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in 5 simple Steps:

1. Apply black Nailpolish.
2. Get a Sponge (any Household Sponge will do), cut off a corner and dip it into dark blue Nailpolish.
Now carefully dab the sponge on parts of your Nail.
3. Do the same first with white (as base for your lighter colours) and then with purple, pink and light blue / turqouise Nailpolish. (You can always change these colours and vary how much of which you want to use.)
4. Using the tip of a pen or ideally a Toothpick aplly little dots of white Nailpolish on some of your Nails. (This makes it look more dimensional and you will have some little Stars and Planets in your Galaxy.)
5. Finally apply silver, glitter Nailpolish on each Nail. (You can also use any other colour as long as it is see through Glitter Nailpolish.)
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