The main brush has an iron-shaped, ergonomic handle for optimum comfort and stiff nylon bristles for effective cleaning of large surfaces. Stored neatly inside its handle is the second detail-brush that is perfect for scrubbing those hard-to-reach places around the home, such as the narrow gaps around tap bases. To remove the detail brush from its compartment, simply push it out gently with your thumb. After use it clicks securely back into place for compact storage. Height 7.3cm. Wash and allow to dry naturally Handwash recommended. Length 13.5 cm. Width 9 cm.
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  • Full Circle Lean & Mean Scrub Brush
    When you've got heavy-duty cleaning to do, this brush has tough bristles that efficiently scrub away dirt and grime. The eco-friendly plastic handle is contoured to fit comfortably in the hand. Tough bristles for heavy-duty scrubbing. Made from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastic. Comfortably contoured handle for forceful scrubbing. Stands on end for quick drying and bacteria build-up prevention. Hangs for easy storage. 5 1/2" x 2 1/2". Made by Full Circle, a New York-based company dedicated to producing cleaning tools from sustainable materials and with responsible environmental/social practices. Sustainably made in China.
  • Tocca Stella Laundry Delicate - Blood Orange Fine Fabric Wash
    Stella Laundry Delicate provides a gentle wash for fine fabrics. Ideal for lingerie, hosiery, intimate apparel, silks, cashmeres and bed linens. Easy to use for hand-washables or in the washing machine at delicate cycle. Leaves your fine fabrics delicately scented of sweet Italian blood orange. 8 oz.
  • Kent Brushes Kent Traditional Pure Grey Badger Shaving Brush - Medium (Bk2)
    Experience the perfect shave with the medium size Kent Pure Grey Badger Shaving Brush. This ivory colour brush is handmade by the traditional methods. It’s presented in quality red gift box. To ensure the longevity of your Kent shaving brush, please follow these instructions: Soak the brush head in hot running water for full absorption Dip the brush into shaving cream Do not press hard and avoid using a "scrubbing" action Use a light stroking action, or gentle circular motion, bringing the tip of the brush head only into a lather After use, rinse thoroughly, shake to remove surplus water, dry on a towel Never put a damp brush in an enclosed space i.e. bathroom cabinet, or any type of container. Hang upside down if possible. Brand: Kent Brushes.
  • Qualy Design Qualy - Cherry Toilet Brush
    A strong piece: The Cherry toilet brush by Qualy increases the style of your toilet. Original toilet brushes are rare. Most of them are banal utility objects which we would rather hide when it isn’t used. The Qualy Cherry toiled brush is different, since the funny bathroom accessory introduces fresh colours into the bathroom and it surprises with its unconventional style. Qualy produces the Cherry toilet brush holder out of robust ABS-plastic. The brush ensures a reliably de-stoned toilet.
  • Crate & Barrel Flower Pot Brush
    Stiff palm fibers scrub away old dirt and sediment for flowerpots, leaving them clean for new plantings and free of contaminants and cross-fertilizing seeds or roots. Round head gets into every corner for a clean sweep. Wood handle has a hanging loop for convenient access. Palm fiber. Wood. Dry after use. Made in China.
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  • Magis Design Magis - Dish Doctor
    Magis is producing the dish doctor by Marc Newson since 1998. The dish doctor will be gladly assisting you in small kitchens and on small sinks. The integrated storage basin will keep the drips. The pins with knobs will keep dishes of every size and for the cutlery are two separate cutlery racks included. The dish rack fully consists of standard injection-moulded polypropylene and is thus, easy to clean and robust. The dish doctor is available in three different colours.
  • Le Creuset® Cherry Silicone BBQ Brush
    Crafted with grilling enthusiasts in mind, the silicone barbecue brush features a far-reaching handle that protects hands from heat and flare-ups. In addition to extra reach, the handle’s loop for hanging also provides a simple storage solution while standing at the grill. Fine, flexible bristles provide for even distribution, and the premium-quality silicone head is heat-resistant up to 482°F, flavor-resistant, odor-resistant, stain-resistant, non-abrasive and easily removable for dishwasher cleaning. Hand wash wood handle. 15½" l.
  • Quirky - Broom Groomer
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    The Broom Groomer by Quirky is an improvement of the classic dustpan. With it one has the possibility of keeping the dustpan in position, since there is a small "pedal” in the handle - this one is pushed by your foot to fix the dustpan. At the same time the broom is slid over the "teeth” of the pan, so that dust and dirt particles remain in the dustpan fast and easy- Moreover Broom Groomer has a small "lip” on the front end, which avoids that the dust finds its way under the dustpan. The Broom Groomer dustpan by Quirky consists of plastic with small rubber pads at the handle. A small gap in the handle furthermore enables a space-saving suspension at a wall-hook.
  • Dyson DC40 Origin Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    Expertly engineered for optimum performance, the Dyson Origin Upright Vacuum Cleaner features a ball design for easy maneuvering and maximum suction. The self-adjusting cleaner head creates an efficient seal with every floor type, effectively reducing air leaks and maximizing power. Warranty Information. ABS thermoplastic. Imported. 12.2 X 14.3 x 41.9" Radial Root Cyclone™ and Ball™ technology. Components house inside ball to reduce clutter. Wand and hose stretch up to five times in length. DC40 captures microscopic particles such as pollen, mold and bacteria. Motorized brush bar. Washable lifetime filter. View Demo Video. Manufacturer's limited 5-year warranty.
  • Eichholtz Brunello Bag
    Stylish leather Eichholtz bag which can be used for many functions including a magazine and newspaper rack, log basket or simply to display accessories. We love the smooth soft supple leather of this piece in rich chestnut leather. Combine with the Trevor or Taylor leather trays and complete the perfect luxury chic interior.
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  • Bürstenhaus Redecker Fruit Brush
    The over 75 years of experience in handcrafting high-quality brushes in Germany is apparent in every Bürstenhaus Redecker brush. This multi-purpose brush is divided into two sides: one with soft bristles for cleaning delicate fruits and one with stiff bristles for cleaning harder fruits. Constructed of durable oiled thermowood and natural fibers that are safe to use under boiling water. Handcrafted in Germany. 3¾" long.
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