hooking up with mr. kranvure
apparently mr.kranvure is the principal.
even better.
theres rumors he has hooked up with students in the past. now thats kinda gross, but now i can play a little hard to get.

so i casually went into his office saying i had a question or something about school policies [like principals dating students]ha

"sit down ms.-" he started.
"Bryne, Shannan." i said smiling 
"right." he nodded fighting back a smile.
"how are you liking Imogen, Shannan?" he asked sitting down and leaning back in the chair.
"i'm liking it alot, i've made some good friends....so I was wondering..who has access to the reasons why I had to be transferred here?" i asked nonchalantly flipping my hair towards him hoping my love spell victorias secret body spray would carry towards him.

"well, most of your teachers do not, but i and ms.imogen of course, most definitely have access. I must ask-what is your concern?" he asked with a small smirk like he was intrigued by me.

"well, you have access to them." i said shrugging.
"i'd much rather you tell me. I only want to know if you want to tell me." he said leaning towards me.
I followed suit and leaned forward resting my chin on my hands, and said in a low whisper.
"promise this wont leave this room?"
i asked 
he nodded intently his lips parting.
i quickly moistened mine, and he fidgeted.
i leaned back,
"maybe i shouldn't," i said. gathering my things and leaving.
i turned quickly before i reached the door and Mr. kranvure was staring in awe.

because i am so awesome :D
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