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hello! how have you all been? i wasn't initially going to post this yet because this was supposed to have a video along with it. i recorded it, exported it, and did all that stuff but it decided not to work. so unfortunately, you guys won't be getting a video :( hope that's alright! but i do really love this set! this red is so fresh!

i made a new weheartit too! i didn't want to continue with my old one anymore, but my new one is called theclumsyandshy if you would like to check that out! i'm probably not going to be making clipped collections or anything anymore though. i suppose i'll just use it for fun and for when i need a certain picture :) matt baynton is there so you should have a squiz!

anyway, i watched two episodes of star trek on the weekend, and a documentary about it. i'm currently really enjoying the original series, so maybe i'll watch more when the holidays come! tbh i don't even know if i like kirk, even the newer one. but everyone loves kirk because he's kirk and you can't just watch star trek and dislike him lol. that's not how it works. the old chekov is definitely my favourite now! he's great :') and on netflix, it kept spelling his name like "chekhov" like anton chekhov. haha that's extremely coincidental if you know what i mean

i'm thinking of making a new tumblr too for regular photos that aren't art related. because you can make your tumblr page so pretty and you can't with weheartit ah idk

and i can't believe how fast this year has gone by! it's almost 2017 x_x

anyway, comment the first thing that pops into your head if you've read this + your weheartit so i can check it out!

live long and prosper,
macey | 13.09.16
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